Summer Bored Games!!! (Week One)


I’m SOOO excited for SBG this year!!! As you’re reading this post I am on my way to a mission trip in Mexico(!!!!), so I’m sorry if I don’t reply to comments for a while. These challenges all look A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!

Please let me know down below which ones sound like the most (and least 😛 ) fun and which ones you enjoyed the most!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!

Make sure to look for the next post on Clara’s blog HERE on July 8th!

You have until the end of this week to complete however many of the 35 challenges below you wish to do. This is the only week that you’ll be able to complete these challenges.

When you’ve completed all the challenges you’d like to for the week, submit your points using the survey included in this post (see it below). Please try to submit your results just once per week. I suggest waiting until the end of the week to submit the survey.

Without further ado……

Here are the CHALLENGES!!!!

(Remember, the number at the end of each challenge is the number of points you’ll earn for that challenge. 🙂 )


  • Do some yardwork for an elderly person – mow their lawn, weed flower beds, etc. Help out for at least a half hour. This can include visiting and talking to them! (MP) 10
  • Find a constellation in the night sky. 2
  • Challenge someone who’s not a SBG participant to do five of this week’s challenges. You only get points if they successfully complete them all. 3
  • Make an “aesthetic” notebook: tape in clippings from magazines, printouts, flat objects, ribbon, colored papers, art pieces, etc. that inspire you. 4
  • Run as fast as you possibly can. Race with someone else if you want. 3
  • Walk around barefoot outside for at least 15 minutes. 2
  • Monologue about rabbits, ketchup, or stumps for two minutes in front of someone, without any unreasonably long pauses. 4
  • Trade ATCs with someone. 2
  • Make a survey full of random questions and have at least a dozen people take it. (MP) 10
  • Recreate a few Olympic events with some friends/siblings. 4
  • Use a marker to draw freckles on your face and leave them on for at least two hours. 3
  • Have a water fight with paper cups, water, and at least one other person. Whoever stays the driest wins! 4
  • Restore something old. 3
  • Wear a backwards baseball cap, sunglasses, and an inside out t-shirt in public. (MP) 10
  • Find a new quote and say it casually in conversation at least three times. 2
  • Take a sketchbook or some paper outside, and draw or trace at least one thing you see. 2
  • Write a list of 5+ good things that have happened to you so far this year. 1
  • Take an hour-long walk while listening to music. 4
  • Catch butterflies. 4
  • Watch a show/movie or read a book that your parents watched/read when they were your age. 3
  • Play hopscotch or jump rope. 1
  • Make banana art by drawing on the banana’s peel with a toothpick. 2
  • Clean your family’s car, inside and out. (MP) 10
  • Create a summery playlist of at least 10 songs. 3
  • Find an address book and send a nice letter to a random address. You don’t have to put your return address on the envelope. It will still mail without one. 3
  • Make an audio-portrait: Sit outside for 5+ minutes in the morning and write down every different sound you hear (even if you don’t know exactly what it is). Do it again in the evening, and compare your lists of summer sounds. 4
  • Make a music video to your favorite song. 4
  • Write a review on an item you bought or book you read on Amazon or Etsy. 2
  • Make a house out of playing cards. 4
  • Play five different board games in a row. (MP) 10
  • Clean out under the couch cushions. 3
  • Look up and listen to the songs of five different song birds. 1
  • Make a summery color palette inspired by colors you see outside. Give each color a name like they have on paint cards. 3


If you have any questions about the challenges, the game, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us at summerboredgames(at)gmail(dot)com. We’re happy to help! (Remember, I (K.A) will not be available to answer any questions left on my blog until the 11th)

If you’d like to print off a checklist for this week, CLICK HERE. A checklist is super helpful to keep track of all the challenges when you’re busy!


BONUS POINTS: Don’t forget to send in photos of your challenge adventures and collect points by emailing us at summerboredgames( at )gmail( dot )com!
We’ll pick our favorite photos to include in the next post. (If you’re completing the challenges just for fun and haven’t signed up, we’d still love to see your photos!)

Have you completed all the challenges you’d like to do for this week? Fantastic!!! Just click the image below to submit your points:


Click that graphic and it should take you right to the form!

You have until 11:59 PM EST on July 7th to complete as many challenges as you can and submit your points. Good luck!

Have a great week and have fun with the challenges!!!

(BTW, July 8th is my birthday!!! I’m so excited! And just so you know I get back from Mexico on the eleventh! 😀 )