Around the Farm #2 – O’Malley

Hey friends! I told you all that I would make a post next week…and I’ve been a bit longer than that. So I apologize for that. BUT I am here now!

To continue catching you up on all that has happened this year, I’m back to talk about the next topic!


Now you may not know who O’Malley is… so I will tell you. He’s fluffy, cuddly, and meows. 😉 This is a post about my fluffy lil kitty boi!


Here’s the story about him…

Back in June of 2019, I was taking care of someone’s place while they were gone. I did their chores (bottle-feeding, giving out grain, feeding dogs and cats, etc.) and took care of the place for a weekend. This particular week when I was there, they had about 12 kittens that had been born.

They were small, fluffy, and all around ADORABLE. Shortly before this my cat who you all know about, Meow, had disappeared. 😦 I was disappointed and not sure if he would ever come back.


So I asked my dad if my cat didn’t return and if it was okay with the owners of the kittens, if I could claim one as my own and take it home. He said that would be ok

ay (as long as it was ONLY ONE). Sweet Meow never came back, so my dad asked the owner if they would be okay with me taking one. He was more than happy to give us as many as we wanted, so the next day that I went out there I got to pick one to keep as my own!

So me and my dad brought a little carrier full of some hay out to their place. When we got over to the barn that was home to the kitties, I looked them over as they ran to get their food I had just poured. There were short-haired, long-haired, orange, black, striped, tabby, and more. I had decided by then that I wanted a fluffy little boy. Now, keep in mind, these kittens had NEVER been touched before by a human.6BF9AD8F-F32C-45F1-867C-159F4C6AF709

So I found some leather gloves and walked up behind them while they were eating. I grabbed two of them (one in each hand), and picked them up. Freaking out, they clawed, and hissed, and scratched at me. After looking them over, we realized they were both girls, so I put them down. After going through this process for four more kittens, I found the one. 🙂 He was one of the craziest that I had grabbed so far, but definitely one of the cutest.. AND it was a boy. I looked at dad and told him, “This is the one I want.”D4E3750D-2EC2-4EF3-8B2E-4A153993869F

We got him home and left him alone in his carrier until he settled down. The next day, I put on more gloves so that I could hold him without worrying about getting scratched up. As I pulled him gently out of the carrier, I saw that he wasn’t scratching or hissing anymore. He was as calm as a tamed cat. My sister reached out quickly with her bare hands and arms, saying that she wanted to hold him. I quickly told her that that wasn’t a good idea, as he had been the most wild cat ever only a day earlier. She didn’t seem to care much, and grabbed him anyways. He acted the exact same, seeming to almost enjoy being held.

A few days go by, and he was the sweetest cat I’d ever met. Rubbing all over me, wanting pet, and purring more than even Meow did.

I still miss Meow, but he lived a good long life, and O’Malley has brought so many blessings to me. He’s the fluffiest, most adorable, cute lil fella EVER.

He has earned many nicknames by now.. such as

Mr. Moostache
Kitty Boi
Fluff head

Here are some more pictures!



This is what I call his “squirrel pose”, which he does almost on command now

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my (not so) new lil kitty!!!


Around the Farm #1 – BABY GOATS

*jumps into room*

HELLOOOOO MY FRIENDS! I AM ALIIIIIIIIIVE! First off, I want to apologize for being absent for so long… secondly I want to introduce a new SERIEEEEEES!

Around the Farm

Around the Farm will be a series to catch you up on new animals, crazy stories, and more! And I will also have tons of pictures!!!!


You will NEVER believe what I got this winter/spring!!!!!!!


It’s a sweet and endearing story that melted my heart as in unfolded and I hope will melt yours as well. (in the best way possible)

It was a cold February day when I went to go do chores… stepping into the barn, I spotted two BRAND new BABY GOATS lying in the hay. They were wet and shivering, and their mother wasn’t taking care of them…  she was a new mother and not friendly at all… so I sadly this isn’t too rare of a situation if you live on a farm… but with two wet newborn baby goats out in the below freezing cold, I had to take action. So I brought them inside and warmed them by the fire, using a towel to dry them as good as I could. One of them was more energetic in little time, but the other one was too weak to even lift it’s head.


first time bringing them inside

After they were dry, warm, and moving around on their own, I attempted multiple times to repair them with the mother… but she wouldn’t take care of them… and every time I checked on them they were worse off than before.

So that left only one option….. Be their mother myself!

