Around the Farm #2 – O’Malley

Hey friends! I told you all that I would make a post next week…and I’ve been a bit longer than that. So I apologize for that. BUT I am here now!

To continue catching you up on all that has happened this year, I’m back to talk about the next topic!


Now you may not know who O’Malley is… so I will tell you. He’s fluffy, cuddly, and meows. πŸ˜‰ This is a post about my fluffy lil kitty boi!


Here’s the story about him…

Back in June of 2019, I was taking care of someone’s place while they were gone. I did their chores (bottle-feeding, giving out grain, feeding dogs and cats, etc.) and took care of the place for a weekend. This particular week when I was there, they had about 12 kittens that had been born.

They were small, fluffy, and all around ADORABLE. Shortly before this my cat who you all know about, Meow, had disappeared. 😦 I was disappointed and not sure if he would ever come back.


So I asked my dad if my cat didn’t return and if it was okay with the owners of the kittens, if I could claim one as my own and take it home. He said that would be ok

ay (as long as it was ONLY ONE). Sweet Meow never came back, so my dad asked the owner if they would be okay with me taking one. He was more than happy to give us as many as we wanted, so the next day that I went out there I got to pick one to keep as my own!

So me and my dad brought a little carrier full of some hay out to their place. When we got over to the barn that was home to the kitties, I looked them over as they ran to get their food I had just poured. There were short-haired, long-haired, orange, black, striped, tabby, and more. I had decided by then that I wanted a fluffy little boy. Now, keep in mind, these kittens had NEVER been touched before by a human.6BF9AD8F-F32C-45F1-867C-159F4C6AF709

So I found some leather gloves and walked up behind them while they were eating. I grabbed two of them (one in each hand), and picked them up. Freaking out, they clawed, and hissed, and scratched at me. After looking them over, we realized they were both girls, so I put them down. After going through this process for four more kittens, I found the one. πŸ™‚ He was one of the craziest that I had grabbed so far, but definitely one of the cutest.. AND it was a boy. I looked at dad and told him, “This is the one I want.”D4E3750D-2EC2-4EF3-8B2E-4A153993869F

We got him home and left him alone in his carrier until he settled down. The next day, I put on more gloves so that I could hold him without worrying about getting scratched up. As I pulled him gently out of the carrier, I saw that he wasn’t scratching or hissing anymore. He was as calm as a tamed cat. My sister reached out quickly with her bare hands and arms, saying that she wanted to hold him. I quickly told her that that wasn’t a good idea, as he had been the most wild cat ever only a day earlier. She didn’t seem to care much, and grabbed him anyways. He acted the exact same, seeming to almost enjoy being held.

A few days go by, and he was the sweetest cat I’d ever met. Rubbing all over me, wanting pet, and purring more than even Meow did.

I still miss Meow, but he lived a good long life, and O’Malley has brought so many blessings to me. He’s the fluffiest, most adorable, cute lil fella EVER.

He has earned many nicknames by now.. such as

Mr. Moostache
Kitty Boi
Fluff head

Here are some more pictures!



This is what I call his “squirrel pose”, which he does almost on command now

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my (not so) new lil kitty!!!


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