Working cattle.

So, yesterday I worked cattle. Yeah…. Fun! No, it really is a lot of fun! But kind of tiring. I helped this same person work cattle on Wednesday too, but he had two loads then. There were about 150 cattle on Wednesday, but yesterday (Saturday the 21st) there were 300. It took from 8:00 AM until 3:00ish PM. I just gave them one shot in front of the shoulder, and kept them coming into the chute when they didn’t want to. My Grandad was also there, and he branded them, checked to make sure they were steers (there was one bull we castrated), sprayed them with some antibacterial stuff, and if they had horns we De-horned them. There were quite a few we had to dehorn yesterday, but only one to castrate. I held the tail up while he castrated it! we took one break after about 200 were done, but that’s it. The vaccine I gave them needed to be refilled for every 50 cattle, so Grandad showed me how to do that, and when I saw that it was drawing air out of the bottle I would put on a new one! 🙂 Anyhoo, I thought I’d tell you, in case you ever wondered what goes on in working cattle! If you didn’t already know. Sorry for the short post, I hope you enjoyed!!


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