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 : โ€œCome closer,โ€ she whispered. โ€œThe butterflies have all manner of things to show youโ€ฆโ€:


Smile is the AAWC word prompt

 : .: #writing #prompt: Writing prompt:  :  :


She pulled herself onto the sunny bank, next to the pond. She felt anything but sunny now. Marie was 16, but had no parents or siblings. She pulled her knees up next to her body and thought for a moment. Then decided what to do. Now she had no doubt in her mind that this wasn’t the right decision. This would be the day.

She trudged to the little hunting cabin the the woods and had to smile as she caught the good smell that hung in the air. “aaaahhhh” She sighed. Marie tapped on the door and then waited. Albert opened the door and smiled when he saw it was her.

“Hey, Marie! What are you doing here?” He asked. She shut the door behind her and looked at him grimly. He was a big kid, 18 years old, and knew how to handle the sword. He wore a scabbard on his right hip (he was left-handed) and tall boots. His dark brown hair flopped on his forehead as he looked around. Then his smile disappeared as he saw her frown. He ushered her into the living room and they sat down.

“Hey, Jonny!!” Marie called to the Siberian Husky that waddled toward her. She pet him, and he licked her. Finally she put up her hand. “yeah, yeah, it’s nice to see you too, buddy.” She grinned and he licked her again. Then she turned her gaze back to Albert and clenched her fists in and out, trying to decide how to tell him. She had never told him of this land before, and she had known Albert for nearly 2 1/2 years! She decided the best way was to show him. She took a deep breath.

“Albert…can you come with me somewhere? I have something I…need your help with.” Marie told him, choosing her words carefully.

His face immediately lit up. “Why sure! I thought you were going to ask me on some dangerous mission or some-” She held up her hand to stop him and headed out the door. “She never listens, does she!?” He said angrily to his dog. She wagged her tail. Neither do I. she seemed to say. He scowled.

“Oh…a pond…how … nice!” He said, lifting an eyebrow. Marie rolled her eyes. She knew that this would be the hardest part of it all.

“Get in.” She commanded. Albert looked at her as if she was crazy, cause he thought she was.

“What?! No wa-” But he got no further. Marie pushed him into the water and then jumped in behind. Then she swam down under the small bank and got a breath there. After a bit, Albert joined her. “WHY’D YOU DO THAT!??” He yelled angrily. She put her finger to her mouth and dove under again. It was dark up there, and he didn’t know what else to do, so Albert followed her. She saw the ‘side’ of the bank, and waited until Albert was there, then grabbed his collar and pushed him through. She went after him.


They were both in an actual place now, out of the water. It looked like a cave, but you could tell there was an opening somewhere else. There was a jello seeming substance that looked more like glass, but was really the water. Marie and Albert stood up and were both very dry. Albert looked scared to death, just like Marie had assumed he would be. But he nearly screamed when something else came jumping out of the ‘jello’ and into his arms. It knocked him over and he quickly dropped it, then realized with joy that it was Jonny. “Hey, I thought I told you to stay there.” He mumbled to the dog. Then he hopped up and jogged to catch up with Marie, who was already 10 feet into the cave…or whatever it was.

They got to the end, and Marie stepped out, onto the paved path. About half way down was a sign that said: “here be faeries”


Albert and Jonny looked around cautiously, not even sure where they were.ย  Then they got to Another cave. But at the entrance, was a giant winged creature, who had much of the resemblance to an eagle. Albert loosened his sword in his scabbard and glanced at Jonny. She put her ears back though, and walked right to them, wagging her tail in pleasure. That really confused Albert, and he turned his eyes to Marie. She walked to one of the ‘Ferrymen’ and whispered something to him. Albert gasped in surprise when one of them took off the disguise of a bird, and was actually a human, like himself, only smaller built.

“Hello! My name Arlen” The man said, putting his small hand out to the – what seemed to him – Giant. Albert shook it reluctantly and said, “I’m Albert, Knight of the King.” Arlen recoiled with surprise at that and spat a few incoherent words at him. Marie went over to him and said something in a different language. Albert frowned, he didn’t know she knew another language. Little did he know all that he was about to find out that he had never known before about Marie. He looked toward Arlen and Marie, and a saw a look of understanding sweep over his face. “I am sorry, sir. Lady Talani has told me that you come to help us fight the beast..?” He said. Meanwhile the other ferryman was petting happily on Jonny, for he had never seen such a creature.

