About my cuddly critters

Hi, I’m K.A! I have 7 pets of my  own, and want to be a vet technician when I get older, due to always loving animals, and also having a vet internship previously.  On our farm we have horses, dogs, chickens, cows, fish, pigs (mine…), goats and cats! I raise pot bellied pigs and border collies! I love to play ultimate frisbee with my homeschooling friends, and I love riding horses and gathering cattle! But most of all, I love reading my bible, and doing my best to serve my Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ!

I have a horse, a dog, 3 fish, and 2 pigs! Here are Their ‘Bios’!


Hi everyone! My name is Aggie! I am 4 years old! I am a Border Collie (the smartest dog in the world! 😉 ) I have had three litters of pups! My first litter I had one pup named Toad! My 2nd litter I had 9 pups named Harley, Terri, Terry, Lulu, Speck, Jade, Benny, Shach, and Rach! My third litter I had 8 pups named Zig, Zag, Vik, Blade, Hook, Bobber, Sinker, and Lazer! My favorite colors are pink and orange! I have a para cord collar that my owner (K.A.) made me! She loves me very much and I love her! There will be pics of me later, I’m sure!!! I sure am pretty, aren’t I? (not to brag or anything.)

Nicknames: Aggs, Agger-doodle baby boo, Agger-roo, (most recent) Oogers, Oogie, or oogs.

Sex: girl

Breed: Border Collie

Color:Black and white

Age: 5



this is of me burying my precious dog treat!


See my beautiful collar!? 🙂


(“Gadget,” K.A. says “your leaving hoof prints all over the floor!”) “What?” *Looks at hooves* “Oh, sorry K.A!…Wait are we rolling? Sorry.”

“Testing 1 2 3! Hello everybody I am Gadget! I am Uhh…. 3 no….. 4? Ya, I think I’m 4 years old! I don’t truthfully know when my birthday is! I am a Quarter horse! I am a bay! That means that I am VERY handsome! And that I am brown with a black mane and tail! 😉 Ooh, I like that smilie face!!! I have a white spot on my forehead that makes me EXTRA handsome! I am a Gelding! My dad’s name was Gizmo, so K.A. named me Gadget! Here is a pic of me and my ol’ pal Legend! but first, this:”

Nicknames:Gadgie, Gadge, Gadgie baby! (Hey, K.A, do you have to put that you call me that!?? No one really wants to see that…do they?)

Sex: Boy, Gelding

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bay

Age: 4

15-03-04 (2).JPG

Oh, I didn’t know Legend was sleeping that day!


Here’s a weird pic of me being goofy! K.A has this pic on her camera for the welcome screen! XD



Hi every body! Today, I’m gonna tell ya about ME!!!!!!!! I am a Parrot Cichlid! I am orange! I have been K.A’s for 4 years!!!!!! I really like her! She feeds me twice a day!

Nicknames:Chubby, Chubbers, Chub


Breed: Parrot Cichlid (si-klid)

Color: Orange

Age: about 4 or 5

Here is a pic of me!!


Oh yeah, man! I’m on a blog!


Hello, I’m Cutie, the fish of royal-ness!!! I am Chubster’s Wife! We love each other DEARLY!!!! (*Chubster!!! Go get me some food RIGHT NOW!!!! OR ELSE!!*) Any way, I am orange, the same breed as Chubs! I am a girl! K.A. named me cutie because I was SOO Cute! (and because I was the same color as a fruit 😡 )

Nicknames:Cutsi, Cutes, Cutie

Sex: girl

Breed:  Parrot Cychlid

Color:  Orange

Age: 4 years



Hi guys! I’m Binky! But you can call me, Binky Bo! 🙂 My owner here is K.A, and I love her! She knows all the good places to scratch on me, and it’s great! I love it so much!!!!!!! I mean, I lover HER so much!!!!!! EEK! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 Haha! Anyways, oh she’s here with food! Gotta go! I came from a fair that she got me at!

Nicknames: Binks, Binky Bo, Binket, Binky boo bear!

Sex: Girl

Color: Pink

Age: 1 year 1/2


I hope you enjoyed today’s post by Gadg- “Let me talk Gadget. You go get the broom and sweep up all the dirt you tracked in the house.” “Oh, okay”

I hope you enjoyed today’s post by Gadget, Aggie, Hamilton, Binky, Chubster, Cutie and ME!!! *”SNAP”* “Uh oh!” (Gadget) I got to go! “Gadget, what did you do!?” “Uhhh..I thought I was supposed to step on the broom handle to get it to stay…it ..broke.. ”

Goodbye everyone, this is Chubster si-and Cutie-signing off!

(Chubster: “Cutie, where is the publish button?” Cutie: “Right there, dufus!”)



121 thoughts on “About my cuddly critters

  1. Hi K.A.! Ima going to get right to the point: would you like to be a counselor for a NaNoWriMo prep camp? Email me and I’ll tell you the details, if you want to be a counselor.
    Oh, and I’m a counselor, in case you were wondering.

