My Pigs!

Hey guys! This is going to be a short, picture-less post because – after all – it is 9:16 PM and I don’t have a ton of time. I wanted to give you guys and update on my pigs though! 😀 I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted (I’ve been saying that a lot, haven’t I?) but…here I am! 😉 Haha! Well, my pigs are doing GREAT! Hamilton had been a bit cranky, but he’s been better lately! I figured out that I can actually LET THE PIGS OUT OF THEIR PEN, and they won’t run away!!!! They run around and exercise and it’s SO cute! Then if I call them, or shake their food around, they’ll come running back! Or if I run around, they’ll follow me! They can’t go very fast…but they try. 😉 😀 I was sick yesterday, so I wasn’t able to go do their chores, but today, when I let them out, Hammy wouldn’t even go outside until I did! He wanted me to pet on him. It was so sweet! They’re both so cute. And with all the rain recently, Binky is an adorable muddy mess when I go in the pen, because she’s been rooting in the mud. I tend to call them “Hami-ton” (more of a babyish way to say it) and “Binky-Bo” Sooo…yeah! I love them though. Even if Hammy has been kinda…cranky. :/ I’m so very glad I got them! I don’t know if Binky is Pregnant, I’m sure hoping, but like I said, I don’t know. They have gotten multiple new folds of chub (each one that they’re very proud of..) and aren’t QUITE as cute as they were in their younger stages. They’re still quite adorable to me though! You’ll see when I get some pictures up. The computer has been odd lately, so it’s been a few months since I’ve uploaded any new pictures. I guess that’s why having a 64 GB card comes in handy! 🙂 Haha! Anyways, I thought I would tell you about my pigs. They’re doing GREAT, and I love them very much! I can’t WAIT until Binky has her babies! I sure hope I can find good owners for them!!! See you guys later!


I haven’t really been up to a lot lately… I’m working cattle tomorrow, and that means our horses will be coming back from pasture soon!!

Anyways, thanks SO much for reading!

BTW, check out Megan’s blog, ( to enter BIBPC (boring into beautiful photography contest).

And Also, I found this new blog: that’s really cool! Please check it out!

If \ A Discussion Post

Anika wrote this post on my new collab blog - and it was definitely worthy of a reblogal. 🙂 So here it is. It is an AMAZING post, and deserves as much credit as possible! 😀

Young Ladies For Christ


That’s all I have to ask you: if.

Actually, no, it’s not. I have a question for you girls, and I have a challenge.

Here’s my question:

IF you were to DIE TODAY, WHERE do you THINK you would go?

WRITE YOUR ANSWER TO ^THAT^ QUESTION DOWN BEFORE FINISHING THIS POST. You might wanna get a pen and paper or pull up your notes app on your phone cause you’re gonna need to write A LOT of things down.

Okay. See those capitalized words in the question? Those are important. Let’s discuss them one by one.


There’s not too much to discuss IF because we all know what it means. So, that means that you’re probably not going to die today, but IF you were…


That is a strong, powerful and sometimes scary word; DIE.
Here’s a good question for you to write down:

Are you scared…

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Five years ago from today, a terrible accident happened. Five years ago from today, a miracle happened. Guiney, my sister’s dog, died and came back to life. But I’m not here to tell you about that night. I’m not here to tell you about five years ago. I’m here to tell you that at the beginning of this year, I had different thoughts about things. I didn’t have the respect for certain things like I do now, such as how much my mom and dad do to keep things running around here. And how little I did. I’ve been so busy the past few years pouting, thinking of myself, that I don’t realize much about others. I’ve realized this year that I want to make a difference, and I can. This year, I’ve not only become older, but I feel like I’ve gained more responsibility, and gotten at least a tad bit more mature. Starting the year with so many baby animals, having to have more responsibility with pups running around everywhere, along with more summer cattle jobs, and an amazing October where I got my first two pigs at the fair. Shadowing a vet and filling out some possible information of my future with college. This year has been such a good year, one so full of so many new experiences, and new friends. And as the days keep coming, and I keep living, I hope that I will take time to notice the people around me, and help those who need help, comfort the ones who need comforted, and be a good influence on everybody I’m around. I want God to lead me in the ways of righteousness, and help me to be kind to everyone I’m around. I want Jesus to take me down the path I need to go. And I want to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to everybody. So why am I writing this? I guess I just wanted to tell you that you always have to shine for God. And no matter what, after every sunset, there is a sunrise. And after every sunrise, another sunset. When the sun stops shining, the moon continues. Sometimes there will be dark nights, but if you keep watching, the light will shine.


