Mystery Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Note: This was written on Saturday, yesterday

Okay! I’m doing Mystery pictures again! And I got this Idea from Allison! !!! Thank you Allison!!!

OK!!!!!!!!!! Here we go! oh, and a lot of people unapprove the guesses, but I don’t, because I know how much fun it is for other people to read OTHER people’s guesses! So, just PLEASE make you guesses and comment BEFORE you read ANY of the other comments! DON’T base what you think they are off of other people’s guesses! PLEASE! Okay, these are REALLY easy, and you will PROBABLY guess them ALL! And here are the rules for it, if it’s new to you:


Look at the pictures (duh)

Guess what you think they are in the comments

I will post the answers probably……next… you have three days to see this and guess! XD Now, I will let you proceed to doing the first step! XD













I know a lot of them are blurry, and I’m REALLY sorry about that…if you have tips (other than bring it outside…I tried that one) for me…I would greatly appreciate them!!!! Also, here is my BIBPC photo!


ALSO(are you getting tired of ‘also’s yet?) XD, I wanted to say, that I think it’s wonderful that God gave us birds to listen to…they sing such WONDERFUL, Beautiful songs! Here is a picture I took of a bird *this morning, a cardinal!

082I love taking pictures of birds…I don’t know why! XD Bye, bye!!!