Animal Stories of the past Part 1!

Okay, so this is going to be like a ‘story book’ sort of! I’m gonna tell you a few (notice the ‘part 1′ in the title) stories about the animals that we have/had!!!

Here are the animals’ names that I’m gonna tell you about:

  • Guiney The Australian Shepherd-the Miracle Story
  • Nifel The Barred Rock-The Chick that tweeted to it’s name
  • Mouse The Tabby Cat-the cat that loved goats
  • Gadget The Quarter Horse-The horse that I love so much
  • Frog The Border Collie-The dog who came back
  • Shach The Border Collie-The dog who gives hugs
  • Niño The Quarter horse-The 2nd miracle story

This post is going to have three of those! Starting with, you guessed it, Guiney! Now, I’m sure A lot of you have already read this story many times, but I’m going to tell it to you anyway! XD Note: if you already read this on the post: The Miracle Story of Guiney, then you don’t need to read this, because it’s the exact same! I copied and pasted it! XD 😀

Guiney The Dog

It was New Year’s Eve, 2012. My sister and I had gotten done with dog chores early enough to go sledding in the snow. “Please?” I begged my sister. “I want to go sledding with you on the hill torcher!” My other sister walked up. “Ya, that would be fun! Please?!” she said. “Fine!” my oldest sister said. “YES!” I and my sister yelled. “Hey, we could let Guiney out, to play with, too, since the chickens are in their pens!” My sister, (not the oldest) said, running to the gate of her Aussie’s pen. Guiney was running about in the yard and we were sledding down the hill, having a blast. Guiney whizzed by us and headed toward the grain bin. “Guiney! Come here, girl!” my sister yelled, trying to get her dog to come. But Guiney, wandered further and further away from us, and toward the trap, meant for the creature that had been killing our chicks at the time. The bait drew Guiney closer and closer in, and as she stuck her head in, it snapped around her neck. Me and my sister were at the bottom of the huge hill, screaming for mom and dad. Okay, there’s something you need to know. There is a rule in our family, that you only scream when it’s an EMERGENCY! Not just when you’re playing, like other kids we knew. Okay, back to the story. We were in our coats and coveralls and running was very slow. I and my sister screamed at the top of our lungs for daddy, but they were up at the barn, that was at the top of the hill. They of course had their hoods pulled up and couldn’t hear us very well. My mom thought we were probably playing, but dad knew it was worse. I ran up the hill and yelled, ““Guiney’s head is caught in a trap, she’s going to die, come quick!” My daddy ran down the hill, later we measured his foot prints in the snow and they were all at least 8 feet apart! I sobbed in my mom’s arms and we cried together, I was 8 at the time. Our old horse, Huddy was done eating her grain, and I led her to her pen. As I shut the gate, I leaned on it, feeling as if it was the only thing that would hold me up. “God, please don’t take Guiney, she’s part of the family! I love her…but I know that you love her too, so God, let your will be done, Amen.” I was sobbing at the thought that we might have to have our wonderful New Year’s Eve desserts and movies that night with the thought that our wonderful dog, was never to be seen again. That THIS was how the year would end, with Guiney DYING??? How could THIS be God’s will? I walked sadly to the house knowing that she was most likely already gone. I walked in the house and started taking off my snow gear. When I heard a muffled yell outside…but it wasn’t a sad one. I stepped out the door and looked at mommy, who had called to me. “Guiney’s alive!” she said! “What?” I asked, “Guiney is alive!” She repeated. I looked down the hill and to my great surprise, There down on the hill, wobbled Guiney, the miracle doggie! I don’t think I had ever been so happy to see that fluffy girl. No blood, no scratch, no anything, except for our happiness surrounding that lucky Aussie! No, it was more than luck, much more than luck. It was a Miracle. We later figured out the rest of the story. My oldest sister had gone to Guiney, after her head was in the trap. Guiney had died in her lap. My dad had rushed down and pulled trap off of her neck, which was supposed to be impossible to do. If she had been alive, she would have most likely moved then. She didn’t. There were all of the signs to show that she was definitely dead, but I won’t go into detail. But my dad wasn’t going to give up that easily! He decided to breathe into her nose and work on her heart. Minutes crept by. He kept breathing for her, but her eyes were rolled back, and she should have gulped in air the minute he’d gotten the trap off. He sat her up against his chest and moved her around, hoping to stimulate things. My sisters were standing a little ways away, praying, hoping against hope, and hearing daddy pray out loud in between breathing for Guiney. He was about to call it quits, when Guiney’s eyes moved slightly.
My sisters listened to him pray. Then he got silent, and they knew that it was over. Then they heard him… “Thank you God! Thank you!” What? They wondered. Could it be? Yes, it was DEFINITELY a Miracle. Guiney is still with us to this day. All that has changed about her is that she comes when you call her a little better! 😉 She’d had pups before that happened, so after she died and came back to life, we would say that the pups that she had had before she died, were older than her! 😀 She is a wonderful dog. I’m soooooo glad that God didn’t let our darling Guiney die.

Nifel The Chick

Okay, so Nifel was a chick!(as is says above) So, Nifel wasn’t just some normal chick…yes, I’m saying ‘was’ a lot…that’s because she died 😥 But that’s alright. Anyway…Nifel was a chick that I had along with 3 other chicks of ours! Their names were Snipe, Tiker, and Ostrich! After having some of them, I went down to the chick pen and found a ‘NLF’ No, not like the football league…It stood for newest littlest friend! 😀 Anyway NF-NLF, I thought it was like NFL, Nifel! So, I called her Nifel! I would let my four chicks out together, and Nifel was always the adventurous one! She was little, so when she went out in the tall grass, she was ‘invisible’! Of course, when you’re keeping track of 4 chicks, it’s hard to keep them ALL in sight! So, when she was off where I didn’t know where she was, I would go, “Nifel?!” And she would go “tweet, tweet” until I found her by her tweets! 😀 She would sometimes go under the tractor or swather! And I didn’t mention that she was ADORABLE! She had just a little white under her eyes! I liked her! I could almost always tell her apart from the others! Then one died, and it didn’t look like her…but I think it probably was… :/ But I’m glad I had her to tell about to you! 😀 So…ya, it’s not like amazing or anything…but I thought it was cool that she would tweet until I found her, when I called her name! 😀

Mouse the cat

Okay, so this is a story about a cat that we don’t have anymore either. 😦 But, this IS a funny story! 😀 She was a cat, yes, named Mouse! XD She LOVED playing with the goats! Literally! 😀 I’m not kidding! You wouldn’t see her for a couple days, then one of our goats has a baby, and BAM! I would see her three days in a row up on top of the pen where we were keeping the mama and baby! XD She would play with the baby goats! Then she had three little ADORABLE kittens! 😀 We joked saying, Mouse had mice! 😀 XD We still have one of the kittens, Squeaky Bob! 😀 I’ll put pics up of the animals now!!!! 😀

Okay, you’re right, those last two weren’t amazing…but I think they’re kind of cool!! 😀 Which was your favorite? I like the one about Guiney the best! Well you can look forward to the next 4 now! 😀 Here are pics! (Sorry, I don’t have any of Nifel, or Mouse, just Squeaky bob, mouse’s Kitten!)This first one is of Guiney!

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I hope you liked this post! I enjoyed making it!!! 😀 XD Me and Megan made a coloring contest on Colorful Ideas, My blog that I have with other bloggers, and I would LOVE it if you check it out! CLICK THESE WORDS! We need more people for Team Warbler, and Team Mustang! Bye!!! 😀 Oh, WAIT! Here is my BIBPC photo!

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