I have to get back to tonight now. To our yummy snacks, happy movies.. or possibly sad… and have a great night. You guys have a great 2017. Happy new year!

A Day at the Vet Clinic.

Hey guys! Yesterday (Wednesday the 28th, 2016) I shadowed a vet all day at his office. It was great! Meaning 8:30 AM to 4:30ish PM. Because, for you who don’t know, I’m very interested in Vet work. Here is the story of my day. Prepare yourself for a hurricane of words:

I’m going to tell you about the life changing day I had at the Veterinary Clinic yesterday. It was all so amazing.

I first got there and saw a cat outside, which I later figured out was ‘Rattles’, their cat. I went inside and was told that the guy I would be doing most of the stuff with was outside, but if I wanted, they said I could see a cat that had just had surgery. So I went in the back to see the cat, and watched a lady give it some fluids. I followed her around for a while, not doing a whole lot, but looking at the dogs and cats and helping her with some stuff. She said it was time for a dog to be neutered and got it out of its pen. She brought it in the surgical room where another lady was and they sedated it. I saw up to where it was getting really wobbly, but then it was time for the guy I was shadowing to go look at a horse with an injured eye. He asked if I would be okay with holding it while he sedated it, and of course, I said sure. He didn’t give it enough to put the horse on the ground, just to make it sleepy. It had a runny eye, and he said that was because the tear duct (where it ran from the eye down to the nose to drain) was clogged. So we went inside and got stuff for it…a bucket, a little thing to put in its nose, and a syringe with Saline…or something that sounded like that. While we were in there getting stuff, I looked in the surgical room and saw the doggy tied to the chair with a sheet over it, being neutered. I went back out with the guy vet, and he pulled the horse’s nose open and showed me a TINY- TINY- little hole where it breathes in and stuff at. Then he stuck a little white hose into the hole, not all the way up its nose, but just into it, and then pushed the liquid stuff in the syringe into the nose through the hose. Some snot came out of the hole and the other stuff, but the liquid didn’t make it up and out of the eye, so it wasn’t completely unclogged yet. So we got more liquid, did it again, got some more, and did it again. And that time it squirted out the eye a little, so we knew it was mostly good. Then he did the other side, just to make sure, and it came a LOT out of the eye, so we knew it was good! Then he checked out the actual eye and told the lady there was nothing wrong with it. Just then the horse woke up again and we loaded it in the trailer and went back inside.

He asked if I had been shown around much, and I said not really. So he went through all the rooms and showed me what each one was for. And what it had in it. There was the microscope, a laser machine they use to cut into an animal instead of a knife because it would cauterize it as it cut. There were a couple ultrasounds that they used to preg-check animals.  They also had an x-ray machine in the bathroom that turned the ACTUAL x-rays into pictures! Then his office room with all his stuff, and the examination room, the surgical room, and many others. In the surgical room, there was a chart on how old your dog was in human years! Since Aggie is 5, she would be 38ish in human years!! Eeeek! There was another chart above the weighing thing for the dogs, that told how to tell if your dog is obese, overweight, perfect, underweight, or skinny! There wasn’t a whole lot to do…. He went to go do some cleaning up and some stuff in his office and I headed to the examination room where a lady was examining someone’s dog that had been throwing up stuff. She told the guy not to feed the dog the rest of that day, but just water it with little bits.

