Mystery Pictures!

Hey everyone! I’m making it short and sweet, here are the answers:

#1 was a preztel021

#2 was my camera case zipper!023

#3 is a stuffed pet.. thing my felting wool pet!



#4 is a fish eye (lost this pic, you all know what Chubs looks like!!!)

#5 is a brush010

#6 is a Q-tip014

#7 are fingernail clippers 012

#8 is a Guitar head020

#9 is a plugin/outlet thingΒ  016

and #10 is a Horse shoe! 017Hope you liked them!


Your Blogger Buddie,



My newest Poll

Stephanie Johnston gave me the Idea that I should do a poll for names for my Caterpillar! So here it is!Megan came up with one of these and Stephanie a few others and I came up the rest! So take a look! And leave me a comment (you don’t HAVE to) if you voted, saying WHAT you voted for! Here:


Hope you liked it! And again, Please leave a comment!


K.A. 😎