Summer Bored Games: WEEK 4

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Hey guys! I hope you’ve had a great time so far with all of your challenges! Hopefully you’ve not only learned some fun boredom busters but have also enjoyed the opportunities you’ve found to reach out to the people around you with God’s love!

I know you don’t want to listen to me blabber all day, so let’s get right on to what the post is really about…

First we’ll run through some guidelines so you are all caught up on what to do:

If you’d like to review the rules, the introductory post is right here.


You have until the end of this week to complete however many of the 35 challenges below you wish to do. This is the only week that you’ll be able to complete these challenges.

When you’ve completed all the challenges you’d like to for the week, submit your points using the survey included in this post (see it below). Please try to submit your results just once per week. I suggest waiting until the end of the week to submit the survey.

Okay! Now for the 35 challenges of this week!  The numbers in bold are how many points you’ll get for the challenges.





  1. Eat your cereal with fruit juice of some sort instead of milk. 3
  2. Dress up in winter clothes and go in public (coat, hat, maybe coveralls). 4
  3. Send us your feedback about SBG with this survey! 3
  4. Have a staring contest with a sibling or a pet.(Hint: if you do it with a fish, you won’t win. Believe me, I’ve tried! XD) 1
  5. Make homemade lemonade and give some to your family. 3
  6. Find a beetle. 2
  7. Sharpen a pencil (no electrical sharpener) as much as you can until you hit the eraser part. 3
  8. Take a picture from the same window every day for a week. (The time doesn’t matter.) 4
  9. Buy lunch or make food for a homeless person. 10 (megapoints)
  10. Next time you eat fast food somewhere, pay for the meal of the person behind you. 10 (megapoints)
  11. Learn how to say “hello” in 10 languages. 1
  12. Find three ugly things and try to take beautiful pictures of them. 2
  13. Go into a pet store and ask if you can hold or pet one of their animals. (Proof: Tell us what kind of animal you got to hold or pet) 4
  14. Paint a bible verse/quote on a rock and put it in some public place. 3
  15. Pray for at least 10 minutes straight for different family members/ friends/ bloggers/ strangers. 3
  16. Fill a small gift bag/box with things like candy, bible verses, money, stickers, small toys, etc. Make a tag that says, “If you find this, it’s for you!” Then attach the tag to the box/bag and leave it sitting in a busy public place. 10 (megapoints)
  17. Take a typing test. (Just search “typing test” on 2
  18. Buy or pick your mom flowers and tie a bow around them 4
  19. Try to replicate exactly the picture on the front of a bag or box of food. * (Like the front of a cracker box.) 3
  20. Draw a small picture on the toilet paper in a public restroom. 2
  21. 2 points for each gross combination you eat: vinegar, sprinkles, coffee grounds, and cinnamon; chocolate syrup + cheese; soy sauce + maraschino cherries; cooked lettuce + marshmallow; black pepper, vanilla, cornmeal, and cream cheese.
  22. Spend at least five minutes trimming your yard with scissors. 3
  23. Go to a neighbor’s house, knock on the door, yell “Trick or Treat!” and hand them a candy bar. 4
  24. Cover something at least as big as your hand with washi tape. 3
  25. Make some leaf rubbings with a fresh leaf and some crayons. (How to do this)
  26. Write a very detailed step-by-step of one of the following: How to Eat, How to Draw a Stick Person, How to Peel a Banana, How to Squash a Bug. 4
  27. Paint some nature something (pinecone, walnut, twig, etc.) and name it after a book character. 2
  28. Mail an anonymous letter to someone (not a pen pal). 3
  29. Donate 10 of your belongings to a local thrift store or charity. 4
  30. Do a photoshoot of a sibling or friend. 4
  31. Build a blanket fort. 3
  32. Challenge someone to see who can draw the most smileys (each have to have a different expression) in one minute. 2
  33. Draw a picture with your mouth and a writing utensil (pen, pencil, etc.). 2
  34. Interview a family member. 4
  35. Stand next to a public water fountain and sing “How far I’ll go” from Moana. [LINK TO VIDEO] 10 (megapoints)


Wow! Those are fun! I have actually done that last one for a challenge….don’t worry, it’s quite fun! Feel free to comment down below and say which sounds like the most fun to you! I can’t wait to see how you guys do on these! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at!

