Hi, I’m K.A. and I’m going to tell you what I know about Horses,dogs, Fish,chickens, and Hermit crabs! I hope that by Cuddly critters you can get to know Gadget, Aggie, Fred, Derf, Crabby, Hermy, Nifel, Snipe, Ostrich, Tiker, Chubster, Cutie,  Bobbie, Sammie,Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Bibbles, and Stuart as well as I do. Well, lets get started!


Yesterday we got  two new cows! Ester(Essy) and Maggie. Maggie is a Guernsey/Jersey cross and Essy is a Jersey. They both still need to get use to us but are nice. I really like Maggie!

Recently we have gotten a Rosetta Stone thing and are learning Spanish! I really like it. Los hombres cocinan arroz. The men are cooking rice!!!

I can’t wait to see my Gadget again. He is out to pasture right now. I am missing him alot. But I should be able to see him soon. I really love that big four year old.

If you want to see a youtube of a Hermit Crab eating, search this!

I have a border collie, a Quarter horse, 5 Fish, 2 Goldfish, 4 Barred Rock chicks, and 4 Hermit Crabs.I know it IS alot of animals. I can’t believe I have so many. But I love them all!

019This is Aggie. She is a real sweetie. She’s a Border Collie. She always twitches her nose in pictures!!040

This is Gadget. He is a bay Quarter horse. He is a sweetie too. He has a big white dot on his forehead.

871 This is Chubster. He is a sweetie and is a Parrot Cichlid. He and his girlfriend bite each other all day long!  

913This is Cutie, she is kind of nice. She is also a Parrot Cichlid. She and her boyfriend Chubster bite each other all day long!

I don’t have pictures of any more of my animals yet. But I will try to get some on here soon!



66 thoughts on “Welcome

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  2. WOW you DO have an awful lot of animals!
    I only have…wait I don’t have any 😦
    Oh well, I want to get a husky (they’re so beautiful!) and my sister wants to get a guinea pig!
    We probably won’t get one this year because next year we might be moving to America, but I hope in America I get a cute little husky puppy!

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    • 😀 Yes!!! 🙂 Hehe!!! Huskies ARE SOOOO pretty!! 🙂 😀 Ooh, you don’t already live in America?? :O 🙂 Hehe!! 😀 Cool! That would be so neat! 🙂 Have you ever looked into getting Australian Shepherds? 😉 They’re ADORABLE! 😀 My sister raises them too! 🙂


        • Cool!!! :O 😀 🙂 I raise border collies. I would recommend them, but they’re mostly used for cattle herding purposes. The Australian shepherds my sister raises are SOOOOOOO cute!!! :O 😀 🙂 This year her dog only had four (she usually has eight) and we already have three of them sold. 😉 😦 😀
          Wow… England? 😀 That’s so … cool and interesting! 🙂 I live in America! 😀


  3. Wow, your first post!
    Here are my questions. If you aren’t allowed to answer some of them, that is fine. 🙂
    Have you ever been out of the USA?
    Is KA your real name, like what your family calls you?
    What book have you most recently finished?
    How many drafts do you have that you haven’t posted?
    Do you like tigers or lions better?
    Do you like snakes and frogs and stuff like that?
    How old were you when you first rode a horse?
    What is a strange food that you like?
    Do your dogs bark a lot?
    Do you comment on almost every post you read?

    Also, this might be shocking to you, but I have only ridden a horse down my aunts lane, and that was only like, twice! Although for my friend’s (Mallory’s) birthday, we are ridding horses all the way around a mountain! :O :O 😀 I can’t wait!!!


    • No, I’ve never been out of the USA.

      No, it’s not what my family calls me.

      I’ve only finished ONE book that I’ve ever written and that was my Blackie and Peanut. But the book that I’ve most recently finished reading, would be… Mocha, the puppy place book! 😀
      Ummm…I think I actually deleted all of my drafts, but I’m not sure!


      Oh ya! I love frogs and things!

      I’ve been riding horses pretty much since the day I was born! 😀

      Ummmm…I like peanut butter and egg sandwiches, they’re REALLY YUMMY! 😛

      Yes! They do! They bark ALL THE TIME!

      Nope, sadly, I should though!

      Ummm….. 😀 Cool! I want to hear about it! 😀


    • We got a foot of snow once! We made a snowman bigger than our CAT (Skid loader). He was GIANT. We called hem Jolly Jake. We used a plastic cup for his nose, a tire and a bucket for his hat, coal for his buttons, a very long piece of fabric for his scarf! It was hilarious.


    • I don’t really watch TV. But I really like to listen to Free Adventures In Odyssey on the computer! If you search that or FAIO, it should come up. Then click episodes(at the top) and then you can listen to a bunch!


  4. This a super cool blog, especially the part with the hermit crabs. The picture of Aggie is really cute! Keep it up!! Ten thumbs up ( If I had eight more hands )!

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  5. Gadget looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could meet him so much. Tall Green Giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS All your animals look so cute.


    • Thank you! I love getting comments from people! Isn’t he adorable. He is SUCH a sweetie! I wish you could meet him too. He would probably love you too. And guess what? I got FOUR new fish! They’re names are Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Are you a boy or girl? I’m a girl, just not a sissy girl, I love riding horses, although I can’t ride Gadget yet. Thanks for the comment!

      K.A. P.S. Do you own any animals or have a blog?


        • What is your favorite color of horse? Paint, Palomino, bay, Dapple gray, sorrel, red roan or buckskin? I think it is great that you want to get fish. I though personally believe that aquariums are best for the fish. That way they can get exercise and get away from bullies easier when being chased. But you do have to turn the light on and off every day, feed them twice a day and clean their tank once a month. This is probably the more expensive way of having fish too. You need a filter, heater, thermometer, lights, etc. etc. And plants, gravel Oh it’s also nice to have some stuff they can swim through, for the fish’s comfort. If you have an aquarium, at least you can have more than just one or two fish. I have a 30 gallon tank, I think. I’m not trying to discourage you in any way, but it takes a little bit of work! I love having fish and don’t regret having them a bit, in fact I don’t ever want any of my fish to die, ever! I think you should still get fish, but you might want to think about it more. If you definitely are going to get fish, Maybe I can give you some tips! Maybe I can help you keep from learning the hard way!(the way I learned most things!) 1:Never put a fish in a bucket of water! That’s a story for a different time. Talk to ya later!



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