BIBPC – Category #7 – Invincible

Hey’all! (see what I did there?) XD

Good to be back with you guys and gals again! So, I know I cut it really close again with this, but my picture IS HERE! YAY! So this is the LAST *sighs and sniffs* category for BIBPC! I honestly have mixed feelings over this…because I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also slightly relieved that I’m not like having to run around on the last day to turn it in yelling “I FORGOT I FORGOT” and counting down how long I have til midnight… because – let’s face it – I’m a forgetful person.


Even though (thank you Megan) I always HAVE plenty of time to post it… I usually (actually, always) waited until the last second to take one though… sooo… yeah. I’ll stop making excuses now. XD Haha!

ANYWAYS, it will also be less of a burden now for Megan! Megan, you will no longer *until the next BIBPC* have to deal with my “five minutes from due date” picture entries! Haha!

Alas though, I did get a picture for the following category of…

Oh wait… it’s in the title isn’t it…

Yeah, as you probably already read- Category #7 is INVINCIBLE!!!


So my thoughts are, God and the Bible are both invincible! And so is light! ESPECIALLY God’s light!

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
So I took a picture of light next to God’s word showing that God, light, the Bible, and God’s light are incomprehensible, therefore they are also invincible.
I hope you enjoyed!
Sadly, I didn’t really have time to make a poster, so I will not be turning one in for bonus points. Sorry… Good job, Team Fox! Y’all did a good job!
Farewell to BIBPC … FOR NOW… *wiggles eyebrows* *evil grin*
And farewell and goodnight to you all as well!
Now I have a couple pages of words to write up, a blog to comment on, and a future blog post for YLFC to write!




BIBPC Category #6 – Epiphany + Bonus Pic

Hey everybody!!! It is once again time for BIBPC!!!!!

So sadly, all week I had NO epiphany over what to do for a picture!! BUT finally tonight I dreamed something up! Quite literally… Haha, take a look:

For Category #6-Epiphany-Team Fox…

*drumroll please*


The Epiphany of the Pineapple and the Pepperoni! And since Monday is Martin Luther King Junior Day… well, just figure it out for yourself!

Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you get it! 😀 XD


And for the Bonus picture…. “Anything that makes me happy”…

So here is my darling little Chubster!


And some of you people that are helping Team Owl needs the push might not like me for this….but I’m donating my points to……



…. Team Rabbit!

Almost everyone I’ve seen so far has given points to Team Owl – which is super great! – but I think Team Rabbit deserves points too! As for Team Bear… well, I’ll just not mention that… Y’all are doing good though – really good!

Good job everybody with BIBPC! If you’re not in BIBPC, head over to Megan’s post tomorrow and check out the teams and pictures!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know which picture you liked better!


STAY TUNED FOR CATEGORY #7… what WILL it be!!!???

Adios, amigos!


BIBPC Team Fox Category #4 + more

MERRY CHRISTMAS, guys and gals! Good to be back with you all again! I hope you’re having a blessed Christmas day and a good time with your families!

SO, FOR THIS CATEGORY, the theme is … *drumroll please*


SO, I had only a few days to get this pic before I leave on a mission trip, but here is what I came up with!

K.A Team Fox Category 4.JPG

Hopefully you find this cute as I did, and not gross because of the milk and… *ahem* slobber…. XD This is the darling little calf again! BTW, it does not yet have a name…although some people want to call it Biscuit… (BUT NOT ME) SO, please PLEASE help me out and give GOOD NAME SUGGESTIONS for it in the comments below! Thanks!

ALSO, the collaboration Blog I am part of (YLFC) is coming up on its two-year blogiversary!!!! So there is going to be some FUN stuff coming up in the next couple months for that! Head on over and check it out!

Thanks, people!

Fun fact: I was looking through my comments and posts and I HAVE BEEN BLOGGING OVER FOUR YEARS!!! Can you believe that? That is crazy! At least… it is to me! Thanks so much for following me in my craziness of blogging! Here are some *painful* snippets from my first ever post, Welcome, published September 23, 2014!

Hi, I’m K.A. and I’m going to tell you what I know about Horses,dogs, Fish,chickens, and Hermit crabs! I hope that by Cuddly critters you can get to know Gadget, Aggie, Fred, Derf, Crabby, Hermy, Nifel, Snipe, Ostrich, Tiker, Chubster, Cutie,  Bobbie, Sammie,Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Bibbles, and Stuart as well as I do. Well, lets get started!

Not HORRIBLE so far… I read this a couple days ago and my first thought was “Who are Bibbles and Stuart???” After a few more moments of reading I saw that I had two goldfish at that time and was like “OH, I forgot I had goldfish named that!”

Haha!!! Anyways… here’s a bit more…

Recently we have gotten a Rosetta Stone thing and are learning Spanish! I really like it. Los hombres cocinan arroz. The men are cooking rice!!!

I can’t wait to see my Gadget again. He is out to pasture right now. I am missing him alot. But I should be able to see him soon. I really love that big four year old.

