CWWC! And some more news.

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Oh, you want to know which one? It’s the one about the dust bowl times. Haven’t read it? Well stop complaining about it! It’s the link right up THERE!!! XD πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› Haha!!! *Sticks tongue out in an un-lady like fashion.* πŸ˜› Hehe.. I mean…*clears throat* Well…let’s just get on with this…I’m going to go ahead and name it…if I can think of one… :/ 😐 Hmmm… πŸ˜€ :O :! AHHAH! No. Ummm…YEAH! No. Ugh. How about, the dust wiped away..? Or the years go by..wait, that was the name of a story I wrote long ago. XD πŸ˜› Let’s seeeeeee…… AAA!!!! OOF! XD πŸ˜›

Maybe I should find some music for inspiration..? XD Noooo, come ON, PERSON!!!!! XD Yes, I say that too much now! πŸ˜›Β  πŸ™‚


The Dusty Years.

Part two.

It had been a very dusty, windy day that day, and Trent was so tired he felt like he could barely walk inside. He walked into the kitchen and sat down in a chair.

“Hey Trent. What’s up?” Shana asked, putting cloths up in the cracks of the door. Then she giggled to herself, seeing that he was already asleep.

“What did-” Beth started, but Shana put a finger to her lips.

“He’s sleeping!” She whispered. Beth’s mouth formed a silent “ooooh”, and they left the room. Just then their dad entered the kitchen and saw that his 15 year old son was asleep on a chair. He shook his head and walked over, picked his son up in his arms, and brought him to his bed. Trent didn’t even stir.

Trent woke up the next morning, coughing. Then he remembered something. He hadn’t worn his dust mask the day before. Fear welled up in him, and the was interrupted by another cough.

Later that day he started having chest pains. He had to leave the supper table when he couldn’t stop coughing. His mom and dad looked at each other with worried expression, both feeling they knew what had happened. Trent’s dad quickly made his way to Trent’s room.

“Have you been feeling bad lately? How long?” He asked his son, who was now on the bed.

“Just this morning.” He replied. His dad noticed sweat dripping down his face and went to feel his forehead. But he didn’t even have to touch it before his hand got burning hot.

“Here, just lay down. I’ll get your mother. We can bring you to the doctor today.” Trent, not feeling like arguing, just lay down.


They had just gotten back from the doctor, and he had told them, that it was true. Trent had dust pneumonia. He told them that it was very likely Trent would die…and that they needed to be ready for that. Trent came home, and went in bed. His mother went to dad and hugged him for a while. Trent was in bed all day. The house was filled with silence. Beth came in the room later and sat on the bed beside him. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it, then lay down beside him on the bed and pulled his arms around her.

Sam came in later and sat in the chair beside the bed. Trent could tell he’d been crying.

“Sam…I need to ask you a favor. I need you to take care of Mom and Shana for me. You know I might… die..”Trent hesitated, not sure what to say next. Sam bit his lip and looked away.Then he looked back.

“Trent…Please don’t die. Please. I love you..and I need you. But..while you’re sick, I’ll take care of them…and if you do…you know what…then I will. I love you.” Sam said, grabbing his brother’s hand. Then Trent drifted off to sleep, missing what Sam did next, putting his head on the bed and crying himself to sleep. Shana came in later and woke him up, then brought him to his bed.

Trent woke up the next day to his mother and father arguing in the living room.

“You let him get sick! YOU TOLD me that you would keep him safe! Now he’ll die because of you!” Trent’s mother started off, angrily. His father gulped.

“I thought, that he was safe… ” He said.

“It’s YOUR fault. IF you had just ha-” She started yelling, but was interrupted by a small voice.

“No.” Trent said, pulling himself up. “It wasn’t his fault. I didn’t wear my mask, even though dad reminded me to. It was my fault. Don’t blame him, ma.” Then Trent made his way back to his room. That evening, Kira came in Trent’s room while he was eating.

“TREN! TRENT!!!” She yelled, running to the side of his bed. He gave her a surprised look, one of the same he had given her the day before when she brought him a snake. “What now?” He mumbled. Maybe it was an eagle or something.

“WE’RE MOVING!!!! TO TEXAS!” She said. That got his attention. Then he started coughing again. It had recently gotten worse, to where it was hard to breathe. Kira quickly ran out of the room and got Shana. She was crying by the time she got there.

“Shana! Trent is coughing again, really bad too!” She sobbed. Shana hurried in and her mother after her. Sam came over and hugged Kira.


Wow! Will he get better? Gotta go! BYYYE!!!


P.S. the other news is that Gadget hurt his foot. :/