So that’s exactly what I did! They wore diapers, lived in a playpen in my room, and got fed a bottle (BY ME) every four hours…then every six… eventually only twice a day.

I gave them baths so they wouldn’t stink up my room, I cleaned their play pen, and I was always cleaning up their messes around the house when their diapers fell off. I finally knew a bit of the pain of having kids.


I absolutely loved it!




If only a picture could capture how fast that tail wagged when she drank her bottle!!!


Milli being a show and tell model at co-op for the kid’s science lesson that mentioned split hooves…. what a surprise for them!

No, I didn’t like rolling over at two am and waking up babies so that they bleated at the top of their lungs til I fed them milk. No, I didn’t like cleaning up diarrhea all over their pen and washing it off of them. No, I didn’t like having to stay out of my room during their “nap time” when they’d finally be quiet at one pm every single day….

BUT… I LOVED the cuddles when they were wrapped in a towel after their baths. I LOVED them jumping around and following me through the house. I LOVED their tiny noises whenever I’d start making their milk. And I LOVED having baby goats inside.

Eventually they got older, and it warmed up outside… and they moved into the barn.


The sad part of the story is that…. I had to sell them. They were a different breed than our other goats and hence were smaller… therefore they wouldn’t have gotten along well … there were other reasons too, but it all boiled down to the fact that they needed a new home. 😦 Thankfully we found a good home for them to some kids who would truly show them the same love and care that I did. And I know they are living a good life now with those kids. I kept them til they were probably four months old.

It was an amazing experience…. and one I will NEVER forget.

Dear little Amelia (Milli)…

And dear little Agnes (Nessi)…


But ……that’s not all…



So the story behind this is basically…

My friend’s grandpa owned a 250+ goat farm. I’ve helped her out there quite a bit, and knew all of the goats quite well. But her grandpa got in a car accident and it left him unable to walk very well and now he can’t do the chores out there… so he had to sell the farm. Which is super sad.

BUT, while he was in the hospital I helped my friend at the farm a TON. And there were two darling little baby goats born. This is where Gabriella (Gabbi) Ginger and Georgina (Georgi) Rose enter the story… where they entered my life. My two babies. Their mom has CAE (basically a disease of sorts that will turn into arthritis. The babies get it from the milk if they drink it.) so they had to be taken from the mom right after birth. But my friend’s family was too busy at the hospital to feed them every four hours…. SO they asked me if I would take care of them! I gladly said YES (after clearing it with my parents, of course).

These were now my SECOND pair of indoor baby goats. They also lived in a playpen in my room and got fed every four hours. They wore diapers most of the time and I’d let them out to play and have fun… Well…. when it came time to give them back to their rightful family…I didn’t want to say goodbye… And since the family wanted to repay me somehow for helping them with the farm…


They are still with me today and are nearly seven months old!!!! They are beautiful and weigh about 70 pounds each! However, no matter how big they get they will ALWAYS be my babies.

Here are pictures of Gabbi and Georgi:



Four happy friends!

My dear baby Gabbi:


Dear baby Georgi:



This is the most recent picture


They are already finding their place in the world ❤

These baby goats have given me a new and fun experience this year. Although… they are getting older and bigger and I can hardly even call them babies anymore!

Come back next week to see #2 of this series about…. *drumroll*


Who is O’Malley, you may ask? Well…. come back next week to find out. 😉

Miss you all so much! Please talk to me in the comments and let me know how you’ve been! How was your thanksgiving?



Summer Bored Games – Results and Winners!

It’s time to reveal the winners of The Summer Bored Games 2019!

First off, before we reveal the prize winners, let’s take a look at the actual winners – the hard-working participants who put the most effort into SBG and completed the most challenges! (Remember, we have chosen the prize winners randomly, out of three different point ranges. The badges below are for the top competitors by points earned, and the aforementioned didn’t necessarily win a prize as well.) Top 10 winners, feel free to display these badges on your blogs if you have one!

#10: Rosy Marr, with a total of 313 points!

#9: Hattush, with a total of 402  points!

 #8: Sara A., with a total of 405 points!

#7: Jehosheba, with a total of 408 points!

#6: Rebbeca~Joy, with a total of 433 points!

#5: Fiona, with a total of 466 points!

#4: Peyton, with a total of 468 points!

#3: Jo, with a total of 489 points!

#2: Avery, with a total of 529 points!

#1: Laura, with a total of 553 points!

