Introducing…Meow!(+photo shoot)

Hey guys! I know it’s been FOREVER since I last did a post on this blog that I actually wrote! Crazy, right? I used to do one almost every day! πŸ˜‰ Or sometimes twice a day! Anyways, here I am!

So, as the title simply states, I am here to introduce to you a very very special member of the blog! MEOW!!!! Now, if you can’t tell, Meow is a cat. He is actually not very little, I just haven’t really made time to tell all of you about him! He is SO sweet and cute! I will do a quick little “Profile” about him, and then I will move onto the fantastic photo shoot of him! Which I think you guys will really love, as he is the most photogenic animal I have ever come in contact with! πŸ™‚ So first:



Meow is a sweet, gentle cat. His hobbies include being a good barn cat, taking naps, and watching mice. (as to how many he actually catches… I’m not sure. ;)) He also loves drinking bits of cow milk that are given to him. But his favorite thing to do is to play with his owner (aka the one in the family that loves him the most, me) and snuggle into her arms.

Gender: Boy
Breed: Uh..barn cat
Color: Tabby
Nicknames: Mow (pronounced ow (pain) with m), Mew… etc
Owner: Meeeee
Companions:… me? and he likes the chickens..and sometimes the milk cows

Okay, now that you know a bit about this handsome little fuzzball (who, did I mention is extremely lazy), I will move on to the adorable pictures of him! Hold on tight, because some of these are TOO cute for bearings!


Isn’t it neat how the light through the trees almost looks like a spotlight?

DSCN9745.JPGDSCN9751.JPGDSCN9753.JPGDSCN9756.JPGDSCN9733.JPGDSCN9758.JPGOkay, so I had to post both of these, even thought they look so similar(the one above this and below this), because the one below was taken right after the one above…notice any difference? Yes, his neck is slightly longer and taller in the second one! XD The vacuum in the house started going at that moment, and he heard it and was trying to decide whether to stick around for some more modeling, or to run for his life. Thankfully he stuck with choice A. But I like to look at both of them, because in the first he’s just chilling there, and the next it’s a life or death choice on his mind. DSCN9759.JPG




HOW IS THIS CAT SO PHOTOGENIC?????? None of my other animals hold still enough for me to use the close-up setting!!! I LOVE YOU MEOW!



Is this not just super cute? He looks shocked. XD


This is one of my favorites! Just because of the lighting, clarity, and how the picture is centered!


This one is for sure my favorite. Look at those amazing eyes. I love this guy so much!


Anyways, there is the end of the photo shoot and introduction of MEOW!!!

Goodbye, and have a fantastic day! Also, please drop me a comment on which was your favorite pic, and how you’ve been lately! Miss you guys, and stay tuned, for an EXCITING post tomorrow that you will NOT want to miss!!!!


Your blogging buddy,


38 thoughts on “Introducing…Meow!(+photo shoot)

  1. Awwww, Meow is so cute! His eyes are so big and pretty. ❀ I showed Jinx a picture of him and he purred. XD Well… he was already purring, BUT STILL! πŸ˜› And YAYYYY THE POST!

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