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  2. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I want a horse so badly! I’ve been obsessed with them ever since I was little, and it only makes it harder because it would be feasible for me to have one … we live on over a hundred acres in the country, and it would just take a little re-fencing and some horse-shelter-building. 😀

    I also have a border collie. She’s a gem and I love her so much! Best dog I’ve ever owned. Her name is Gidget.

    I don’t like our chickens in the winter, though they don’t bother me during the summer, because of the smell. How come chickens can’t smell nice like cows? (and, yes, cows do smell nice, no matter what y’all say!)

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    • Yes I am!!!! 🙂 That’s so neat!!! Horses are amazing!!! WOW! 😛 Cool!
      YOU HAVE A BORDER COLLIE!?!?! You’re the first blogger I’ve ‘met’ that has a border collie!!! 🙂 😉 YES!!! That’s So cool!!! XD Hehe! That’s funny, my horse’s name is Gadget, and your dog’s name is Gidget!! XD 😛 Cool!!!
      Yes! THEY”RE SO STINKY!!!!!
      Cows smell alright, but I LOVE the smell of HORSES!!!!!!!! AAA! Horse sweat smells SOOOOOOO good!!! XD Once I pet on one of our horses for a bit, so that I could smell my hand while I was in the car! XD I LOVE the smell of horses! And baby horses are VERY cute too!!!! 🙂 😛 That’s NEAT that you have a BORDER COLLIE!!!! I wonder if my dog – Aggie – and your dog – Gidget – have much in common!!! Is she Black and white, or red and white? Aggs (That’s her nickname) is Black and white, as you probably already figured out! 😉 😛 She is VERY hyper, and loves jumping and playing around!!!! 🙂 😛 When she gets too excited, she starts to nip my feet! XD 😛 But she is also very sweet! She knows ‘Lie down’, ‘Come here’, ‘Sit'(sort of), ‘stay’, and ‘give me a five’ which is pretty much the same as ‘Shake’, but I like it better! 😉 😛 I want to teach her to come to the ASL (American Sign language) sign, ‘Come’ or ‘Dog’!!!! 🙂 😛 😉 Soooo…this comment is getting long…and I’d better get to bed! 😉 😛 BTW, K.A, ISN”T my real name…as you probably figured out! 😉 😛
      ~K.A~ … For now!! 😉

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      • Gidget is pretty calm for a border collie … but she’s also REALLY energetic. I think it’s because she’s a bit of a mix. She’s also really eager-to-please … so she’s easy to train. I spent a lot of time training her when she was younger, too. I really loved doing it for a while … kind of was my passion before I started writing so hard. And I still enjoy working with animals … I’ve always had a way with them. I especially love bottle-feeding calves! 😀 Anyway, she knows “sit” and “stay” and “shake” best. Must be an s-word thing. 😉 😛 Gidget has a lot of weird quirks, too. Have you noticed that about border collies? They always have these really queer things about them! Like, Gidget kicks rocks around the driveway and licks them and chews on them and carries them in the yard so they mess up dad’s lawnmower. XD And she shakes with the left paw! That’s probably because I’m left-handed and I taught her that way. And then she “herds” the chickens … and cows … and cat …

        Well, I’ve got to go now! This was yet another super-long comment!

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        • 😉 😛 🙂
          Okay! XD Yes, Aggie is the same way, energetic, but calm too! 😉 😛 Okay, that’s cool!!! Ooh, yes, Aggie is very eager to please too!! She lies down right away…usually! XD 😛 😉 🙂 😛 Yes, Aggie is also easy to train…she IS the smartest breed in the world too, that might help!!! 🙂 😛 😛 Cool!!!! I love working with the dogs…but I don’t as often…like I really should. I was training her pups on the goats for a while! I taught them to stay at the back, and a few commands! It was fun! XD I only got trampled a couple times! 😛 Just kidding! 🙂 😛
          Yes! Working with animals IS fun!!! Horses especially!! 😛 But they take work! We’ll have to work with Gadget soon…he’s not trained comepletely yet…but he will be, I hope! 😦 😮 🙂 He’s SO sweet! He’ll give hugs!!! You hug him, and he wraps his neck around you! It’s cute. 🙂 He didn’t do it last time I went up to see him, but that’s cause I was catching a horse other than him, and he was jealous…I think. 😉 AA! Bottle-feeding calves is SOOOOOO fun!!! I LOVE to do it!!! 🙂 🙂 😛
          Cool!!!!!! Aggie knows ‘Come’ and ‘Lie down’ best! 😛 😀 Hehe! Maybe she likes the letter S!! 😛 … kind of! Aggie eats grass! XD But I think every dog does that…maybe! 😛 🙂 That’s hilarious! XD I’ve never heard of a dog doing that! Ooh! Aggie LOVES to bury EVERYTHING!!! XD Once I let her out to play while I helped daddy fix his trailer, and she buried like…4 things! XD Some of them she buried more than once too! 😛 She actually hides them pretty well!!! 🙂 😛 😛 Yes, that’s the one bad thing about Aggie, is that she’ll try to eat chickens, so I have to be careful if I have her off-leash. :/ 🙂 😛 I love everything else about her!!!! Hehe! 😛 That’s funny! Aggie ‘give-me-a-five’ s with both paws! 😛 Hehe!
          Bye!! or hi… 😉 Yes, I love these long comments!! I may have already asked you this, so I’m sorry if I did, but can you tell me how old you are? If not, and I’ve asked you before, then I’m sorry to bother you again!!! 😦 🙂 I’ll try to post your guest post soon!!! Thanks so much for chatting with me!! It was so fun!!! 🙂 😛