Congratulations, everyone! You all did fantastic!!!!!

And now… for the winners of the Amazon gift cards! 😀

Third place goes to…
































CONGRATULATIONS, EMMIE! We’ll email you asking if you want an Amazon or Etsy gift card here shortly. 🙂

Second place goes to….































CONGRATULATIONS, SAEGE! Be on the lookout for an email from us soon about your $15 gift card!

And last but most certainly not least, FIRST PLACE GOES TO….































CONGRATULATIONS, AVERY! Woohoo! Again, we’ll email you here soon about your $20 gift card to Amazon or Etsy! 🙂

Now let’s look at some photos from our awesome participants! Thank you all so very much for sending us your photos – we loved seeing them, and we hope you’ll enjoy them too. 😀

We’ll start of with this amazing car drawing by Rosy, using what I think might be pesos (? sorry if I’m wrong) as wheels!!!!

Hmm, hotdog with grape jelly? Not my idea of a perfect meal, but according to Fiona it wasn’t too bad!

Now look at Sara’s happy little bee that she put on the ceiling! Whoever noticed that first probably had a smile on their face too!

Next is Avery, just having some fun coloring!

Mmmm, those look tasty, Sara!

Impressive Self Portrait, Laura! I don’t know exactly what you look like, but I sure have a better idea now! 😉 Jk, but that is really good for what I could have done!

Laura taped this funny little face to a door nob in her house! I want to know the reaction when someone first saw this! XD

Thank you again for those fun photos! Since we four hosts split up our favorite pictures between our blogs, be sure to check out Clara’s post, Allison’s post, and Megan’s post for more awesome SBG photos.

Last but not least, some feedback from YOU! Here are a few of your favorite SBG memories and “testimonials.” 🙂

This is the kind of stuff we LOVE to hear from all of you! I’m so glad that you all had a blast!!! Please come back next year for this!!!!

Also, remember how Clara, Megan, and I were competing with each other last week to see how many challenges they could get? Well, of the three, guess who won?

At third place is…..

CLARA with 20 points!

In second place is….

K.A with 176 points!

And in first place is….

MEGAN WITH AN AMAZING 186 points!!!!!
WHOOO HOOOO! Make sure to head to her blog to tell her congrats! 😉

We all gave it our best effort, and it helped me feel some of the craziness that y’all feel!!! Thanks for doing SBG y’all!





Summer Bored Games!!! (Week One)


I’m SOOO excited for SBG this year!!! As you’re reading this post I am on my way to a mission trip in Mexico(!!!!), so I’m sorry if I don’t reply to comments for a while. These challenges all look A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!

Please let me know down below which ones sound like the most (and least 😛 ) fun and which ones you enjoyed the most!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!

Make sure to look for the next post on Clara’s blog HERE on July 8th!

You have until the end of this week to complete however many of the 35 challenges below you wish to do. This is the only week that you’ll be able to complete these challenges.

When you’ve completed all the challenges you’d like to for the week, submit your points using the survey included in this post (see it below). Please try to submit your results just once per week. I suggest waiting until the end of the week to submit the survey.

Without further ado……

Here are the CHALLENGES!!!!

(Remember, the number at the end of each challenge is the number of points you’ll earn for that challenge. 🙂 )


