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Today we watched around 2 hours of a documentary about the Dust Bowl. It was crazy. And terrible. Awful things happened. I feel SO blessed that I wasn’t born in that time of history. In one of the years when the dust was blowing, they said that there were only 13- THIRTEEN- days when there WASN’T a duster!!! That’s awful!!! It killed all the cattle. The men would put cows and calves in ditches and shoot them, so that they could at least get money from the government. The fences were so built up with dirt, dust, and sand, that you could walk straight over them, and all the horses and cattle walked away. Worst of all, people, TONS of people died. Suffocated. Even some of the doctor’s family died! One guy talked about how his only sister, who they had wanted to have for so long and then finally did, died from the dust. Kids would wake up with dust all over their covers, and the only spot not dusty on their pillows was where their head was. The clouds would come rolling in, and it would get so black, that they couldn’t see their hands in front of their face…in mid day, it got as black as midnight. One day, called Black Sunday, the skies started out beautiful and blue. No dust storms today, they all thought. They opened the windows too. But then a huge black cloud of dust came rolling in, one mile high, and nearly 200 miles wide. It got completely black. Multiple people just KNEW the world was ending. Christians were saying that this was it, this was the ‘end of the world’!! The people that opened windows had dust in their houses, and had to dig with a shovel to open their screen door… All in all, things were awful. I thought a little story might help to see what it would have been like more clearly. Look, I’ve NEVER EVER experienced anything AT ALL like this, so my story will most likely not be whatsoever like it. But I hope it’ll sum up some of how awful it was.


“Kira! Kira come in the house, quickly now!” Trent called urgently to his 6 year old sister, his hair flopping crazily in the blowing wind. The dust was rolling in, and his dad was still out in the fields.

“I’m coming, Tren. The ground..” He couldn’t hear the rest over the howling wind, but he got the just of what she was saying. She neared the door and he pulled her quickly inside.

“Trent, can you get some cloths wet? I need to put some in the cracks here!” Shana, his older sister, who was 17 called. Trent was 15. He had blonde longish hair, that came right to his brown eyes.

“Sure. I need to get Beth and Kira down to the cellar first, though. Is Sam still in the shop?” He wrapped Kira in a blanket and headed toward the cellar. Then directed her down the stairs and turned around for an answer. He saw Shana’s head peek around the edge of the kitchen wall.

“That’s fine, fine. Yes, I believe Sam is still down there! He was working on-” She looked around to make sure no one was listening, “- a present for mother. Could you get me the cloths, then go looking for him!” She wiped dust off her apron and washed some dishes, being careful not to get too much dust on them.

Trent headed to his mother’s room where they kept the cloths, and got some wet. Then brought them in and set them on the table. He looked for Beth and saw she was already headed toward the stairs.

“Thanks.” Shana said quickly without looking away. Trent headed out the door and over to the shop, trying to clear the dust out of his eyes. The wind was blowing hard, and already it was very dark, even though it was only 3:00 in the afternoon. He opened the shop door, and called for Sam.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” He heard the answering reply from the 10 year old. Trent smiled and they made their way back to the house, covering their heads with grain sacks. They quickly opened the house door and slipped in, some of the dust swirling inside behind them.

“For petty sake, shut the door!! You don’t want that storm coming straight into the house now do you!?” Their mother said, coming into the room with a rag tied around her mouth. “What are you doing without your masks on!! You know you could get dust in you!!! Please be more considerate, boys.” she continued, feeling worried for her two sons.

Kira walked into the room, curling her blond hair on her finger.
“Kira, I thought I told you to go to the cellar.” Trent said, folding his arms. Sam looked from Trent-the determined 15 year old, to Kira-the determined 6 year old.

“The storm’s not that bad.” Mother cut in, knowing that all of them were short tempered at times like this, and not wanting things to get worse. “We can stay up here and eat supper. Kira, can you set the table?” Just then Beth came wondering in the room again and Trent rolled his eyes. “No one listens to me!” he muttered, upturning his palms slightly. Beth walked to him her arms raised, and he picked her up.

Kira got the dishes out and put them, upside down, on the table, so that the dust wouldn’t get in them. Baby Tommy was crying as mother gently bounced him, and the wind still howled frighteningly outside.

