Interesting morning!

No, it was actually a very fun morning too! 😉 I just felt like a little ba-zing sort of post… yeah. 😛 XD I’ve been needing one of those. It’s like when you’re (oh, great, the phone just rang…hold on.  Well that was odd… it just stopped ringing… Anywho..) about to drink some yummy grape juice.. yeah. Never mind. Okay, so I was reading my book about a German Shepherd. (VERY good book actually…) Have you EVER noticed that like…everyone names their animal: SCOUT!??? It’s SO WEIRD!!! Like, seriously, We have a dog named Scout. -And it’s the perfect name for him, I love that dog so much- and then Hayley has a cow named Scout!! And Then the ‘scout series’ (my 2nd favorite book series) is about A German shepherd.. can you guess what it’s name is!? SCOUT! No, his name is not Sherman, sorry. And then in THIS book that I was reading this morning (vet volunteers.) the German shepherd’s name was S-C-O-U-T! (without the dashes that is…) :O Anyway, it was a good book… where was I again? Ooooh yeah, I was reading the book (about the overused ‘German Shepherd named Scout’ thing.. you know, they probably were like..Hmm…what should we name the dog! Ooh, everyone calls their dog Scout, how about THAT!) I was reading the book on the couch.. and then when I got to… oh, I think it was the 7th chapter.. maybe the anyway, mom said that I should do the pups and dogs and goats and fish. Yeah. And I knew that the faster I got a start on them, the less I would have to do. Cause daddy said that if I do them sooner, they won’t leave as many messes in their pen. So I got up and did my fish. (For some reason, I always look in the cupboard with the cups instead of the freezer! xD Obviously, my bloodworms – the fishes blood worms- aren’t going to be in the cupboard!!! Have you ever wondered why cupboard is spelled like that? It’s so weird!!! Is it a board that’s held up by cups!? Wow, I get distracted easily now don’t I? I think I get that from.. never Mind, you probably don’t want to hear…) After I did my fish, I got in some ‘real’ clothes (a paint covered shirt, and sweat pants…clothes that I don’t like, that way after they were terribly stinky and dirty from puppies and goats, I could change out of them happily.) and did my hair. It took a while to do my hair, but I finally braided my -crooked- braid, and headed outside with my shoes on. *takes deep breath* THEN on my way out I grabbed my food pan and water pan that my mom and sister had gotten for me. Because my pups needed another food pan so they could get enough food. And then the water pan I WAS using was too tall for them to reach, so we got a shorter one. 😉 The food pan was pretty large, perfect for the little mess-makers. I got over to the barn and brought the food and water pan in. After I let Aggie out, I held the food pan up and she grabbed it in her mouth! XD “It’s not a chew toy silly dog!” Actually.. I probably called her ‘kid’ …I have a habit of calling her kid. 😛 She set it down again and the puppies wobbled out to lick the empty food pan. They were probably licking the reflection of themselves in it… or just because it tasted like cold metal… did you ever realize that cold metal tastes pretty good? Like when you lick your spoon? Anyway, they licked on it for a bit, and I stuck a few of them in the water pan, to make sure that if it was full, it wouldn’t be too deep to drown them. Then Aggie followed me as I got the food and water for them, and brought it in. Then I got her old water pan and dumped it, then brought the new one in. Apparently Aggie didn’t like the smell of the new water pan at first (though she did drink it later) because she didn’t drink the water right away. I brought the food pan in, trying not to trip over the little fluzzies, and filled it with a pretty good amount of food. Then I filled the other one- actually… I might have filled the old one first..I don’t remember. I’m like Dory, I forget easily… 😛 – and they mainly just ate out of the new one. Haha! 🙂 One of the puppies went over to the water pan and drank quite a bit, then choked most of it up. But all the rest that drank were fine. Poor little baby. 