  • Do some yardwork for an elderly person – mow their lawn, weed flower beds, etc. Help out for at least a half hour. This can include visiting and talking to them! (MP) 10
  • Find a constellation in the night sky. 2
  • Challenge someone who’s not a SBG participant to do five of this week’s challenges. You only get points if they successfully complete them all. 3
  • Make an “aesthetic” notebook: tape in clippings from magazines, printouts, flat objects, ribbon, colored papers, art pieces, etc. that inspire you. 4
  • Run as fast as you possibly can. Race with someone else if you want. 3
  • Walk around barefoot outside for at least 15 minutes. 2
  • Monologue about rabbits, ketchup, or stumps for two minutes in front of someone, without any unreasonably long pauses. 4
  • Trade ATCs with someone. 2
  • Make a survey full of random questions and have at least a dozen people take it. (MP) 10
  • Recreate a few Olympic events with some friends/siblings. 4
  • Use a marker to draw freckles on your face and leave them on for at least two hours. 3
  • Have a water fight with paper cups, water, and at least one other person. Whoever stays the driest wins! 4
  • Restore something old. 3
  • Wear a backwards baseball cap, sunglasses, and an inside out t-shirt in public. (MP) 10
  • Find a new quote and say it casually in conversation at least three times. 2
  • Take a sketchbook or some paper outside, and draw or trace at least one thing you see. 2
  • Write a list of 5+ good things that have happened to you so far this year. 1
  • Take an hour-long walk while listening to music. 4
  • Catch butterflies. 4
  • Watch a show/movie or read a book that your parents watched/read when they were your age. 3
  • Play hopscotch or jump rope. 1
  • Make banana art by drawing on the banana’s peel with a toothpick. 2
  • Clean your family’s car, inside and out. (MP) 10
  • Create a summery playlist of at least 10 songs. 3
  • Find an address book and send a nice letter to a random address. You don’t have to put your return address on the envelope. It will still mail without one. 3
  • Make an audio-portrait: Sit outside for 5+ minutes in the morning and write down every different sound you hear (even if you don’t know exactly what it is). Do it again in the evening, and compare your lists of summer sounds. 4
  • Make a music video to your favorite song. 4
  • Write a review on an item you bought or book you read on Amazon or Etsy. 2
  • Make a house out of playing cards. 4
  • Play five different board games in a row. (MP) 10
  • Clean out under the couch cushions. 3
  • Look up and listen to the songs of five different song birds. 1
  • Make a summery color palette inspired by colors you see outside. Give each color a name like they have on paint cards. 3


If you have any questions about the challenges, the game, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us at summerboredgames(at)gmail(dot)com. We’re happy to help! (Remember, I (K.A) will not be available to answer any questions left on my blog until the 11th)

If you’d like to print off a checklist for this week, CLICK HERE. A checklist is super helpful to keep track of all the challenges when you’re busy!


BONUS POINTS: Don’t forget to send in photos of your challenge adventures and collect points by emailing us at summerboredgames( at )gmail( dot )com!
We’ll pick our favorite photos to include in the next post. (If you’re completing the challenges just for fun and haven’t signed up, we’d still love to see your photos!)

Have you completed all the challenges you’d like to do for this week? Fantastic!!! Just click the image below to submit your points:


Click that graphic and it should take you right to the form!

You have until 11:59 PM EST on July 7th to complete as many challenges as you can and submit your points. Good luck!

Have a great week and have fun with the challenges!!!

(BTW, July 8th is my birthday!!! I’m so excited! And just so you know I get back from Mexico on the eleventh! 😀 )



The Summer Bored Games 2019 Sign-up Post!



Are your summers boring? Are you constantly running out of things to do on that nice 80 degree day? Do you need something to spice up your summer just a little more?        WELL DO I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!!!!!

WELCOME TO THE SIGN-UP POST OF THE SUMMER BORED GAMES #2!!!! Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about SBG!

Note: Even if you have done SBG before, please read the rules and guidelines because we have made some changes


The Summer Bored Games is a fun and creative way to bust boredom this summer. Collect points by completing challenges ranging from thoughtful missions to wacky, random activities. Compete with fellow participants and enter to win real prizes! 

(Music Credit to



K.A. // Cuddly Critters Blog

Clara // Clara & Co.

Megan // A Barefoot Gal

Allison // A Farm Girl’s Life



The four SBG hosts will take turns posting new challenges once a week for the whole month of July. Each post will include 35 challenges, all given a certain number of points. The harder or weirder the challenge, the more points it will give you! (Check out some of last year’s boredom busters here to get an idea of what they’ll be like.)

Participants will use a survey to submit any completed weekly challenges to a host blogger. We’ll tally up everyone’s points each week and show a “leaderboard” of the top participants to promote a little friendly competition. 😉



Participants collect points by successfully completing challenges. The number of challenges you finish is up to you; however, you must complete any weekly challenges in that week alone for those points to count.

If you miss a week, feel free to do the challenges just for fun, but they won’t earn you any points toward the giveaway.


Earn even more points by sending us photos of the challenges you do!


  • You can receive 3 points for each SBG photo sent in weekly. (5 photos, or 15 points per week, is the maximum allowed.) That means you could earn up to 60 bonus points by sending in photos!
  • Please note that is up to the hosts’ discretion to decide whether the photo should count or not.
  • Unless you ask otherwise when you send them, we may add your photos to the next week’s challenge post to share the fun!
  • Anyone can send us SBG photos for the next post, even if they’re not official participants.
  • We’ll provide an email address for you to send the photos to in each weekly post.




