New series…?

Hey everybody! 🙂 I’m here to ask you something! 😉 What would you think about me doing a new SERIES!? :O 😀 I think it would be fun. No, not a book series, and not even one about my animals! 😛 You are probably wondering what it would be about? Well, it would be about OTHER animals! 🙂 Ones that are ‘wild’!! 🙂 It would just be like… well it might be an animal I saw 2 days ago, 2 weeks ago, or even 2 YEARS ago! But I would post about it, and have pictures of it! (if I could)

So…what do you think? It wouldn’t be an animal that I actually own, just one I saw and was able to take pictures of. Or that I thought would be fun to post about! 😉 It might be crazily cool! Or… well, pretty usual. I would try to have at least a couple facts with each one, and still make it fun! It might be more of a story, or more with my photography of the animal!

If I did this, would you read it?

Do you have any name suggestions to call the series?





43 thoughts on “New series…?

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