BIBPC photo!!!

Okay, so I’m in the photo contest of Megan’s, and I’m on team Violet (yes, the rest of this post will be in blue! XD ) ANY WAY! Continuing on! Here is my BIBPC (Boring into beautiful Photography contest) picture!

guinz1.jpg I also have a few others that My sister messed with that I wanted to show you!!! This one, for example!






Isn’t that WEIRD!? I have another cool post, that I will post sometime today also hopefully! But I wanted it to be separate from this, so ya! you can look forward to THAT!!!!!!! I hope you liked this!!!!!!!!! I’m excited for the BIBPC contest, it’s already really fun!!!!! Isn’t Guiney SO cute when she’s in the snow?!


I love making things different colors! It will be easiest to read what I just said by highlighting the words!!!