I really love my horse, Gadget. He is a very sweet, soft, true, loving animal and pet. And he thinks he is a human. He is a bay and has a big white dot on his forehead. He is also very cute. His daddy’s name was Gizmo and it just makes sense that his son’s name would be Gadget.And I have riden him once. IT WAS AMAZING!!!


One of our horses is an older horse, Huddy, is a very sweet mare. And although she is rather old she always does what we tell her to do.

            What exactly do we do with our horses? Well we go certain places and gather cattle for certain people. Some people may use four wheelers, but we prefer horses. So our horses are mainly used for working purposes. Yes we do feed them grain and sometimes in the summer I will go give one a bath with a bucket of water and an old rag. And when they are hot and sweaty after a hot summer gathering we’ll go rinse them off with the hose (although they usually just roll in the dirt afterwards). So horses(on our place at least) aren’t really pets. My dad says that Gadget is about as close as you can get to a real pet.

         Gadget is a real sweety. Once when I went to see Gadget, I wasn’t very close when he started walking toward me! It was really cute! Then he started nuzzling my ear, (that is what he does if he likes you!!) then he followed me back to dad! What a cutie!!!  I really do LOVE horses. Just maybe not as much as dogs… just don’t tell Gadget that. And I sometimes call him Gadgie, it is his nickname!  

90 thoughts on “Horses

    • Hehe! 😛 😛
      YES! I love horses too!!! WESTERN!! They’re cattle horses-if that’s what you’d call them- and gather cattle, more like cutting horses, not English horses. 🙂 😀 So, yes, Western riding! 😉 I’ve been riding horses since the day I was born!!! 😛 😀 🙂 XD 😀 Yes, I LOVE riding horses!!!!!! They’re SO amazing! All of our horses (around 15) are Quarter Horses!! 😀 I post in my saddle (go up and down with the trotting) and some people think that that is a thing that English riders would do!!!! :/ But I REALLY don’t think it is…cause it IS better on the horse and doesn’t jostle you as much!!! 😀 😀 🙂 Horses are great! 😛

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  1. Your horse is beautiful!!:D
    My family is boarding a palomino mare named, Sunny! She hates a halter, and can be persnickety at times, but she is lots of fun to ride!:D


  2. Your horse is so beautiful! I LOVE his red hair.

    Oh, and I was looking through the comments, and saw that you’re on the hunt for good books. So, read one for my english class called “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio, and it was really good. Ummm … the Hunger Games series was awesome, but you may want to check with your parents before reading those, because they’re pretty gory and violent. And, yes, romantic. But, other than that, Suzanne Collins is an AMAZING writer! She’s so good with words and everything.

    Two more books I read are by the same person, they’re called, The Heart Reader, and The Heart Reader of Franklin High. They are both REALLY good books; I loved them so much. But, on the first book it just said “Anonymous”, and then the other one actually had the guy’s name on it, but I forgot what it was. 😀 😛

    Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea are great books, but the rest in the series are a little more for adults. Or, that’s what my mom said. They are by L. M. Montgomery. And, I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but the tale of Despereaux is really good! It’s by Kate Dicamillo.

    Oh, and Garfield ROCKS! It’s a comic, but he’s still super awesome!

    Like Rose said, Warriors is good. They’re actually like my favorite books! Well, I don’t really have a favorite, but they are one of my favorite. 😀 😛 If that made any sense! He, he!

    Sorry this was like …. about a paragraph! I hope this helps! -Zoe 😀


  3. Oh, Gadget sounds really sweet 🙂 I have a passion for horses as well (considering my blogs name). I do not have my own horse but like a lot of other girls I have wanted one since I was old enough to know what a horse was, and I try and get near horses as often as possible ( about once a week at a farm not far from my house). 🙂
    oh and by the way I LOVE your profile and header images


    • My crabs are cool! I can’t wait to get pictures of my crabs. And guess what? Two of my crabs changed shells recently. Derf changed shells and Fred changed into Derf’s old shell! Do you play an instrument? I play the mandolin! What color of eyes and hair do you have? Is your hair thick? Mine is VERY thick. Thanks for all the comments. Have you ever visited I like it. I think it would be cool if you got fish. We could tell each other about having fish, like John died a couple days ago! Well, talk to ya later!



    • Yes I know I am! I LOVE animals and am very blessed to have a good life riding horses, gathering cattle, playing with dogs, Chickens, and fish and Crabs. One of my crabs changed shells just today! For the second time since I got him!!! Maybe I can put a video of Gadget on here soon!


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