Next the same woman examined someone’s dog that had gotten its paw stuck in a trap. It didn’t look too bad, other than a bit of swelling… so I went back to where the guy I was shadowing was and he told me a bunch of stuff. About ring worms, parvo, some pig problems, such as common stomach aches from eating too fine of food. Or them rubbing so hard on each other that they turn something inside of them inside out. Also I asked him what the weirdest animal he’d ever treated before was. He said that in college, he had to do surgery on a wallaby at the zoo! After that it was lunch time, and he went to go eat, and I ate in the little room with tons of snacks… Then I just pet more on Rattles, listened to a guy make an appointment to have his dog spayed and such things as that. Then I found him again when he was back doing stuff on his computer. We left for another place where he said we would preg-check cows, vaccine some calves, give them ear tags, and then for the same people we would vaccinate their dogs and cats and then look at their goat with pregnancy issues. Then we would drop off some vaccines to a guy so that he could give them to his dad for his dogs.

On the way there he told me about Brucellosis. And how it was almost gone because of vaccines to get rid of it that people allowed by the government had given to the cows. He said that the only place it wasn’t quite taken care of was near Yellowstone, because there were Bison there that they couldn’t vaccinate, and if cows got near the bison there sometimes, they would get it. This link will tell you a bit more about that.

We also talked about his dog, and my dogs. My horse, my sisters, my pigs… A lot of things.

He told me that I could preg-check the cows after him if I wanted to, and I OBVIOUSLY did!!! He did the first one and said it was a 7. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but as he went, I figured out that that was kind of a scale of how close they were to calving. Six wasn’t very much. Nine was really close! After he checked the first one, he told me I could put on a glove if I wanted! AND I DID! I reached way up in the cow and felt the little calf. It was so cool! I couldn’t really feel anything on that one. But I felt about 5 cows probably and one of them was a nine!! He told me that the calf’s foot was about the size it would be when it was BORN! I felt something hard, but not terribly well. It was soooo cool though! When I pulled my arm out of course it was covered in manure. But I knew it would be like that anyways. I was glad I had a long, long glove on though! Then after he checked all of those cows, we took the gloves off and went to start vaccinating the heifers. The people then told us that they wanted him to preg-check them too, to make sure they WEREN’T pregnant. I didn’t do that with them, but I watched him. He would preg-check them, vaccinate them, give them an ear tag (which I refilled each time he was done), and then did a little number thing in their ear and rubbed it with green goo to make the holes filled with goo and turn green! There was one that needed de-horned, so he got his clippers, a bucket with water in it, a rope, some scissors, and some powdery stuff. He made the rope into a halter type thing and had the lady (that was wearing leather gloves) hold it while he clipped off the horns and then pinched the nerve with the little scissors so it wouldn’t bleed as much. Then he would shake the powder stuff on it, and then put his stuff with that in the bucket out of the way. We kept going, and there were three bad eyes to check. He looked at them, but said that they were all the same, nothing to do about them. But then there was another bad eyed one they saw a little later where its eye stuck out about oh… 1 ½ – 2 inches out from the eye. He said that he was going to cut into the outer part of the eye, and take out the lens of the eye. He cut into the outer layer, and blood spewed and liquid squirted everywhere, and I looked around him more just to see that, and part of the eye ball fall on the ground. He pushed the little part left of the eye further in, and stuck half an antibiotic pill in the eye, and quickly sewed it shut. I saw most of it, but it didn’t seem that gross to me. Or scary. It was kind of cool. I thought it was so neat that there was something you could do for an eye like that! He picked the squishy lens up off the ground and said that the cow already couldn’t see, so by taking the lens out (which was causing all the swelling) it wouldn’t hurt as bad. The lens was squishy, and he said it should have been hard. He said that the lens is what sends the image to the back of the eye, so that it can tell the brain so that you know what you’re seeing! There were two teenage kids there, a boy and girl. And although I didn’t see much other than the squirting, falling, and sewing, I saw that they were making some faces.