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          • I’m 14 … homeschooled, too … oh, and I’m a Christian. 😀 🙂 And I love long comments, too! Gidget isn’t really a digging dog. XD She also hates water … unless she’s chasing a hose/sprinkler, which she will do all day. But she doesn’t really swim. I mean, she’ll run up to her chest, but not much farther. Gidget goes up to you, sit down besides you, and wait until you notice her. The instant you do, she holds up her paw for a shake! 😛 😀 I’d like to blame that on my training, but I think she’s, like you said, just super smart. She seems to have figured EVERYTHING out! She can be so … serious sometimes. Gidget doesn’t usually actually bite chickens. Of course, we don’t have them out often. She can be a little obsessive, though, about certain things … like the boys. She can’t stand to be separated from her boys! (my little bros) 😀

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          • Wow! You’re a lot older than I thought! 🙂 No offense! I’m eleven!! Hehe! Yup!!! 😛 Okay! XD Hehe! 😛 😛 Cool!!! 🙂 That’s funny! 😛 Yup!!! 😛 😀 Hehe! I don’t think Aggie really even likes boys! XD Other than my dad…I don’t have any brothers! 😉

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          • I have three brothers. One’s lots older than me, and my two little brothers are 11 (12 at the end of March) and 8 (9 in a couple months). Gidget likes … everyone. XD She doesn’t even bark at strangers. That may be one of her worst faults; not much of a guard dog at all! 😛

            Yeah, I always get mistaken for a lot younger than I am … even in person. 😀 XD I’m pretty short and I act immature. Well, I act really mature in person sometimes (unless I’m with my friends … in which case I become a crazy clowning creature 😉 ) and I act, like … I don’t know, 2 years old online. 😉 😛 It varies …. 😉

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          • Cool! Wow! 😛 Neat!!! COOL!!! XD hehe! 😛 Aggie doesn’t really see other people very much from where she is, but she DOES NOT like them! She’s scared of strangers! She is also very shy-even camera shy!!! I have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Hehe! 😛 Hehe! 😛 BYE!

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  3. Hi, I just found your blog the other day and love it! I live on a farm and really enjoy animals and what they add to my life! They just make you feel good, no matter what! Your photography skills are spot on! I just started my own blog about a month ago. It is an AG Doll blog mostly, but I do have a section of “Bloopers” that include my pets. You should check it out, and maybe we can follow each other? https://hellodollieblog.wordpress.com/
    p.s. I love the little worm on the fishing hook!!! -Kara-


  4. I didn’t know you played the mandolin! Do you want to post on Colorful Ideas today? If you look at the Posting Days draft, you can see that the schedule got shifted around since Suzy joined. I only have to post once a week now!

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  5. Hey there! I really like your blog, it looks super amazing! It is so cool to find a whole “virtual community” of other Christian home-schooled bloggers! I am home-schooled also, and am a Christian. 😀
    By the way, smilies are AWESOME!!!!


    • Thank you so much! 😀 That’s REALLY neat! Thank you so much for this comment! XD Ya, they are! You just made my day! Thank you very much! 😀 XD 🐻 ⭐


    • Oh, no! I’m so sorry! I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I’m just sorry. At least you will still have Clemmie’s babies! That’s awful though. I’m really sorry. I had 2 horses, before Gadget, that both died, and it was really hard. And we’ve had lots of baby goats die before too. I know that it can be really hard…I’m just sorry it had to happen…so soon after you got him too. That’s too bad. Like I said before though, maybe one of Clem’s babies will look like a little Yoshi! 🙂 I’m still sad. 😦


  6. Did you deside on something yet? Caesar Augustus is pretty good, but does it have anything to do with your other names? Well for that matter do any of mine have anything to do with your other names? I know!!! You should do a poll!! Take your favorites of the names and put them up so everyone can see!!! I would definitely vote!!
    Well gotta run-


  7. Nice! I like how all of them are so unique! Gadget is a funny boy if that is how he is in real life! Just as long as he doesn’t really come in the house!☺ I think you should name you caterpillar… Tobi or Buster!!
    Your blogger Buddy ,


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