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She sat on the edge of the dock and stared at the ripples in the water, watching the reflections in it. A Lilly pad was on the surface, with the reflection of the clouds and sky beside it. The reflection of a goose in the sky, and an eagle on a branch. The reflection of a duckling, learning how to swim. And the murky reflection of a girl sitting on the dock. It was her. She watched herself and wished that she could be as care-free as she was 5 years ago. She wished that her friends hadn’t moved away. She wished that she didn’t have to worry about all the things in life. She just wished she could relax all day on this dock, with nothing to worry about. She wished they hadn’t left their old church, and that they would not have had to sell their best horse to get money. Then she wished for one thing.. more than all the others…that everything could be like it used to; That they could still go on family vacations, and have fun together… but they couldn’t. They were stuck out in this place in the middle of nowhere (or so it seemed to her), and couldn’t be normal. Then she looked around, and noticed something…something that she hadn’t really noticed before. While she was thinking about all of… this, everything around her was happy!! Birds tweeted, dragon-flies hovered over the lake, a hawk flew overhead. The sun was shining, and the sky was beautiful. And in that moment, she realized, that she had NO right to be sad, no right to be mad at the world, and she was SO blessed! That all of the things she had just thought about not liking…were things that she SHOULD like!! If her friends hadn’t moved away, then they wouldn’t be doing amazing things, and working where God wanted them!! If she just relaxed all day, she wouldn’t have ever realized that God wanted her to see that she needed to be thankful! If they hadn’t of left their old church, they wouldn’t have found their new great friends at the church they went to now. She didn’t see why it could have been good to sell their horse, other than, that they did get money from her. They were where they were, because that’s where God wanted THEM!!! And even though they couldn’t go on Vacations, she realized also that she wanted to stay at her place, and that she could still have fun with her family, and did, and loved where they were, and that they were so blessed that she shouldn’t be complaining. She looked into the water once more and saw more happiness. She saw the eagle, flying overhead, and the hawk was now seated on a branch. A dragon-fly landed on the water top, and as the sun started to set, it made a beautiful color on the water. Ever since then, whenever she saw reflections, of nature and ducks, and beautiful birds, instead of thinking about the things she didn’t like, she thought of how blessed she was, and was thankful. And that’s why, she’s always loved reflections.


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