They were all seated at the table now, eating their cold soup, the dust still coming in through the cracks. Shana sat across from baby Tommy, feeding him with a spoon. A word of disgust came from Beth and Sam, sitting next to each other on a bench. It roused Trent from his dozing and he glared angrily at them. They did it again, and he looked more closely to see that they were messing with something in their soup.

“mooooom!” Sam complained noisily. “There’s dirt in my soup!”

“Mine soup too.” Beth said.

“Mine too.” Kira echoed.

“Just deal with it, alright!! We ALL have dirt in our soup, and are WE complaining about it!?” Shana started angrily, then added, “No!” Kira’s glance fell back to her soup and she started eating.

“Shana, dear. None of us are happy about this, but they’re only children, take it easy on them! They do as many chores as us, do you think that’s easy for them??” Her mother whispered gently. Shana tilted her head.

“No, I suppose I was being too harsh.” She told mother, then made her voice higher. “I’m sorry Sam, Beth, and Kira. I’m just not happy with this stuff either.”Ā  Her sisters nodded. She looked at Sam.

“It’s alright, Shan, we understand.” He told her, then they all started eating their soup again. The door was rattling and the dust was blowing in through more cracks. Trent was the first to finish, so he got more rags and put them in other cracks, finding that the ones he had put- not five minutes ago- were already caked with mud and dirt. He glanced toward the door as he heard it open and saw his dad come in.

“Dad! You’re home!!” He exclaimed, grinning.

“Daddy!” Little Beth yelled, turning around in her chair and gripping the back part. “You home now.” She smiled, showing the gap in her teeth. Their dad smiled, it always cheered him up to see them.

“Hey daddy. Did you see the dust storm?” Kira asked, her freckled face crinkling up in disgust.

“Dust storm! What dust storm!! I didn’t see anything!” He joked, wide eyed.

“You didn’t see it daddy? It was right there, right there and then, then, then it came and, and…” Beth started, her voice rising in a high pitched tone.

“I was only joking.” He told her with a wink. “I need to wash up, then can I have some of that delicious soup that Shana made?!” He asked with pleasure.

“How’d you know that I made it, and not mother?” Shana asked, curious what his answer might be.

“Cause it looked so good, I thought it had to be yours.” He flashed a grin at his wife.

“Hey!” She said, smiling back. “Mine’s …sometimes good!” He always put a lighter mood to things. She stood up and wiped the dust off of him, then gave him a hug.

“Can you believe all the dust out there, dad?” Trent said later, now sitting on the wicker couch in the family room.

His dad shook his head. “It’s crazy alright. It’s crazy. The crops are doing bad son…very bad. I need help harvesting, will you be able to help?” He asked, pursing his lips.

“Me?” Trent replied with surprise.

His dad looked him in the eyes, and was very proud of everything he saw there. He slowly nodded, and Trent squinted, as if in thought. Then he rubbed his chin. Thinking more about it, he slowly replied. “Well…I would like to. I think it would be great. I can do it tomorrow..but, just like that, you want me to help?” He asked, confused why his dad wanted him now. But his dad’s next words put a flicker of doubt in him about it.

“Well, there’s one …minor problem.” He took a deep breath. “I have to ask your mother.”

Trent could see the problem easily. He formed a silent ‘Oh’ with his mouth. “But really, what could she say!?” He said, not meaning it at all.

“Absolutely NOT!! He can’t just go out there, in all that dust!!!” Their mother replied. Trent rolled his eyes.

“But mom! Dad needs me! Please!! I’ll be careful. And I’ll even wear that awful…” He hesitated, and made a disgusted gesture with his hands, “Thing!”

“I need his help, dear! No one else can help…he’s the only one. I’ll make sure he stays OK, just please, let him go out. Please.” His dad asked, grabbing his wife’s hand.

She clenched her teeth. “I just don’t want him getting dust in his lungs. You know……” She paused, tilting her head dismissively. “I just don’t want that to happen to him. I only have one Trent.” She nodded. “But…yes, I see the point. And as long as he makes sure” she emphasized, saying it louder to make sure Trent knew she was talking to him, “That he takes care of himself! Ok? Ok! Now let’s get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.” Trent nodded hurriedly and headed to his room.

