PTPWC- Challenge Two


I’m not amazing.

I’m not fast, extremely smart, or really good-looking.

I wish I could be better, I wish I was greater.

I just wish I could be someone else.

I wish I could do more.

I wish I had more.

Why can’t I just have something good about me?

There’s nothing on the outside that I can see is good.

I feel empty.

But there is one thing that I’ve forgotten.


God can help me be amazing.

He can make me better, greater.

He created me to be me.

He doesn’t want me to be anyone else.

No, I might not ever be great on the outside, but as long as I keep God in my heart, I’ll stay on the right track.

He can make me better.

He can make me whole.

He has my heart.

And that’s what matters…it doesn’t matter what I think.

I’m His.

I love Him with my whole heart.

As long as I stay who He wants me to be, I can still serve him.

As long as I keep following him when the road gets rough, I’ll always be His Masterpiece.



Thanks so much for reading! I hope it wasn’t too short. :/ πŸ™‚ 😐 πŸ˜€ It was great to write! And no, this isn’t necessarily about me. I mean, every now and then I may feel like this, and it’s true! I am his, and will Always be! And he has my heart. But I don’t (not at the moment at least! ;)) feel depressed, and I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to be amazing, smart, or good-looking to serve God!! πŸ˜€ I can just be me. Now I still serve him, and be a Christian, I just don’t have to be PERFECT to be His. I don’t have to be ABSOLUTELY perfect to make it to heaven. THAT’S what I mean by being me. πŸ™‚Β  I can be His daughter. And I will Always, ALWAYS, be His daughter….no matter what.