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Okay, so on my Crafts post, (If you didn’t see it or want to see it again click THIS) At the end I said to ‘stay tuned’. So here is an otter I made!!!

Here are the instructions and TONS of pictures! A tutorial!!

018.JPGOkay so first draw it out on a piece of paper

019.JPGThen cut it out020.JPGBut when you cut it out, MAKE SURE that it is at least 1/2 an inch bigger than you want it to be when it is done.

021.JPGThen take a permanent marker and trace 2 of them on your fabric. You’ll see that there are 8 legs. This is because there will be 4 legs and you need doubles so that it can beΒ  the right amount of legs! :mrgreen:

022.JPGNext, cut out the pieces of fabric.023.JPGMatch them together and trim off any thing you can to make the legs, head, tail, and body even with the other side of fabric.025.JPG027.JPGThisΒ  is the body! First sew it, leaving aboutΒ  2 inches of space between where you started and are done at.028.JPGThen turn it inside out!029.JPGThen stuff it and sew it up the rest of the way!!! Do the same with all the rest of the body parts!030.JPGDon’t sew the Head up yet! Stuff it and sew it to the body!

032.JPGadd a little detail by adding paws

Now I made some buttons with leather. But you could use regular buttons too. Put one piece of thread through the two button holes and put BOTH threads through the needle. Don’t tie any knots in it! Thread it through the leg body, and other leg and take one thread out of the needle and put the thread (that is still in the needle) through the button and start tying a knot! Make sure it’s tight!!! That way when your done, it can lay, sit and Stand!

Here is the FINISHED (almost) product!Dont forget to add eyes! Then I attached a nose!!!And ears! Very ROUND ears! If you haven’t figured out yet, it is a Prairie Dog!!


And add a little bitty tail! To make it cuter! You don’t HAVE to add the arms and legs like that, but it makes them move!

037.JPGI made him a pom-pom ball!! And a braided collar!

039.JPGOh no! He dropped his ball!

“do not worry! I will pick it up again!” Says peter! That is his name!!040.JPGAnd a bonus pic below!! Him with his blanket!058.JPGThat’s all! Hope you all LOVE this post! Please comment!!!

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