“Beast…what beast? And who is this Talani character?” He asked, getting more confused by the moment. Arlen recoiled in anger once more but struggled to keep from showing it.

“That’s LADY Talani, and she is the Queen of Karel!” He said, pointing to Marie. Albert looked at her. She shrugged guiltily.

“Arlen, can we have a moment?” She asked, putting her hand on the smaller man’s shoulder.

“Of course, your majesty.” He said, with a bow. Then glared at Albert as he snorted with laughter.

“Who do they think they ARE calling you ‘Lady Tailni, and majesty.'” He asked when they were out of hearing range. Marie glared at him, wishing she knew a way to show him for sure.

“It’s Lady Talani, and the reason they call me that…is because I AM the Queen of Karel. And all of the Karelans know that. Look, it doesn’t matter necessarily who I am…they need you. And YOU are going to be their hero. You AND I.”

Albert looked at her, seeing nothing there that didn’t look like she was absolutely serious. He slowly nodded, and she smiled, relieved.
“Buut…what do I do for them? I mean…” He trailed off.

Marie held up her hand. “If you haven’t already figured out, Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds, guarded by creatures called The Ferrymen.”

#writing #prompt:

She indicated the two men hovered by the cave entrance, still petting on Jonny. Marie swiped a stray piece of blond hair out of her eyes, then continued. “There are beasts that come out at exactly 5:32 every single night. We need you to get,” she paused, gesturing to his scabbard and sword, “them for us. There is one that is giant. It’s so tall you can’t see it’s head. It is cunning, it is brave, it is brutal, it is relentless…and it is hunting us. Can you help…please.”


Albert shifted from foot to foot and finally looked up. He nodded slowly. “You have to help me though.” He said to Marie. “And…do I have to call Lady.. Talani?” He asked, still not sure whether to believe that she was really a Queen. She shook her head quickly.

“Just call me Marie still. You can call me ‘Your majesty’ though…or else you might get stabbed with a sword.” She laughed as she said the last part, but Albert however didn’t see it as that funny.

They walked through the cave, looking around slowly. Marie started to hum a tune quietly and bright blue butterflies came flying out of nowhere. One landed on her hand and another on a leaf beside her. “Hi!” She said gently. One landed on Jonny’s nose and he sneezed, scaring it away.

โ€œCome closer,โ€ she whispered. โ€œThe butterflies have all manner of things to show youโ€ฆโ€:

They made it to the end of the cave and into the village. Murmurs swept through the crowd as they saw the Queen with this ‘handsome’ young man, who looked cunning and brave with his shiny sword.

It was now 5:31, and everyone else was in their tents, scared to death. Mothers cuddled their children, and Fathers had come home early from the fields. Albert looked at the moon and decided that it was about time, when a blasting loud snarl came out of nowhere. He looked around and his eye caught sight of a giant huuuuge dragon, chasing a not-so-big, other dragon. They were just a blur, so it was pretty hard to see them. Tonight he would just watch them, but the next night, he would hunt them. The huge monsters all the sudden changed direction all the sudden, heading straight for something hiding behind a tree.


With horror, Albert realized that that ‘something’ was Marie! She ran down a long path and found herself by a bunch of gravestones. .:

She didn’t think the monsters were behind her anymore, so she stopped to inspect some of the graves. Behind one of them, was a box. On it it said, “BAD MEMORIES. DO NOT OPEN” She heard footsteps behind her and turned her head around to see who it was. It was Albert. He ran up to her, breathing hard. He also looked at the box, then opened it slowly.

Writing prompt:

There were a lot of pictures of people inside. On the back it had how old each of them had been. And when they had died. In the bottom of the box, was written: Beware the monsters. For they will surely hunt you down and find you. Never near these beasts, for you cannot make it out alive. It was signed, with a J…and there was a J on the gravestone that they sat by. Marie opened her eyes wide in horror and looked at Albert. He looked back. Marie realized what would happen, and also realized another thing: she needed a hero. So that’s what she would become.


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