Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge-July Skies.

Hello! 🙂 It’s finally time for the next challenge that Britt is doing.  And I took some pictures all throughout this month of the sky! Since Gathering Cattle time has been recently, I’ve been waking up early which MEANS: I’ve gotten lots of sunrise pictures! :O 😀 I wish they had of turned out better, because one of the sunrises I saw was SO AMAZING…anyway, the pictures aren’t that bad.. 😛 haha! sky6.jpgsky5.jpgsky2.jpgsky3.jpgsky1.jpg

sky (9).jpgsky (7).jpgsky (5).jpgsky (1).jpgsky (4).jpgsky (3).jpgsky (2).jpgsky.jpgsky (6).jpg

I hope you enjoyed them!!! 😀 🙂 You see that last pic? Well, IT was actually MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler in real person. :/ But my camera wouldn’t capture it! The purple like… radiated out and was SO PRETTY!! But it is rather hard to take pictures while you’re trotting! 😀 Anyway, there you go!



35 thoughts on “Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge-July Skies.

  1. Whoa, you DID get some great pictures! I love them, K. A.! It’s neat how you took them with your horse in some of them. Those must have been beautiful sunrises! 😀
    P. S. Wow, you actually got up in time to see a sunrise? *Gasp* Is that even possible? XD Hee hee!

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    • 🙂 Hehe, thanks so much Allison! 🙂 😀 Yes, they WERE BEAUTIFUL!! 😀 XD
      Hahaha!!! XD Yes, I did get up to see the sunrise! 😉 I still can’t believe that gathering is done for the year. :O 😥 😉 Now I need to catch up on sleeeeeepy time!! 😀 I just got back from being at G-mas and G-dad’s house (for the gatherings) for two days, so I can’t WAIT to say hi to my Agger baby and her pups!!!!! 😀 😀

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    • Aww, thanks so much!! 🙂 😀 Yeah… :/ With Cattle gatherings, you have to be up PRETTY early! 😉 😛 Haha! I took a really long nap today, cause I was really really tired! 😀


      • Yeah, I can see that! Sometimes naps are necessary. 😉 Today I had to get up at 7:30! That’s a lot earlier than I usually wake up. 😛


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        • Hehe! Yes… Naps.. haha!!! 😀 XD 🙂 We have a BREAK FROM CATTLE GATHERINGS FOR A WHILE!!!!!! yay! 😛 not that I don’t like them… but then again, the night watchman (for the fair, where we stay overnight checking on the animals to make sure they’re find) is our ‘break’ times. :/ Ugh. But oh well! 😉 😀 Haha!!! Today was the fifth gathering we’ve done! 🙂 Two more! :O 😀 Hehe! They’re on Monday and Tuesday! *sigh* I’m tired… but I’ve had a lot of little (and big) naps today… 😛 hehe! I need to write my story for ‘Fantasy VS. Fiction..” yeah.. Ergh!!! XD Well… yeah.


    • ‘ello again! 😉 I found your last comment on cuddlycrittersblog and thought maybe we could talk more about animal/life stuff here, instead of on BOI (burstsofinspiration) 😉 😀

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      • alright! what is your favorite real life animal and imaginary animal ? i think people make up imaginary animals the same reason why we make up worlds. writers dont want to think inside the box the real world has become

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        • Truuuue….. yeah. 😉 Well.. my favorite real life animal would beeee….. DEFINITELY DOGS!!!!!! hehehe!!! 🙂 I love them… for some reason, they are SO calming to me.. and especially Aggie! 😀 She’s the sweetest gal… 🙂 Sometimes I’ll just hop up on her kennel, and she’ll jump up too, and she’ll lay beside me and cuddle up. I love her lots. I also really like dolphins, now I’ve never seen one in real life… but something about their eyes.. I can’t explain. I think it’s an animal lover/ person thing… just… *sigh* So… beautiful.. if that’s the right word. 😉 😀 As far as imaginary animals… well. I’m not one really for imaginary animals.. but dragons are cool! 😉 Technically, they’re not imaginary, because they used to live, but they USED to live.. soo.. yeah. 😉 Anyway.. dogs, HORSES (I can’t believe I nearly forgot THEM) and dolphins! 😀 😛 Ooh, but goats aren’t AWFUL! XD Hehe.. yeah, they’re pretty bad.. Hehe!!!!

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          • my favorite real life animal is… a jellyfish! its my nickname (long story) and i love their pasta legs! they remind me of swimming pasta with a tomato head! (another long story 🙂 ) dolphins are COOL!

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          • Ooh! 😀 Cool! xD Hahaha!!! 🙂 XD Oookay! 😛 😀 Yes, dolphins ARE COOL!!!! 😀 🙂 Have you seen one before!? :O 😀 I’ve seen a sea turtle (ANOTHER OF MY FAVS) and river otters (THEY”RE SO SO SO CUTE!!!) have you ever heard of Winter the Dolphin??? 😀 I’m a HUGE fan! I’ve watched her webcam (and all of them) SO MUCH!! 😀 I Love nicky too!!! 😀 Hehe… 😛 If you don’t know who winter the dolphin is, go here: seewinter.com 🙂


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