After that we went to the back of his truck and they found all their dogs and cats that needed vaccines.  Then the vet went over to take a look at their goats. Which both had diarrhea. The lady had gotten a sample of one of the goats manure in a plastic bag, so we took it. He said that the other goat had already had her dead kid, so that was taken care of. Then we wrote down the few cows that were pregnant, how many we had preg-checked, and how many calves we’d vaccined, and preg-checked. Then we headed out to the guy’s place that needed vaccines for his dad.The vet I was shadowing later told me that he and this guy had gone to high school together, so they talked for a while about things. When we left the guy’s house where we’d given the vaccines, we went back to the clinic and washed up some stuff. I made sure to tell him thanks SOO much for having me out.

We got the goat sample (also known as manure), and mixed some with some stuff to make the parasite eggs (if there were any) float to the top. Then we swirled it around in a machine thingy, let it sit, put some more stuff in there, and took the top microscope glass and put it on the top of the bottle thing so that the eggs would stick to it, and put it under the microscope. The whip worms looked like a little football shape with bubbles on each point. There was one egg that had a squiggly line in the middle of it, which he said was the developing worm in the egg. He said sometimes you could see it wiggle, but I couldn’t. So all of that was a lot of fun. He also had to put in all the info about giving the dogs and cattle vaccines into his computer. Exhausting work.

There were some more examinations that I watched, including a lady with her tiny, TINY little dog named ‘baby girl’, that she was sure had a hurt leg. It was fine, but after that I asked him if it did have a hurt leg and he smiled real big and shook his head. As if it probably happened a lot. Then the guy that was the dad of the guy we dropped vaccines off to, came. He didn’t know he was coming that day either. His dog he brought was one that he needed to get vaccines for. My sister got there during the examination to pick me up, and I told the vet I had to go and said goodbye. And told my sister ALLLLLLLL about it in the car.

After the long day, I was DEFINITELY leaning more towards wanting to be a vet than ever. I want to help animals, I want to help their owners. I want to help society. But whatever I end up doing, whether it’s being a vet or a garbage man, I’m going to serve God forever in whatever I do. I’m K.A, and I want to make a difference.

So, did you like it? It was the most amazing experience ever. With the year spiraling down to an end, I’ve had so many amazing things happen this year, and I hope that one of these years, I may be going to vet college. If it’s God’s will. I’m also interested in being a Vet Tech. Or Vet assistant. The guy I interned with is an AMAZING guy, who’s very easy to be around, and fun to hang out with. He knows what he’s doing, and is calm about what he does. He’s an all-around cool guy.

Hello Again!

First of all, I want to apologize for not commenting on you guys’ posts lately or even reading them. I won’t use ‘being busy’ as an excuse, even if it is true. I’m also VERY sorry for the lack of posts lately, and I’ll try to be better about it. Ish. Hopefully once things slow down a bit, I’ll be able to spend a tad bit more time on here. I’ll tell you a bit of what’s been going on lately. First of all, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for TWO YEARS NOW! :O MORE than two years actually.  It’s crazy. :/ 😉 I’ve known Megan for a year now too… 🙂 You guys are so great.

Second… I’m going to admit, I had been being on the computer WAAAAAAY too much, and it’s actually felt good to not be on it 24/7. But I do feel bad for not being on here like AT ALL. After I finish this post, I’ll try to look more at you guys’ posts! Okay? 😛 Anyhoo, I’m sorry about not being on here much.

My pigs are doing GREAT! They get sorta bossy sometimes, but I still love them so much! 🙂 The person I got them from said they’re supposed to have babies in JANUARY! :O EEEK! I don’t know if I want them to yet though.. :/ In the cold and everything.. I dunno. 😉 Baby piggies would be soooooo cute though… 😉 Haha! I got my piggies a squeaky snake to play with, and a while back I got them a ball. they also have collars, but they’re so short that they step through the collars, so they don’t wear them very often. 😉 Here are some pictures!!!


