TBFN challenge 2.

Wow, I don’t know if I can get this in on time!! :O :/ 😉 Anyway, here are the prompts I’ll be using:


She pulled the leaves apart to reveal the throne. A large machine sat in the seat. Tanner pulled at his shirt. “It’s hot!” He complained.

“It has to be, to hide his ice-cold heart of stone…” Jamie replied, not sure of who this ‘he’ was. “TEN” The machine howled loudly. Jamie pulled at a cord anxiously, trying to unplug it. Tanner walked up behind her and gripped her shoulder. “No.” He muttered, throwing her across the yard. She got up slowly and pulled her gun to him. Out of nowhere from behind her, a man jumped on her shoulders and pulled her to the ground, then solidly punched her unconscious. They dragged her to a small building in the middle of the woods and locked her inside, then they ran away. “NINE!” The huge machine screeched once more. Jamie flipped her blonde hair out of her face and ran to the door. She shoved it open and did a double flip out. Angrily, she jogged over to the machine. “EIGHT!” it said. It seemed to be speeding up! “C’mon…” She muttered, hitting the machine with her fist. “SEVEN” Then her glasses fell to the ground..but when she went to pick them up, she stopped suddenly, seeing all these buttons on the top of the machine. For as long as she could remember, she’d worn eye glasses, now they were gone, and she could see something no one else could see! She saw a manual on the machine and grabbed it quickly. “SIX!” the machine said once more. Jamie read each page, and they each read a different threat. She swallowed, breathing hard, for the first time in her life she didn’t want to finish a book. She thought it would have instructions, but just threats of what she could and couldn’t do. She threw it to the ground and looked the buttons over. There was one that said ‘start up’ and then a thousand others that weren’t titled. She clicked the ‘start up’ one and the machine started to shake. “Five, four, three..” It counted, quicker than ever. No no NO!!! Jamie thought. This couldn’t be…it COULDN’T! “two, one. ZERO”

“CUT!” The director called.


There! 😛 hehe!! 😀 Did you like the ending? I didn’t really think the story was that impressive…but oh well! 😛 😀




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