I have 4 fish. Chubster, Cutie, Mark, and Sammie. Sammie is an algae eater. He sucks the green stuff off of the side of the tank. Chubster and Cutie are Parrot Cyclids! They are cool!!  Mark is a tiger ..something! XD Hehe!! 😛


This is Sammie!!! He’s my Algae eater!!! 🙂 😉 He’s bigger now too! 😉 😛

               My fish eat in the  morning and in the afternoon. I feed them blood worms in the morning and little fishie flakes in the  afternoon. I get pretty much all my pets and pet food from a cool little pet store.


The picture on the left is of Chubster. Isn’t he adorable?! 

The one on the right is Cutie. She’s pretty cute too!!

They’re both bigger than that now! 😉

I really love my fish. When it comes to cleaning their tank though it gets pretty hard. You have to shuffle the gravel around and get all of the yuckys out. XD 😛 And you have to have a whole bunch of water nearby too! I have all freshwater fish in a twenty-nine (I think)  gallon tank.

                  It is kind of hard to have fish because they DO die. I have had, I think at least 12-14 die! You might not think that you could get attached to fish, but you DEFINITELY can. When my fish, Pongo, died whenever I even thought about him I cried. But Chubster has been with me for I think 2 years now!

So if you can’t get your fish to stop dying, look for things like, are they bullying each other? If so DO NOT but them in a plastic bucket! I learned that one the hard way… :/ XD

As soon as you can go to a pet shop of some sort and ask if they have screens to separate the tank into two halves. Well that’s what my fish are like. But I finally was able to take out the screen and they get along rather well now! 😉

Now, Chubster and Cutie have had eggs before. But not babies. The eggs never hatch. :/ 😦 🙂 Chubs and Cutie love to dig in the gravel by picking up each little rock and putting it in a little pile, by the end of the day,they have QUITE a hole!! 🙂 😛 Haha!

If you were wondering what I meant by “I learned that the hard way” I mean that I once put one of my fish in a bucket. Tiger was his name, and… well.. he jumped out of the bucket during the night and I found him on the floor like a month later. So please DO NOT put them in a bucket unless your watching them and/or have the water level low. Or if you have a lid with holes in it on the top. Hope you have good luck with your fish! Oh… and I do recommend keeping them in an Aquarium instead of a fish bowl, but it’s really up to you! . 


K.A. P.S. Yes, I updated this page! 😉 🙂

31 thoughts on “Fish

    • No, actually I don’t even have a good camera, but my sister does. That is the one I used. It is waterproof but these were taken from the outside of the tank. We just put them on the computer and I cropped the pictures. Then put them on my blog. I really like Cutie and Chubster.



  1. Wow! Those fish of yours are pretty cool! Which one is your favorite? It sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience with fish. Why do fish need to eat bloodworms? I mean why can’t you just feed them fish flakes? Is there something special in bloodwoorms that fish need to stay healthy? You should do a blog post about that

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    • Thanks! My favorite is probably Chubster. To answer your question,
      fish don’t really NEED bloodworms, but it helps them get full and
      it probably is healthy, but you don’t NEED to give it to them.

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      • Thanks for the answer. I actually don’t have any fish but my little sister has a couple. She also feeds them bloodworms once a day… if she remembers. Chubster is really cute! I think my sister would probably like him too.

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