That was quite a while back. They’re bigger now.


tad bit more recent.



While I was finding those pics, I saw these: OF OUR KITTENS! 😀 These were also taken a while ago.



We gave this one to my friend. 🙂

HERE ARE MY PUPPIES! 😀 I have all of these guys left but ONE! 😦 The third one I sold recently. :/ I LOVE YOU VIK!













OH! By the way, we also have calves! 😀 We have one that we call Disco, and one we call Crisco! And we also have Cisco. 🙂 😛 Hehehe! They’re great. 🙂

Now, for what has been going on this week, I will tell you. *sigh* and note that when I tell you ‘chores’, I don’t mean ‘making my bed’, ‘feeding the fish’ or any number of 3 millisecond sort of things. I mean ALLLLLLLLL of the dog chores, the cow chores, calf chores, any horse chores … yeah. 😉 About 1-2 hour chores. Haha! Here you go:

Monday: Homeschool co-op in the morning, got home. Did chores. Went to play ultimate frisbee, went home, went to bed. All day.

Tuesday: Worked out at Gym. Got home. Did chores. Played music at a soup kitchen for people. Came home. Went to bed. Done.

Wednesday: Worked out at Gym. Got home. Did chores, (more than usual) helped someone move out of their house, came home, went to bed. Done.

Thursday: Went and played music somewhere. Got home. Did chores. Went to friends house. Had a sleepover. Went to bed at about 3:30 AM.

Friday: Still at the friends house. Came home. Slept for three hours. Missed some chores. Did our chores after we (sister and I) woke up. Had movie night. Done.

Saturday: Woke up. Went to a place about 45 minutes away, shopped all day. Got home, did chores, got on the computer, wrote about what we did…. and …. uhh.. That’s where I am now! 😉

SooO! 😀 Yep! Maybe that doesn’t sound to busy to you… well, we also had to do calf chores, pig chores, and chicken chores in the morning, OH, and I didn’t say stuff about SCHOOL either. 😀 Ha! Soo.. yeah. Haha! Now, I’ll tell you about the treasures I bought today! Daddy this morning gave each one of us girls money to buy stuff. He said it was a thanks for doing chores so much. It was so sweet. 🙂 BUT, he said we had to use some of the money to get slippers! XD The most hilarious command, but I did! Haha! I got cute little doggie slippers! With the rest of it, (except for 1/5 of it) I got a Gerber Multi-tool (which are amazing! 😀 yay), some ‘secret writing’ pens that don’t really work, socks, and a new frisbee, because our other one broke! :O 😉 😀 Haha!


Soooo… I guess that’s about it. 🙂 I hope you guys have a wonderful evening! Tomorrow’s a big day for y’all too. 😉


Have fun!

BTW, I joined the YLFC collab blog! 😀 And I’m not a part of Colorful Ideas, my other collab blog, anymore. :/ SEE YA!


Hey guys!

HI GUYS!!!! Did you miss me? Probably not. 😉 😛 Haha! I’ve got a LOOOOOT to tell you, so get ready! First of all, sorry I haven’t been posting or replying to comments, I’ve been super busy, and just didn’t feel like blogging. That doesn’t sound very good…but it actually is. Before I was spending (it’s hard to say this…) too much time on here… and it wasn’t good. But I’ve been feeling so much more productive when I’m not on here every minute of every hour of EVERY DAY. So. Here I am. I hopefully won’t be gone AS often, but I won’t be on here 24/7 either. I have to admit, it does still feel pretty good to be typing more again! 😛 I’ll tell you a bit of what I’ve been doing and what’s been going on while I wasn’t blogging.

