AAWC #3 and BIBPC #2

Yikes!! I’m ALMOST late! 😮 I’d better get this WRITTEN!! 🙂


“Isn’t it a great day?!” Toby said, pushing her wet brown hair out of her eyes.

Thacher, her friend, snorted a laugh as the rain fell harder and lightning struck.

“Yea! Just beautiful!” he replied sarcastically. Then shook his head. They were standing by his garage in the rain.

“Wanna go inside?” He asked, trying not to forget his 12 year old manners.

“Not really!” She said, tossing her head to get her hair out of her eyes once more.

“Me either.” He told her. It was still a nice day, even if it was raining. Both of them actually liked the rain. They stood outside for a while longer until Thacher’s mom came out.

“You two are drenched!! Come dry up before supper!” She yelled, a blanket wrapped tightly around her.

“OK, Mrs. Jefferson! We’re coming!” Toby yelled back, shrugging to Thacher. “Oh well.” She said to him, smiling. He smiled back.

Toby was spending the day and part of the night at Thacher’s house. They walked in, then dried off in the laundry room, just drying their clothes. Then they heard a BANG and looked at each other, right before running in the kitchen.

“Aww, MAN!” Toby heard Mrs. Jefferson say, looking at the mess on the floor. Tater tot casserole was EVERYWHERE. Glass was too. “Guys, don’t come in here.” She said, making a shooing motion. “Ugh! It’s EVERYWHERE!!!!! Now my best pan is broken! Well…no use crying over spilled tater tot casserole.” She said, then got a washcloth from the sink.
“Thach, can you get a really old towel?” she asked, calling him by his nickname.


Yeah, I know, it’s short. Sorry!!! I used the ‘broken’ word prompt! 😉 And NOW for the picture!! TA-DA! QUESTION REAL QUICK THOUGH: Should I continue this story? I’d LIKE to…buuut…..??????


Yeah, I know. It’s not that great. BUT LOOK!!! YOU CAN SEE IT’S GUTS!!! Isn’t that SOO cool!?!?  and gross… 😛 I think it’s a neat pic!!

I got this when I was outside, bare footed, playing with a border collie, after a rain! 😉 xD Long sentence, right? 😛  I was down by the road, and saw a worm! And ‘Click’ got a picture of a not-fuzzy animal! 😛 A creepy crawly!!! 😀 xD haha!! I hope you like it!!! 🙂 I love it’s disgusting gross neat guts. Yes, they are rather…weird tooo… :/ OK, so Allison is doing wordcrafters HERE, and Loren is doing CWWC HERE!! 😀 Just NEEDED to tell you that! 😉

Gotta go!! BYYYE!!! 🙂

Chow! ~K.A~
P.S. guess what!? I’m doing FIVE challenge things. :/ YES!!! FIVE! Wordcrafters, CWWC, PTPWC, BIBPC, AND … Uhhh..I forgot the last one. :/ Ummm…Oh yes!!! 😀 AND AAWC!!! So … Wordcrafters, BIBPC, PTPWC,  CWWC, and AAWC!!! Just great !!! xD Don’t see how I’ll have time…oh well! 😉

P.P.S I fed Aggie an orange and she liked it! She’s probably going to do a post sometime on here! 😉 I’m hoping to give her a blueberry tonight! 😉 xD haha!! 😀 I want to know what her favorite fruit is!!! 🙂 xD I know, I’m strange! 🙂