The next morning he was up early, ready for the day. It was another dusty day, and the clouds were rolling in. He put on a long sleeved shirt and overalls. Then slipped his cap on. He didn’t like the overalls one bit, but knew they were his only option. He headed downstairs, slipping his hands in his pockets. He jumped when he heard his mother’s hurried voice.

“Here’s a sandwich, and here is a drink. Don’t forget to drink enough water, you hear?” She said.

“Yes ma’am.” He said quickly.

“Trent.” She said, grabbing his shoulders and getting on tiptoes to be at eye level. “You be careful. Please. I need you, and you can’t go getting yourself sick!” She nodded defiantly and gave him a hug. Then slapped him on the back. “Now get moving!” She smiled and took a deep breath, heading back into the Family room to resume cleaning the dirt off an age old painting of an eagle. It reminded her of Trent somehow. How even when it (or he) got dusty and dirty (literally), he kept on ‘flying’, without complaint. She loved her son so much.

Trent headed out the door, slipping on his mask that was ever so uncomfortable. The dust was gathered around and he could barely see the shapes of cows in the pasture. There was huge mounds of dust everywhere, and all of the tractors were covered nearly half down in dust. The barn was covered enough that you could crawl onto the roof, using the sand and dust as a ladder. Every now and then, the dust would fade into a light hays, and then cloud up again. He headed over to the barn where his dad was standing, propped up by the shovel.

“Trent, grab that other shovel and help me un-bury the tractors.” He headed into the barn and grabbed a shovel nearest to the gait, petting their dog, Jolt, on the head. The dog was tied up during the dust storms and stood patiently in it’s pen, whining when anyone walked by. “Good boy.” Trent murmured.

They had it almost all the way uncovered when the dust started coming harder, and closing in around them. But they got it and the others uncovered, and started one up, driving it to the field to start cutting the corn. By the end of the day, both of them were coughing a bit and sneezing. There was nothing for the cattle to eat, so they had burned the thistles off of cactus and feed them that. They were worn out by the end of the day, and as soon as- or before- Trent hit the pillow, he was asleep. Work was rough. He dreamed about it getting better, the skies clearing, and the rain pouring to relieve them of this awful drought. He woke up briefly in the night, and thought, I wonder, I wonder,Ā  if someday it will be all better, and there will be no more dusters or droughts. Then fell asleep again and slept peacefully that night, with Beth tucked up under his arm.


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She knelt on the sidewalk, not sure where life would take her, now that her home was destroyed.

Tears streamed down her face. She was here, in Arlek, all by herself. As far as she knew, only the monsters -Dragons- lived here. She stood up, knowing that crying would do her no good and sniffed. Telene was 14 years old, and had been born in Arlek. The sky was dark, and she ran toward another fallen down building, as the rain began to poor down on her red hair. She opened the door that was only attached by one hinge, and entered cautiously. She heard footsteps and froze.

It is a dragon? Or a haunted house??Ā  She wondered, her eyes darting from one dark corner to the next, without her head moving. She thought she saw something in a far corner and gasped. A girl walked out of the corner, a sword in her left hand.

“H-how did you find this p-place?” She asked, apparently as frightened as Telene.

“I was looking for cover from the rain.” She said, doubtful now that it would keep our the rain. She glanced to where the rain had come through the ceiling. “What’s your name?” She asked the blonde that had now set the sword on the table.

“My name is Keila. I came here to see my brother, but I can’t find him…and everything is destroyed. Did you just get here too? I hear there are monsters on the island, is that true? I hear they’re vicious, is THAT true??” She spoke quickly, not giving Telene time to answer.

“Yes, the town was destroyed, no I’ve been here for years. There…are supposedly monsters on the island, but I’ve never ever seen one, and I’ve been here for 14 years. …I don’t know if they’re vicious, since I’ve never even seen one. I can help you find your brother if you’d like!” She offered the last more for herself to have company rather than to be nice.

“Sure! But first I have to put my hair up.” Keila pulled her hair back and walked to a mirror in the room. It was very short, and she had to lean down to look into it. Telene walked toward her and also leaned down to see in the mirror, but it was skinny too. She bumped Keila on accident, and she fell against the mirror. Or at least, she should have. But instead she just…vanished. Telene gasped in horror! “Keila..??? Keila!?! Where….where are you?” She said, her voice just a croak now. She inspected the mirror more closely, then all the sudden was pulled through by a large hand! Wait, through? Not into? That’s weird, She thought. She woke up on a side walk, or road, with glass scattered around her. This was really strange. Then she heard an excited whooooo! come from somewhere to her left and gently stood up, checking to make sure she was still intact.


