She felt lonely, as she sat on the concrete, the cold biting deep into her bones.

She felt sad.

Yet she had what she needed.

She was comfortable where she was at, or at least, she should have been.

How did she end up here? you ask…here’s how:

“MOM!! Why CAN’T I go to the party tonight!!! Beth is coming!” Shouted Josie’s ignorant step-sister.

“Because,” her mom said, “You’re not old enough yet, and your father and I don’t want you to.”

“He’s not my ‘father'” Josie’s step-sister huffed. Then she stomped angrily into her room, and Josie heard a beeping, and decided that she was most likely calling Beth. She sneaked up to the room and put her ear to the door. “No!” She heard a muffled voice. “My MOM said I CAN’T!! Sneak out? Well… Gotta go, dad’s home” Josie clenched her teeth at the last words, knowing that her ‘sister’ was just making up excuses. Josie sneaked quietly to her room and shut the door. She sighed, and lay down on her bed. Tonight would be the night, she thought, tears streaming down her cheeks. She had handled enough of this. She was leaving. She stood up slowly, wiping away some tears. A knock came on the door, and she cautiously said to come in. It cracked open and she saw her brother’s nose. She smiled softly. He opened it the rest of the way and walked into the room.

“I brought you some hot chocolate!” He said enthusiastically, grinning. She smiled sadly at how he could always seem so happy, and relaxed. Little did she know that he was just as sad and mad as her about things going on.

“Thanks” She replied quietly. He looked at her and tilted his head.

“Somethin’ wrong, Jo?” He urged. She opened her mouth, thinking about telling him, then decided not to.

“No, Olen” She said quietly again, biting her lip. He nodded and took a deep breath. Then set the drink on a little table and went out the door, shutting it quietly behind him. Josie grabbed a map and put it on the table. Then grabbed her camera, and special plant and book that her mom had given her for her birthday.

She stared at the map, trying to decide where to go, where she could go to get away. Then grabbed her piggy bank and pulled out all the money. 200 dollars. That should be enough. She put clothes in a back pack and grabbed her favorite stuffed animal. Then opened the door and quietly went out. She looked around and saw that no one was near. Then nodded to herself and tip-toed down the hall. As she neared the stairs, she heard talking..or the kitchen, and decided to take the back door. She slipped out into the cold and folded her arms to keep some heat in. Then she walked to the nearest bus station, dragging her feet all the way. She hadn’t left a note or anything, afraid that it would be found by someone other than Olen.

She stepped up to the ticket seller and bought one. Then walked to a bench and sat down, waiting. All the sudden, a car came out of nowhere and something flew out the window. Josie didn’t see what it was, cause it was all just a blur. Then the car screeched away and she looked to her left, trying to see something in the black. Then she saw it. A cat, with green eyes and white feet. It’s chin had black on it, and it looked scared and unsure.

She walked over to it and held out her hand. It walked to her and jumped in her lap. It swung it’s tail around and rubbed gratefully against her chest. The cat/kitten had a beautiful Magenta collar on. As she was admiring it, she heard the bus pull up and walked over.

She handed the man her ticket and he looked suspiciously at the cat, which she had called Match. “Uh, you can’t have animals on the bus miss, sorry!” He said, annoyed.

“But, she won’t be a nuisance, I pro-” she started, not even sure that the cat wouldn’t be bad.

“Um, I said no! Next please!” The man said. The woman behind her pushed her away angrily. Josie walked over to the curb and sat down, cuddling the cat, and crying.

She felt lonely, as she sat on the concrete, the cold biting deep into her bones.

She felt sad.

Yet she had what she needed.

She was comfortable where she was at, or at least, she should have been.

She stroked the furry animal and hummed a tune to it. Then she was in a dream…

She was in a room, that was moving. They were on the water. She looked over to where Match should have been, but instead, it was a wolf. There was a starry sky above her, with planets. And she looked around her, seeing books. There were books on shelves, and on the floor. She sniffed away some tears, and crossed her legs.

Then she woke up to a gentle squeeze to her shoulder and looked up to see a woman, in her 20s, leaning over her. Match was rubbing up against the stranger, as Josie sat up. The woman helped her up and they walked to a blue car. Josie didn’t know if the lady was kid-napping her, or if she was bringing her to her home..or both. She didn’t really care though, and got in.

“My name is Katie Olend” the lady said once Josie had woken up more. Josie looked up as she lady said the name ‘Olend’, because it reminded her of Olen, her 17 year old brother. Josie nodded to the lady. “I’m…Josie.” She replied. The woman ignored that she hadn’t told her last name. They pulled up a driveway, but neither got out. Match purred gently, and Josie stroked her, tears streaming down her face once more at the thought of Olen. She wished she had have stayed. That she had have just told him. She wanted to see him again. He was the best brother ever, even though she just now realized that.

“Josie…where’s your home…can I bring you there?” Katie asked.

“I…yes..I need my brother. Olen.” She replied.

Well God, you were right as always, it’s a good thing I went down that road. Thank you. Katie prayed, smiling.


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