Your Best Friends

Hey guys! I haven’t had time for a post really written by me, but here is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING post by Lainey from 🙂 I thought it was a great great post. SO here it is:

Friends are one of the greatest blessings that God gives us, but will they really be our best friends forever?  Unfortunately, not always.  As time goes on, we change, we start setting goals, go off to college, start a career, get married, have a family, ect.  And sometimes we, or our friends, drift away, and well, that’s that.  However, there are some people in our lives that, even though we may not necessarily recognize them as our BFFs, are the friends that will always be there for us; no matter what…

Your Mom

Over the last year, I have found my relationship with my Mom changing.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or maybe I just never noticed it before; but it’s pretty awesome.  A few months ago, I told my Mom all about my crush.  Yep.  You guys probably think I’m pretty crazy, huh? 😀  Well, to be honest, I was SCARED…

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7 thoughts on “Your Best Friends

  1. This is a great post! My mom and I have an awesome relationship too… I’m not sure I’ve ever told her about my crushes though (partially because I haven’t had many), but when you can get to that point it’s awesome! (If I have a crush, my mom will most definitely hear about it! Lol) Kudos! 😁

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