Fantasy vs. Fiction challenge two. Alone but together part two.

Okay! Hi guys! 😛 🙂 Here is number two! 😀 and this is a part two of my story I posted not too long ago! 😉 😛 with Audrey and Carson…? 😛 Here are the prompts:


Carson. He’s 15, if you were wondering.

I'm not one of you.:

Carson leapt in front of Audrey,  right as the man pulled the trigger. “Nooo!” He yelled. Carson’s face went blank, then his eyes glazed over and he fell to the ground. Audrey ran over to him and dropped to her knees.

“It’s what you people deserve!” The man muttered. Audrey glared at him, with tear stained cheeks.

“You had NO right to hurt one of us!” She yelled.

“Oh yes, but I am not ONE of you. So I have all the right.” Then the man faded away into thin air.

“Carson! Carson, wake up!!” Audrey muttered, shaking her brother’s shoulder. “Carson!” she sobbed. She felt for a pulse and found one. But there was no blood anywhere, and no sign-other than him being unconscious- that he had been shot! Audrey pulled his limp body up in her arms and hugged him close. She let him lay in her arms and watched for any sign that he might be waking up. But there wasn’t one. She felt for a pulse again and felt it still. “Oh Carson. Please, oh PLEASE be okay. God, please help Carson not to die Lord. I love him, he’s all I have!” She sobbed upward. Then she scooped him up in her arms and carried him toward a large fallen down tree where they could have some shelter. She lay him down carefully and went to find some kindling for sticks. They would be here for a while. As Audrey was getting some sticks, something fell on her head from above. “Ouch.” She blurted, surprised. She picked it up and saw that it was a book. It looked like the ones you got with your bike for manuals. She flipped through it and read a bit.

symptoms: Hardness to breathe, pointless mumbling.

Causes: eating bad food, Zigger stings.

“Zigger stings?” Audrey mumbled. Obviously, this wasn’t for her world. She’s never heard of a ‘Zigger’. The more she read, the more obvious it became that this was a book of different sicknesses. Then she stopped at one page, seeing the symptoms and causes:

Symptoms: Unconsciousness, hard to wake up. Deep moaning. Zoned out. Being very, very hot, and very, very cold. Unstoppable shaking.

Causes: Shot by a Donger.

Notes: blank

Audrey staggered back. This was what had happened to Carson, she knew it. But why was the ‘notes’ empty!!?? She walked over to Carson again, forgetting the sticks.

“C’mon Carson! Wake up, buddy!!” She commanded, trying not to brake into tears again. “Please Carson!”


Audrey sat by the fire, shivering. She wished she had have brought a blanket. Or that she just had one. She looked behind the log she was sitting on, feeling something back there with her hand. A blanket! That was weird. She tugged it up and cozied with it a second, then glanced over at Carson again, laying on the ground. She walked over to him and flipped the blanket over him, then tucked it underneath. Just then, his eyelids fluttered open. She gasped. “Carson!! You’re awake!!” She sighed. But he just stared blankly at her in confusion. “C-Carson..? Are you alright?” She asked him. He closed his eyes again and rolled over, moaning.

“Carson! Wake UP!” She said again. This wasn’t the same Carson she knew of. She flipped him back over and saw that he was once more unconscious, but still moaning. Audrey ran and got the manual and flipped through it.

Causes: Shot by a Donger.

Notes: By getting shot with a Donger, it puts the victim into a sort of state, where they really don’t do anything. Hardly anyone can survive the trauma of getting shot by a Donger.   If they do survive, you’ll wish they hadn’t. They turn ultimately evil. Unless they have a true, honest, brave heart, and are cared for properly, they will turn evil. But no one has yet been good enough to keep from the evil yet. The fact that you are reading this book, is fact enough that the victim may survive. You may wonder what the Donger does exactly? It puts a shot of Jentel into the victim and that will spread throughout-

And that was all it said. Audrey thought about what she had just read. Hardly anyone could survive the Donger, if they do they’ll turn evil. What? So pretty much… Carson was going to die? Well, the book said that Audrey could care for him right and make him live…but if he did, would he be evil? There was no way to know. But what confused Audrey the most was that before, the ‘note’ space, had been blank! And now it just ended abruptly. She walked back over to Carson again and looked all over him, trying to find some evidence that he was shot by the ‘Donger’, as it was called. When she went to turn Carson over again, she realized that he was sticky with sweat. Just drenched. His hair clung to his forehead and he was still moaning miserably. “Oh, Carson…” she said. She used her shirt to wipe some of the sweat off of his forehead. All that night he tossed and turned in his sleep. She felt like he was semi-conscious, but still in the state of doing nothing. His shirt was drenched in sweat still. Audrey sat next to him and put her hand on his shoulder. He stopped turning and moaning and breathed in heavily. She stared at him for a while, thinking of why that might have helped. She hated to see her little brother, who she loved so much, so weak….so helpless. She wondered what the rest of her family was doing right now. Probably nothing to do with her. Carson had been the only person that ever cared about Audrey, even though he tried not to let her know it.

Whatever happened to Carson, Audrey would to her best to keep him alive…and good.

She was all he had, and he was all she had.

They were alone-but together.


Therefore the title!! 😀 I’ve actually got some pretty big plans for this series..hmm!! 😛 😀 But my plans are pretty..interesting! Haha!!! 😛 xD It’s pretty easy to know what’s gonna happen, I know, but just wait and read! 😛 Hehe!!!! 🙂 😀 This is pretty fun actually! 😛 Like the title? 😛 😀

Alone but Together.

See ya!! 😛 😀


37 thoughts on “Fantasy vs. Fiction challenge two. Alone but together part two.

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  3. What a great (and scary) development, K. A.! It was really original and neat! I hope Carson has a good and brave heart… I can’t wait to read what you have “interesting plans” for! And by the way, I DO like the title. 😀

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