First of all.. I’m not really doing NaNo anymore. I still hope to write the book, but I couldn’t make myself get that many words written, and this month WAS WAY TOO BUSY for nano. So…yeah. :/ 😉 We have three thanksgiving things, a banquet, church twice a week, co-op and ultimate frisbee on mondays…just.. too busy. 😉 Haha!

so, GUESS WHAT!? I started reading Proverbs. It’s been SO good! I love it. It’s really helping me with some stuff I’m trying to get through right now. I’m really just trying my best to be a great friend, and not to overpowering. I’m the kind of person that thinks about what I’m saying after I’ve already said it, not before, or even during. :/ That’s not always good… But Proverbs is good. It’s been a couple days since I’ve read it, but I really need to.

I got to give a speech in front of our friends, and I chose to do it about Spurs. It was great, and I feel like I learned some about them too. It was great. I’m now supposed to do a …biographical report…or something like that… and I’m doing it on (most likely) Trevor Brazile! Look him up. 😉 He’s a rodeo cowboy. I thought about doing it about my AWESOME DAD, but he told me not to. 😐

With all of the stuff with pro cowboys, and rodeo people.. It got me to thinking- The important cool ones aren’t always the ones that are out in the arena with 100,000,000 people watching them. Sometimes, the best ones are the ones that not many people really look very close at. The ones that gather cattle, work cattle, help work buffalo, drive cows down the alleyways, get kicked by calves, castrate bulls etc. Sometimes it’s the ones in the background that we don’t focus on as closely. And I personally think that they deserve just as much respect, because if they’re real about what their doing, then you can know that they’re having JUST as much fun cutting cattle as the ones in the big arena winning prizes are. Anyhow, I’ll tell you about what I’ve been doing lately and stop focusing so much on random stuff. 😉

I’ve helped some people work cattle twice without having anyone else from my family there, and just drove them down the alleyway, keeping the space behind the chute with two cattle in it. It was harder than you might think. Haha! But I got paid, and it was pretty fun.

I also worked with Gadget for the first time in FOREVER!! I just caught him, led him down the hill, through the gate with the electric fence- which he didn’t want to do at first- and then let him eat a bit. I tried to brush him when he was tied up, which I did get done. He was being so fidgety though, I left him tied up for a bit until he was being a good boy and stopped pawing. Then I put him away.

If you’ve read my last post, you know that I was leash training my pups. I have all of them pretty well leash trained now.

The other day, daddy, my sister, and I, went down to chop wood (that time of year again. :/ ) and my sister brought her dog, Guiney, down. Daddy and Maddy went up to the leather shop to find something for a mini windmill my sister was making, and I took the advantage to get a pretty good pile of wood stacked up! Then a couple days later daddy and I went down to chop some more, and I decided to bring Aggie, and she played down there. She went in the calves pen and played with them for a bit *sigh* But came out when I called her. She’s been SO sweet lately. I love her so much. She’s like a tiny pup. Every night when I go to do the dog chores, I bring an apple, and give her the apple core when I’m done with it. She LOVES fruit!

OH, and my PIGLETS!! GUYS they’re SO BIG, and SO NUTS!! They’re both SO SWEET AND FRIENDLY NOW! They both like to lay on me and cuddle. They’re great…but rather expensive to feed.. :/ 😮 I still have 5 pups of my own to sell. Any of you want one? 😛 My other rooster disappeared, and I’m assuming he got caught by a possum or coyote. Well… that’s about all I can think of that’s been going on lately I guess..Oh yeah, and I’m hoping to add some stuff to my room here pretty soon! That’ll be fun.

Also, for any of you that voted for me as the friendliest blogger on the Best of 2016 you don’t realize how much that means to me. You really don’t. You guys are cool-so cool! 🙂 Okay, time for me to go do the dogie chores!!! 😉 Before dad gets done with the other chores! :O 😀 Haha, bye!BTW, I REALLY tried to put pictures on  here, but they wouldn’t load. SORRY! 😦

See ya later! 😉

~K.A~ Me