😦 🙂 But I held most of them too, and they gave me kisses… and then I put them away and got out Berny and her pups. They are almost 8 weeks old now… 4 weeks older than Aggie’s. *sigh* They are quite energetic, and quite.. umm….. big. 🙂 I held a couple of them, and then they ran outside to go chew on sticks, old goat collars, and anything else they could find. (the toad hopped away before they could get him- yipes!) Berny walked around for a while and then came back in to get some lovins from me! Dunk followed (that’s one of the puppies) and so did Pep- my favorite! 😛 Dunk watched me scoop their pen and usually chased the shovel around. He’s so cute!!! 🙂 Then I fed and watered them, and decided to do the goats and doctor the one. Oh yeah… I suppose I should tell you THAT story. :/ Well.. YESTERDAY I went outside and cleaned my tadpole bucket out (you would not believe how many little snails there were in there! Phewie!) Wait…was that yesterday? I think it was yesterday… anyway, I did that, and then played with Aggie and her pups! When I was doing them, the stinkin’ goats came in, and tried to go in her pen. Before I could stop her, Aggie lunged for one in her pen, and got it out nicely, then came right back to me! I was really impressed, and praised her for obeying me. Well… the goat (or another) did it AGAIN… and that time it wasn’t so lucky. Aggie latched a hold of it, and it ran to it’s pen, baaaaing like crazy. I quickly pushed a couple of the other youngsters in the pen so they couldn’t get trampled and shut the door. Then I ran over (oh yeah.. did I mention that my not-smart self had flip-flops on? yeah…) and told Aggie no, and lie down..and come here….and she didn’t. And she didn’t. And guess what!? She … didn’t. So I grabbed a hold of her and she finally let go. Well… the goat was sort of… hurt. A bit. It wasn’t limping, but behind it’s shoulder there was some skin peeled back and it was bleeding. It didn’t look life threatening though. yeah… anyway, I put Aggie away, and Daddy later said that the goat didn’t need stitches and that that was only the first layer of skin, so it was fine. But he showed me how to doctor the goat with some stuff to help it heal. So today, I got the stuff and while I let the other goats out, I did that. Remember how I told you I don’t remember things well? Well… I hadn’t remembered that the door to outside (outside of the pen…) was open. Yeah. So there go the five goats (thank goodness we don’t have all of the babies anymore! another long story…) out the door. *Sigh* I went out and captured two of the goats with the help of a few leaves… and then mom helped me drag them over. Then I got my sister’s dog, Fleece, and herded up the rest of them to the barn. Finally, I was done with that. Phew. I went to go inside and saw that someone was here. My sister helped him though, and I still went inside. I changed (even though my sister said that I should probably get a shower.) clothes and then sat down and read the rest of my book, since I couldn’t do my laundry, as the laundry room was full of my sister’s herbal stuff. I should probably see if I can make it to the washer by now. 😛 Haha!!! 😀 Well.. I hope you enjoyed my little rant of this morning (and yesterday morning)! 😛 😀 It was fun! Wow… almost 1, 500 words long! :O Whoops! 😛 Well.. let’s see… what else can I tell you that’s new… 😛 🙂 Umm.. Oh yeah! Gathering yesterday! 😀 I’ll try to make a more ‘official’ (yeah.. me? Official!? No. 😛 Haha) post about it later, with pictures and stuff, but right now I’ll just say that Legend did great (the horse I was riding – Gadget’s Uncle) and the gathering went well! 😀 There were around 200 cattle that we gathered! Heifers, steers, and cows! 😀 Okay… I believe that’s all for now! BYE!!!!!! 🙂 And also, be looking forward to some puppy pictures soon, I got about 400 pictures the other day of my puppies in the yard! Hahaha!!! BYYYYYE FOR NOW! 🙂


P.S Wow…this was SUCH a loooooong post.. I wonder if anyone will read it!

P.S.S I’m going to go get something to eat…


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    • Yaaay!! Yes, I did! 😀 It was rather fun though! 😛 Not NEAR as exciting as my one day! 😛 PHEW! I posted about it a long time ago on colorful Ideas! 😛 😀 Thanks for reading!!

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