Participants are entered for a chance to win the prize corresponding to their point range.

If, at the end of this year’s SBG, you have 0-50 points, you are not eligible to win a prize. :/ If you finish with 51-200 points, you have a chance of winning a $10 Amazon or Etsy gift card! If you finish with 201-350 points, you have a chance of winning a $15 Amazon or Etsy gift card. And finally, participants with 351+ points will be entered for a chance to win a $20 Amazon or Etsy gift card.

The more challenges you complete, the better the chance of winning a bigger prize!




Challenge Post #1: Cuddly Critters Blog on July 1st

Challenge Post #2: Clara & Co. on July 8th

Challenge Post #3: A Barefoot Gal on July 15th

Challenge Post #4: A Farm Girl’s Life on July 22nd

Challenge Winners: All hosts will post on their own blogs on July 29th




  • The challenge is open to participants worldwide, and to ages 10-20.
  • Please get a parent’s permission before signing up if you are under age 18.
  • Please sign up just once, on any one (but not more than one) of the hosts’ blogs.
  • Sign up to participate in SBG 2019 with the contact form below! (The form probably won’t show up until you visit my actual blog.)



If you’re excited for The Summer Bored Games and want to let others in on the fun, we’d really appreciate if you could share this post to social media, reblog it, or tell your family and friends!

Prizes aside, this is a great way to make memories, brighten someone else’s day, and have some friendly competition with your siblings or friends. 🙂


In conclusion, here’s a helpful infographic to review the rules. (It’s also the perfect size for Pinterest 😉 )


Well folks, that’s it!!!  Please Sign up, you won’t regret it!!!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below! I will also be posting more in the future about Aggie’s birthday, Around the farm, and my newest (THIS IS BIG) additions!!!!

Like I said, if you have any questions about SBG, feel free to ask in the comments! Thanks, everyone!





BIBPC – Category #7 – Invincible

Hey’all! (see what I did there?) XD

Good to be back with you guys and gals again! So, I know I cut it really close again with this, but my picture IS HERE! YAY! So this is the LAST *sighs and sniffs* category for BIBPC! I honestly have mixed feelings over this…because I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also slightly relieved that I’m not like having to run around on the last day to turn it in yelling “I FORGOT I FORGOT” and counting down how long I have til midnight… because – let’s face it – I’m a forgetful person.


Even though (thank you Megan) I always HAVE plenty of time to post it… I usually (actually, always) waited until the last second to take one though… sooo… yeah. I’ll stop making excuses now. XD Haha!

ANYWAYS, it will also be less of a burden now for Megan! Megan, you will no longer *until the next BIBPC* have to deal with my “five minutes from due date” picture entries! Haha!

Alas though, I did get a picture for the following category of…

Oh wait… it’s in the title isn’t it…

Yeah, as you probably already read- Category #7 is INVINCIBLE!!!


So my thoughts are, God and the Bible are both invincible! And so is light! ESPECIALLY God’s light!

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
So I took a picture of light next to God’s word showing that God, light, the Bible, and God’s light are incomprehensible, therefore they are also invincible.
I hope you enjoyed!
Sadly, I didn’t really have time to make a poster, so I will not be turning one in for bonus points. Sorry… Good job, Team Fox! Y’all did a good job!
Farewell to BIBPC … FOR NOW… *wiggles eyebrows* *evil grin*
And farewell and goodnight to you all as well!
Now I have a couple pages of words to write up, a blog to comment on, and a future blog post for YLFC to write!



BIBPC Category #6 – Epiphany + Bonus Pic

Hey everybody!!! It is once again time for BIBPC!!!!!

So sadly, all week I had NO epiphany over what to do for a picture!! BUT finally tonight I dreamed something up! Quite literally… Haha, take a look:

For Category #6-Epiphany-Team Fox…

*drumroll please*


The Epiphany of the Pineapple and the Pepperoni! And since Monday is Martin Luther King Junior Day… well, just figure it out for yourself!

Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you get it! 😀 XD


And for the Bonus picture…. “Anything that makes me happy”…

So here is my darling little Chubster!


And some of you people that are helping Team Owl needs the push might not like me for this….but I’m donating my points to……



…. Team Rabbit!

Almost everyone I’ve seen so far has given points to Team Owl – which is super great! – but I think Team Rabbit deserves points too! As for Team Bear… well, I’ll just not mention that… Y’all are doing good though – really good!