She walked to a gate she saw and banged against it. “Hello? Is someone here?” She called rather quietly, not wanted to upset anyone who might have been there.

“Who are you!? Why are you here!!!?” A gruff voice asked. She spun around and saw a weird looking fuzzy creature crawl out of a tree. It looked like a ferrytale. (xD) The creature was actually just a man with a deer skin over him. Or at least, it appeared to be a deer skin. THe man was shorter than her, but had long arms. “I…I’m Telene. I’m not sure why I’m here.” She said shakily. It’s cold in… She started thinking, then realized she didn’t even know where she really was. She didn’t think she was still in Arlek.
“Come with me!! I don’t do stuff with trespassers!” He huffed, grabbing her arm tightly.

“No! Please let me go! I want to go back to Arlek!” She yelled desperately. Truthfully, she didn’t really want to go to Arlek again, but she wanted to be anywhere but here. Why ever she said it, it got the man’s attention.

“Arlek?” He asked, surprised. She nodded quickly, then slowed the movement, thinking maybe telling him that’s where she came from was a bad idea.

“Telene!! Telene, it’s me, Keila!!” She heard a voice yell. She spun around again.

“Keila!! Where are we!!??” She asked quickly, glancing behind her to make sure the man wasn’t any closer.

Keila looked confused, “I don’t know. But guess what! I found my brother!! He lives here!!” She exclaimed, her face lighting up with joy. She stepped aside to show a boy a few years older than herself. He had floppy blond hair, and looked much like her.

“Hi. I’m Taniel. But everyone calls me Tani” He said, shaking her hand. He had a crooked grin, and thick eyebrows. You were wondering how you got here? And where this is? Well, this is Jalenule. And you got here..cause I pulled you through! Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds guarded by creatures called Ferrymen.” He told her.

#writing #prompt:

“This-” He explained further, motioning to the man who had stopped her earlier. “is A ferry man called Itak. Itak, this is….Telene, Telene, Itak!” He said excitedly. “And this is my sister-” He continued, giving Keila a sideways hug, “Keila!”

“How’s Ula doing these days?! Have you kept her good and fed?!” Keila asked happily. Telene’s eyebrows narrowed.

“Who is Ula? Keila, have you been her before!?” She asked, wishing that she just knew what was going on more.

“Yeah! I didn’t mention that? Yes, I sort of live here. Ula is my pet dragon!!” She smiled widely.

“But you were wondering if there were ‘vicious beasts’ and ‘monsters’ on the island! How could you…” Telene made an uncertain gesture with her hand at the end of the sentence.

“I didn’t want you to know about it. Not until I knew it was safe. And I didn’t think Tani would still be here.” Keila explained, getting impatient to go see Ula.

“Oh, and Ula is fine! She’s been doin’ real good lately!” Tani told Keila. Then he whistled loudly. Two dragons flew in from the forest and down to where they stood. Telene tensed up and took a few paces back. But Keila’s voice encouraged her. “It’s alright! They won’t hurt you! Just go pet on ’em. They’re nice.”

She had been there for about a week and was getting pretty used to things. There was nothing left in Arlek for her, so she had just stayed in Jalenule. She sat on a tree trunk bridge, reading a boring book. All the sudden she felt a warm breath on the back of her neck. “Ula, is that you? You silly girl.” She turned around slightly and saw that it was Ula and another Dragon. “who is this with you, Ula? A friend.” The other dragon had long curly things on the back of its neck and was a dark brown and white color. Ula moved out of the way and Telene turned completely around to face the dragon. “Hi.” She asked and said at the same time. It sniffed her fingers then sneezed. She giggled, thinking it was funny that dragons would sneeze. It sat down and stared enthusiastically at her. Then it scooted closer as she started to read her book, and she raised an eyebrow at it. It hurredly looked away, then sneaked another look at her book when she looked toward it. This went of for a while until the dragon fell asleep.

“I think I’ll name you Joli.” She said, quietly stroking it. She was going to like living here. She just knew it.



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