BIBPC Team Fox Category #4 + more

MERRY CHRISTMAS, guys and gals! Good to be back with you all again! I hope you’re having a blessed Christmas day and a good time with your families!

SO, FOR THIS CATEGORY, the theme is … *drumroll please*


SO, I had only a few days to get this pic before I leave on a mission trip, but here is what I came up with!

K.A Team Fox Category 4.JPG

Hopefully you find this cute as I did, and not gross because of the milk and… *ahem* slobber…. XD This is the darling little calf again! BTW, it does not yet have a name…although some people want to call it Biscuit… (BUT NOT ME) SO, please PLEASE help me out and give GOOD NAME SUGGESTIONS for it in the comments below! Thanks!

ALSO, the collaboration Blog I am part of (YLFC) is coming up on its two-year blogiversary!!!! So there is going to be some FUN stuff coming up in the next couple months for that! Head on over and check it out!

Thanks, people!

Fun fact: I was looking through my comments and posts and I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING OVER FOUR YEARS!!! Can you believe that? That is crazy! At least… it is to me! Thanks so much for following me in my craziness of blogging! Here are some *painful* snippets from my first ever post, Welcome, published September 23, 2014!

Hi, I’m K.A. and I’m going to tell you what I know about Horses,dogs, Fish,chickens, and Hermit crabs! I hope that by Cuddly critters you can get to know Gadget, Aggie, Fred, Derf, Crabby, Hermy, Nifel, Snipe, Ostrich, Tiker, Chubster, Cutie,  Bobbie, Sammie,Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Bibbles, and Stuart as well as I do. Well, lets get started!

Not HORRIBLE so far… I read this a couple days ago and my first thought was “Who are Bibbles and Stuart???” After a few more moments of reading I saw that I had two goldfish at that time and was like “OH, I forgot I had goldfish named that!”

Haha!!! Anyways… here’s a bit more…

Recently we have gotten a Rosetta Stone thing and are learning Spanish! I really like it. Los hombres cocinan arroz. The men are cooking rice!!!

I can’t wait to see my Gadget again. He is out to pasture right now. I am missing him alot. But I should be able to see him soon. I really love that big four year old.

If you want to see a youtube of a Hermit Crab eating, search this!


1, why am I trying to show off my spanish skills, and 2, what is up with the short jumpy sentences? And… Really? A YouTube video link?? What? RANDOM….

All in all, for a ten year old I guess it could have been worse! XD

You’ve probably seen enough cringiness to last you for a while, so I’ll end with a cute picture of my Meow and then leave you to your Christmas evening!


Goodnight, y’all!


17 thoughts on “BIBPC Team Fox Category #4 + more

  1. THE CALF PICTURE IS SO CUTE, K. A.! Welp, I’m pretty terrible of thinking of names on the spot, so the only one I have is Cowslip (a yellow flower). XD Heh. I hope you find a good name for her! Also WOW, over four years of blogging?? CONGRATULATIONS, K. A.! Keep it up! I think your posting skills have improved. :’D Oh, and I LOVE that picture of Meow! Adorable. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww! Thanks so much, Allison!!! 😀 Haha! That’s cute!!! XD I hope so too! Yeah… kinda strange! :O Aww, thanks so much! Yeah… I hope they’ve at least improved a bit! XD
      Aww, thanks! He’s a cutie for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, congratulations on over four years!!
    And haha, that photo is cute and funny! 🙂
    Um names… Stacey… Sally…? Yeah, I don’t know. I always have a hard time coming up with names for animals! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. O cute!!! Only a farm gal can see the beauty past the milky ‘slobber’.
    Maybe you could name Him after BIBPC.
    ‘Furry’ (original, I know) or ‘Seis’ (Spanish for #6th), or ‘Cuatro’ (Spanish for Category #4)
    Or if it’s a girl, how about ‘Megan’ (In her namesake’s honor)
    Great photo!!!☺️🌻🌷☀️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yep! Hey.. that would be cute!! 🙂 Well, my sister’s name is Megan, so that probably wouldn’t work… XD Haha!!! But a spanish name would be very cute! 😀 Hmm… Thanks for the suggestions!

      Liked by 1 person

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