Good job everybody with BIBPC! If you’re not in BIBPC, head over to Megan’s post tomorrow and check out the teams and pictures!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know which picture you liked better!


STAY TUNED FOR CATEGORY #7… what WILL it be!!!???

Adios, amigos!


BIBPC Team Fox Category #4 + more

MERRY CHRISTMAS, guys and gals! Good to be back with you all again! I hope you’re having a blessed Christmas day and a good time with your families!

SO, FOR THIS CATEGORY, the theme is … *drumroll please*


SO, I had only a few days to get this pic before I leave on a mission trip, but here is what I came up with!

K.A Team Fox Category 4.JPG

Hopefully you find this cute as I did, and not gross because of the milk and… *ahem* slobber…. XD This is the darling little calf again! BTW, it does not yet have a name…although some people want to call it Biscuit… (BUT NOT ME) SO, please PLEASE help me out and give GOOD NAME SUGGESTIONS for it in the comments below! Thanks!

ALSO, the collaboration Blog I am part of (YLFC) is coming up on its two-year blogiversary!!!! So there is going to be some FUN stuff coming up in the next couple months for that! Head on over and check it out!

Thanks, people!

Fun fact: I was looking through my comments and posts and I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING OVER FOUR YEARS!!! Can you believe that? That is crazy! At least… it is to me! Thanks so much for following me in my craziness of blogging! Here are some *painful* snippets from my first ever post, Welcome, published September 23, 2014!

Hi, I’m K.A. and I’m going to tell you what I know about Horses,dogs, Fish,chickens, and Hermit crabs! I hope that by Cuddly critters you can get to know Gadget, Aggie, Fred, Derf, Crabby, Hermy, Nifel, Snipe, Ostrich, Tiker, Chubster, Cutie,  Bobbie, Sammie,Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Bibbles, and Stuart as well as I do. Well, lets get started!

Not HORRIBLE so far… I read this a couple days ago and my first thought was “Who are Bibbles and Stuart???” After a few more moments of reading I saw that I had two goldfish at that time and was like “OH, I forgot I had goldfish named that!”

Haha!!! Anyways… here’s a bit more…

Recently we have gotten a Rosetta Stone thing and are learning Spanish! I really like it. Los hombres cocinan arroz. The men are cooking rice!!!

I can’t wait to see my Gadget again. He is out to pasture right now. I am missing him alot. But I should be able to see him soon. I really love that big four year old.

If you want to see a youtube of a Hermit Crab eating, search this!


1, why am I trying to show off my spanish skills, and 2, what is up with the short jumpy sentences? And… Really? A YouTube video link?? What? RANDOM….

All in all, for a ten year old I guess it could have been worse! XD

You’ve probably seen enough cringiness to last you for a while, so I’ll end with a cute picture of my Meow and then leave you to your Christmas evening!


Goodnight, y’all!


BIBPC #3- Team Fox


So for this category, the… category… was Tradition! And decorating cookies during Christmas time may or may not have been a common idea during this category, but it is indeed a tradition!

So, here is my picture!

K.A team fox-category #3.JPG

Today we decorated over 70 cookies!!!! We are planning on going caroling soon, and what better thing to give away to people than cookies! I hope you like this picture! And just so you know, the polar bear cookie on the left was one I did! XD Haha!!!

Have a good night, y’all!

Also, don’t forget to head over to Megan’s blog and nominate bloggers/posts and donkeys for the Best of 2018!!!

Adios, amigos!


BIBPC #2 – Team Fox

Hey all! I hope you enjoy this picture! I would love to say more and show more pics, but I can only show two because I have an hour to turn in this picture before the contest! Thanks Megan for dealing with my tardiness! XD

Here is the picture that took over three hours to get! 😀

So in case you don’t know the category, or want to know how it fits in, it had to have words:

Candle, Chesnuts, Celebrate, Chill, Celebrate, Carols, Candy Canes!

So in the picture, Sully is literally the defenition of Chill, and here he is, chillin in the “chill”y weather and so…. chill? And then there are candles next to him, and a rawhide candy cane, and lights plus reindeer antlers equal celebrate (?) and then the picture is on a card and the “carol” beneath it mentions chesnuts AND carols…..?

And I am on Team Fox!


K.A team fox category #2 BIBPC.JPG

Just so you know, this is NOT an old card! This picture was taken this morning!!! Here is the picture I took without the card!


Thanks guys! I hope you like the picture! ENJOY YOUR WEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!