If you want to see a youtube of a Hermit Crab eating, search this!


1, why am I trying to show off my spanish skills, and 2, what is up with the short jumpy sentences? And… Really? A YouTube video link?? What? RANDOM….

All in all, for a ten year old I guess it could have been worse! XD

You’ve probably seen enough cringiness to last you for a while, so I’ll end with a cute picture of my Meow and then leave you to your Christmas evening!


Goodnight, y’all!


BIBPC #3- Team Fox


So for this category, the… category… was Tradition! And decorating cookies during Christmas time may or may not have been a common idea during this category, but it is indeed a tradition!

So, here is my picture!

K.A team fox-category #3.JPG

Today we decorated over 70 cookies!!!! We are planning on going caroling soon, and what better thing to give away to people than cookies! I hope you like this picture! And just so you know, the polar bear cookie on the left was one I did! XD Haha!!!

Have a good night, y’all!

Also, don’t forget to head over to Megan’s blog and nominate bloggers/posts and donkeys for the Best of 2018!!!

Adios, amigos!


BIBPC #2 – Team Fox

Hey all! I hope you enjoy this picture! I would love to say more and show more pics, but I can only show two because I have an hour to turn in this picture before the contest! Thanks Megan for dealing with my tardiness! XD

Here is the picture that took over three hours to get! 😀

So in case you don’t know the category, or want to know how it fits in, it had to have words:

Candle, Chesnuts, Celebrate, Chill, Celebrate, Carols, Candy Canes!

So in the picture, Sully is literally the defenition of Chill, and here he is, chillin in the “chill”y weather and so…. chill? And then there are candles next to him, and a rawhide candy cane, and lights plus reindeer antlers equal celebrate (?) and then the picture is on a card and the “carol” beneath it mentions chesnuts AND carols…..?

And I am on Team Fox!


K.A team fox category #2 BIBPC.JPG

Just so you know, this is NOT an old card! This picture was taken this morning!!! Here is the picture I took without the card!


Thanks guys! I hope you like the picture! ENJOY YOUR WEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Photos ‘Round the Farm + BIBPC

Hey everyone!!!! I am so sorry that this blog has been abandoned so much lately! *sighs* I’ve been meaning to make a post soon but… I’ve been too lazy about it! I know you probably don’t care too much to hear about how much I miss you all and how my life has been, so let’s get on to the fun pictures!!!! Honestly, a LOT has probably changed since I’ve last posted on here, especially since I last posted pictures…but we still have many of our same animals! Also, if you don’t know what BIBPC is, visit THIS POST!

I’ll start with the BIBPC photo for category #1: Cozy:

(while you’re at it, give a cheer for team FOX!!! WHOOO!!)

K.A Team Fox Category #1.JPG

That is darling Guiney-bear! I don’t know how many of you remember her, but this is my sister’s gorgeous and very fluffy (aka cozy) Aussie!

Now if you notice the title does not only say pictures of Guiney for BIBPC, but Photos round the farm!!!! So, without further ado, into the “photos”!

First are the rest of the pics of Guiney!

guiney (2).JPGMJ2_4999.JPGMJ2_4964.JPG

Next is pictures of Scout! Taken this morning! He is SUCH a great model! 🙂 Haha! Honestly, he did really good with me taking pictures of him!



This one is definitely my favorite!!! I love how half of him just disappears into the black and the other part is lit up by the sun! That is one handsome dude!

Next is pictures of Junior! He is such a handsome and cuddly bull!



And, Junior’s newest release! XD haha!



Then there is the darling little baby deer! No, it is actually a calf…but please tell me that you also think it looks like a deer? I think it does!

Next is my fluzzy little Meow!!!


And lastly, the best couple pictures of them all that I took last night!



Cattle dog, boots, hat, saddle and blanket… and I am proud to say that those are my boots, my saddle AND my hat! Frog is SO good with all of that! Such a good ol’ boy!

Hey guys, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out that post on Megan’s blog! Are you participating in BIBPC? If so, let me know down below! Thanks so much guys! Talk to you soon! Please let me know which pic was your favorite!



Calling All The World Changers!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in forever, but if you could please do me a HUGE favor and read the below post written by Eleanor, I would greatly appreciate it! And after reading it, if you feel as motivated as I did after reading it, check out the AMAZING NEW blog: to figure out how you can help change lives! Enjoy the post below guys!

Young Ladies for Christ

calling-all-the-world-changersI live in a world where every 40 seconds, somebody takes their own life.

I live in a world where there have been 154 mass shootings this year, so far.

I live in a world where every hour, at least two people hear the words “you have cancer”.

I live in a world where 50 unborn children die every hour from abortion.

I live in a world where 160,000 teens skip school every day due to bullying.

I live in a world where there are nearly 210 million orphans waiting for a home.

I live in a world where 350 million people are fighting depression.

I live in a world where it’s normal to see another murder on the news.

I live in a world where 1.6 million people go into hospice in America every year.

I live in a world where $276 billion dollars is spent on drugs and…

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