BIBPC – Category #7 – Invincible

Hey’all! (see what I did there?) XD

Good to be back with you guys and gals again! So, I know I cut it really close again with this, but my picture IS HERE! YAY! So this is the LAST *sighs and sniffs* category for BIBPC! I honestly have mixed feelings over this…because I’m sad it’s over, but I’m also slightly relieved that I’m not like having to run around on the last day to turn it in yelling “I FORGOT I FORGOT” and counting down how long I have til midnight… because – let’s face it – I’m a forgetful person.


Even though (thank you Megan) I always HAVE plenty of time to post it… I usually (actually, always) waited until the last second to take one though… sooo… yeah. I’ll stop making excuses now. XD Haha!

ANYWAYS, it will also be less of a burden now for Megan! Megan, you will no longer *until the next BIBPC* have to deal with my “five minutes from due date” picture entries! Haha!

Alas though, I did get a picture for the following category of…

Oh wait… it’s in the title isn’t it…

Yeah, as you probably already read- Category #7 is INVINCIBLE!!!


So my thoughts are, God and the Bible are both invincible! And so is light! ESPECIALLY God’s light!

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
So I took a picture of light next to God’s word showing that God, light, the Bible, and God’s light are incomprehensible, therefore they are also invincible.
I hope you enjoyed!
Sadly, I didn’t really have time to make a poster, so I will not be turning one in for bonus points. Sorry… Good job, Team Fox! Y’all did a good job!
Farewell to BIBPC … FOR NOW… *wiggles eyebrows* *evil grin*
And farewell and goodnight to you all as well!
Now I have a couple pages of words to write up, a blog to comment on, and a future blog post for YLFC to write!



BIBPC Category #6 – Epiphany + Bonus Pic

Hey everybody!!! It is once again time for BIBPC!!!!!

So sadly, all week I had NO epiphany over what to do for a picture!! BUT finally tonight I dreamed something up! Quite literally… Haha, take a look:

For Category #6-Epiphany-Team Fox…

*drumroll please*


The Epiphany of the Pineapple and the Pepperoni! And since Monday is Martin Luther King Junior Day… well, just figure it out for yourself!

Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you get it! πŸ˜€ XD


And for the Bonus picture…. “Anything that makes me happy”…

So here is my darling little Chubster!


And some of you people that are helping Team Owl needs the push might not like me for this….but I’m donating my points to……



…. Team Rabbit!

Almost everyone I’ve seen so far has given points to Team Owl – which is super great! – but I think Team Rabbit deserves points too! As for Team Bear… well, I’ll just not mention that… Y’all are doing good though – really good!

Good job everybody with BIBPC! If you’re not in BIBPC, head over to Megan’s post tomorrow and check out the teams and pictures!!

Thanks for reading! Let me know which picture you liked better!


STAY TUNED FOR CATEGORY #7… what WILL it be!!!???

Adios, amigos!