Winter challenge! Hot chocolate!

Hello! Mmmmmm! Hot chocolate! This will be a short post, but this is 5 things I like about hot chocolate! Okay, here goes! 😀 😛 🙂

1. This is gonna sound weird but, I like it…. because it’s YUMMY!!!! (Great reason, right?) 😀

2. It has a creamy taste to it, like…. just….. WONDERFUL!!! 😉

3. I like to leave some of the hot chocolate powder in the bottom, to eat when I’m done drinking the liquid!

4. I like putting Marsh mellows and Mints in it! To make it EXTRA yummy!

5. I like to suck in a  hole in the Ice cube (look down below) and drinking it down in like 20 seconds… I know, I’m supposed to make it last! I’ve tried! That just DOESN’T WORK!!!!!! 😀

Did you like THIS challenge? Okay, you might have wondered what I meant when I said, ‘I like to suck in a  hole in the Ice cube’. Well, one thing about me that most of you already know is that I am VERY WEIRD!!! 😀 Okay, so when you pour the water in your hot chocolate, and it’s WAY too hot, you sometimes get an Ice cube, right? Well Get a straw while your at it! Yes, do it now!  (If you want to) ! Okay, Put your straw right up next to your Ice cube and suck hard…… what happens????? Try it! Tell me what happens! If you don’t want to try it RIGHT now, then keep reading and I’ll tell you what happens! Here: When you suck hard, it will pull the hot liquid onto the ice cube and suck a hole in it! Please try it! It’s fun! 😀 Okay, here are some pics! Like some of my fish and my newest stuffed animals! I’m obsessed with stuffed animals, if you didn’t already know! 😀


Oh wow! You can barely see him! Sorry, he’s really shy, oh yea, THIS is Sammie! My algae eater fish! 😀


This is Chubs!


This is cutie! Cutes!


This is my newest stuffed animal, Nicholas! (Click the pic)


My crab aquarium. I know that IS a pretty bad pic! 😦


My little fish, Mark! 😀


My probably 4 inch long new stuffed animal! 😀

Gotta go! BYE!


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