More Updates!!!


And this is our Rooster, Jacob! He is a VERY BEAUTIFUL Boy. Some friends from out of state gave him to us to take care of, and I’m very glad they did! Hopefully someday when they want him back we can return their favor by giving him back, but right now I like to SAY that he is ours!


This is Badger, his Birthday is on May 21, same day as Aggie. His mom is Check and His dad is Nino. (look up ‘boy’ in Spanish!)


This is my AMAZING Huffy bike. And yes that is a broken handlebar brake on the right side.

Oh and today-or last night-Crabby changed shells! He is now in the green one! (and of course he did it right after I updated the “Crab” page!


These are our cows! The one on the far right is Josephine, but we call her Josey. The next one to the left is Gertrude, but we call her Gerty. The next is Ester and we were supposed to call her Essy, but I call her Ester more than Essy. And the one of the far left is Maggie. You can’t see her real well but she is Red with white spots and has a really cute calf that we call Little Bitty, because she’s little!

Sincerely K.A.

My chickens!!!

Hey, everybody! I finally got pictures of my chicks!

This is my darling Weenie!!!


Weenie is my Favorite!!!


Weenie darling

I think Solomon is a Rooster, my sister doesn’t think so. Please leave a comment telling me what you think. Here are the pics!The first ones are of teenie. I have two types of chickens. Speckled Sussex is the Brown ones and the black and white ones are Silver Laced Wyandottes! Teenie and Foof are Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Solomon and Weenie are Speckled Sussex!


This is Teenie


This is also Teenie!



And these two are Solomon!


This is Foof!


AND this is Foof!


Signing off!

Oh, by the way, here is the pic of the week!


Picture of the Week! !POTW!

Picture of the Week!