If you’d like to print off a checklist for this week, CLICK HERE. This is most helpful for checking off challenges, plus you can easily take it with you for a quick reference. 🙂

If you take any photos of your completed challenges (or your funniest challenge fails!), we would LOVE to see them! Send your pictures to us at summerboredgames(at)gmail(dot)com, and we’ll pick our favorites to include in the final post! (If you’re just completing the challenges just for fun and haven’t signed up, we’d still love to see your photos! I LOVE seeing photos!)


sbg submit your points

Just remember to be honest about how many you really did! It makes it more fun for all of us! Thank you guys!

Now it’s time for…

10: Averey: 179

9: Anna P: 194

8: Christina: 203

7: Julia Rose: 207

6: Mandalynn: 244

5: Sophie: 251

4: Ava: 272

3: Chloe: 299

2: Jo: 303

1: Laura: 392

Whooooo! Go LAURA!! And Jo and Chloe and Ava and Sophie and Mandalynn (btw, is that your real name? it is AWESOME! I love my Mandolin!) and Julia Rose and Christina and Anna and Averey! Congrats guys!

You guys all did fantastic! Good job!

Well, you’ve reached the end of the post! It’s time to hustle about and have fun! You have until 11:59 PM EST on July 28th to complete as many challenges as you can and submit your points. God bless you guys and have a great and enjoyable week!!


And don’t forget to check back on the 30th to see the final results of the challenge! They will be posted on all four blogs!

Have fun!!!


38 thoughts on “Summer Bored Games: WEEK 4

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  2. I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this post yet, but it was GREAT, K. A.! AHHH I ALSO CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S THE LAST WEEK. :O Wonderful job on doing the challenges, SBG-ers. XD I hope you’re having fun! 😀 I wonder who the winners will be… O.o

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Yay! Week four! I just printed the checklist. I like number 16! 🙂
    I have just a couple questions…for number eight, does the week mean monday through sunday, or monday to saturday (when the challenges end)?
    Also how many points are for challenge 25?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! That’s cool!
      Okay, so it ends on Saturday still, so just monday through Saturday! If you want to be sure, you could do it through Sunday…
      Oh, sorry that isn’t on there!!! That one is two points! It must have gotten backspaced when I copied it and put the link in! Have fun, Gracie!

      Liked by 1 person

    • That’s really cool! And I love it besides it sounding like the instrument too!!! It’s a super pretty name and I like how it’s spelled!!!!! Have you been enjoying the challenges?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yay! I’ve already finished about 10, so exciting. Since we’re leaving for vacation on Wednesday, I’m trying to fit in quite a few today.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WHOOOOOOOO!!!! THIS IS AWESOME MEGAN!!!! *throws confetti that you gave me* *blows the little…. blowy thing that you gave me* *Blows up a balloon and throws it at you* *balloon pops* *guilty face* Hehe!! I CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!! Oh, and thanks!


        • Hehehehehe!!!!! XD Or…herherherherherher!!!!!! XD XD No, Megan come back!!!! *tries to grab your balloon* *gets pulled away too*
          *On national news the next morning: “Two children have been reported missing but were found this morning in the sky on incredibly strong helium balloons. They are estimated to reach the moon tomorrow night at six… we will keep you updated”* XD XD

          Liked by 1 person

          • HELP! I really need you to figure up the points for SBG cause I can’t figure out how to and I don’t have time cause I have to leave the house really soon and we are supposed to have the points already posted, right????????? AHHHHHHHHHHH! Can you have the points put on the doc page when you get it so all I have to do when I get back is write up a “hope you had fun here’s who won” kind of thing and then put points? I’m sorry I’m just super busy right now and… I’m KIND of freaking out!!!!


    • Haha, it’s always good to be pushed a little out of your comfort zone, though! I’m sure you’ll do awesome! Just remember the most important things is HAVE FUN!!!!!!


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