Dog Treats!!!!

A few days ago my sister and my mom got me a dog biscuit recipe book. So….. today I made dog cookies!!!

This recipe is called ‘Paw lick’n Chicken’, but since I put in beef broth and not chicken broth, I call it

‘Paw lick’n Beef ‘ πŸ˜€ Β  πŸ™‚ Β  πŸ˜€Β Β  I wanted to put some videos on, but the blog wouldn’t let me.

Guiney (My sister’s Australian Shepherd.) was begging for more before she even swallowed her biscuit!!!

All the dogs liked the dog treats except one!!Β  Here are some pictures of them:

Grizz liked them!!

Grizz liked them!!



Aggie loved them, once she got the idea that she was supposed to eat them and not bury them. (that’s what she did with the first one!!)


Berny Loved them Too!!!!

Soo… I hope you liked this week’s post from Cuddly Critter’s Blog!!!!



Signing off!


P.S. I want to have a weekly photo every …………….. Tuesday or Saturday!!! I know

that I’m early this week, but this week’s pic is the picture ofΒ  Grizz at the top!!


Hole in hand.

Real quick before we go up to do chores I want to do this post.

Hole in hand:

Step 1:Get a toilet paper roll with no paper on it.

Step 2:Keep both eyes open.

Step 3:Put the empty tube up to your right eye.

Step 4:PutΒ  your left hand on the left side of the roll.

Step 5:adjust it until you see what looks like a big bite taken out of your hand!!!

Its pretty cool. Try it.