Virtual snow?

As you can see now if  you visit my blog a barefoot gal’s blog and a few others, there seems to be little white drops falling from our sky……..Hmmmm well do you want this white stuff called snow on YOUR blog? Here’s how! I was told by another blogger how to do this who was told by ANOTHER blogger how to do this who most likely- ya, lets not go there! Here’s how:

First hover over My Site and click comments or dashboard or something that will get you to the spot that looks like this! It’s the very last one down. Right above ‘collapse menu’ Now look at the bottom list and hover JUST HOVER over settings:


I know this ones not very clear, I’ll make it big!


Then click General

It will look something like this when you click General:



look down until you see ‘show falling snow on my blog until January 4th’ and click it so that the box is checked! (If you look hard enough at the pictures you can see where it says it!) If you don’t see it, it’s right above which language you want your blog in!


Then click the blue button: Save changes!


You know the last step! Type in your blog address and check it out! Pretty cool, huh? (hint: if you wiggle your mouse by the snow it will move a little!)

and you might not see your snow at first, but keep watching! If you checked the box and clicked save changes, it’ll show up eventually!

Hope you liked this!