Q&A for Aggie!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii everydog and everyone!!!!!! How good to SEE YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! *licks you all happily* Yes, this is Aggie, not K.A, don’t worry!! here are my answers to your questions! 😀 They will be in this thing! Bye!

Grace (The Girl Upstairs)

Is K.A. a good mother to you?

To me? Well, how nice of you to care about me! yes, she’s….okay I suppose .. :/ 😉 Just joking, she’s great great GREAT!!!!! Or Grrrreat! XD Get it? 😛 Hehehe!!! 🙂 SOL!!! For ‘Snarling out loud’ Heh heh! I’m so funny!!!! Sorry. Ahem. Yes, K.A is a good mommy! 🙂 She gives me belly rubs (unless I just jumped in my water. 😦 ), and gives me treats sometimes …etc! 🙂
Would you consider yourself a good mother?

Yes, of course!! 🙂 Once I had to be a sibling to my DAUGHTER! Because there was only one of the babies! :O So I had to be a sibling and a mother! I got to play with her. And teach her to walk…which was hard because she was so chubby. *Shakes head* 😛 hehe!!
Do you plan on having more puppies?

Yes!!! 😀 YES YES YES of COURSE!!! 🙂 I like my puppies..at first! 😛


1. What’s your favorite thing about being a mother?

…Umm getting more attention from K.A! 🙂 She has to clean my pen more often…etc! 🙂 Well..my favorite thing about being a mom particularly is … getting to have people complement me on being such a great mom! 🙂

2. Do you ever sleep in odd places?

Odd places… ? Well…I like to sleep…well…in my pen..? Is that odd? Well…I sleep in… in …IN my KENNEL!!! 🙂 No, I don’t sleep in odd places. :/ 😐 😉 Haha!!!

3. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Probably…… Gas! 🙂 I like to lick up gas. K.A told me not to…but I can’t help it! Have you ever drank Fuel Allison!? It’s so addicting!! (K.A: Aggie, you are SO weird!!)

4. What’s the most annoying habit humans have, in your opinion?

Oooh…let’s seeeee….. singing. All of the humans that do my chores (Including K.A, Sorry kid) SING!! And really, K.A Isn’t very good, so it’s pretty annoying. The other ones, now THEY’RE good! But K.A… eehh… 😛 Just kidding, sometimes she makes up sweet songs about me! *bats eyelashes…that I don’t have* Hehe!! 😛 🙂 She… …doesn’t let me eat the chickens! That is SO annoying!!! And then right after she tells me I can’t chase them, she goes out of the barn and chases them away! :O :O 😡
5. What would be your dream birthday present?

Oooh….a life-time supply of bone marro dog treats!!! 🙂 Ahhh….

6. What is the scariest thing that has happened to you?

Ooh.. hmm..that’s a tough one. Probably when I … ooh, I probably shouldn’t tell you that. hmm…. I’ve killed wood bees before, but… they’re not that scary.. I don’t know! I’m brave and courageous, so nothing scares me! 😀 
7. Would you rather chase chickens, cats, or butterflies?

CHICKENS CHICKENS CHICKENS CHICKENS DUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THEY’RE SO fun to chase! 😀 And they’re so fluffy, that when you scare them enough, they’re feather’s fly EVERYWHERE, and then they squawk and crow. They can actually run PRETTY fast for a stupid ol’ chicken! 🙂 😀 Hehe!!!
8. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

I don’t know! 😀 I really like Aggie! 🙂 But probably Dally… 🙂
9. Can you do any tricks?

OH YEAH!!! 😀 I can lay down, and sit, and ‘give me a five’ and load up and …walk up, and something else too I think..any way..yeah! 🙂 Being the smartest dog in the world and everything… (Not with the DOG again!!!)
10. Do you like earthworms? (Heh heh, very random.😄 )

What? Allison tis very weird! 😮 :O Okay.. hmm…. :/ 😐 😐 Huhh…  They sound like giant round balls! 😀 🙂 They actually sound very yummy! 🙂 xD


1. What is your favorite puppy name?

Favorite puppy name… I’ve always liked the name ksxdixlvmdki! But K.A can’t figure out how to pronounce it, sooo…yeah. I really like the name Bolt, and the name Kiwi! 🙂 Blueberry would be nice too…
2. Do you like your name? And do you have a middle name?

Yes, I love my name!!! 🙂 Yes! I do! My middle name is Jae! 🙂 Aggie Jae! 🙂 😛 My name is perfect! It is ACTUALLY short for Aggresive, because I’m aggresive with the cattle like I’m suppose to be!! 🙂 Jae is a cross between K.A’s middle name and her friend’s middle name! 🙂 😀
3. What is your best friend at your house?

My best friend…hmm…my best friend? K.A. 🙂 But she’s my mother…soo…friend. :/ Well…I guess.. Grizz! He lives a little way from me, but every  now and then K.A lets him out to play with me and we have a blast jumping and dancing together! Scout’s sometimes fun..if he’s not being a jerk.. yeah. :/ 😉


1. What is you opinion on horses?
Horses? K.A, what are horses? (The things on the hill and below your pen!) Oh, them! 😀 They’re alright! I would probably chase them around, but K.A Says not to, cause they’re good, and she has one I guess. You probably knew that though.. anyway, we’re suppose to help them gather cattle! 😉 So they’re nice! 🙂 My opinion of them though, is that they’re a little too big, and they should be nicer to dogs! But they’re alright! 🙂 😀
2. Do you know what a dolphin is?
A dolfin? no. It sounds like a type of knife. A dull phin. right? Yes. 😮
3. What is your favorite fictional dog character?
Like from a book…? 😛 Umm… probably hmm.. oh, from a MOVIE? Then…Bolt! 😉 Cause I’m JUST like him! I save people too! I also like Max! 🙂 My favorites!
4. Are you excited to be a mother?
Yes, I was! Sorry about this being so late! :/ 😉 But I was excited! More attention for me!! 🙂 xD Hehehe!!!
5. Does K.A. know what your mom’s name was?
Yup! So do I! 🙂 😀 Heart! 😀 Her name was Heart! 🙂 She was nice… *sigh* :/ She died though.
Britt (ranch life)
What breed are u?

 I’m a Border collie!! 😀 The smartest dog in the (BREED! THE SMARTEST BREED AGGIE!!!) OKAY!!! The smartest BREED in the world. *K.A Looks away* And dog! >:D


What is your favorite thing to do outside?

I like to bury bones and other things!!! 😀 They’re SOOO fun! 🙂 😀

Do you like to chase butterflies?

what are those? I like chasing rabbits! 🙂 😀

What is your favorite kind of toy to play with?

Probably my little Purple chew toy! 🙂 😀 K.A made it for me! 🙂 It’s got little foofy things on it that are a LOT of fun to flip! 😛

Stephanie Johnston

Do you prefer Doritos or corn chips?

Nice question! 😉 😛 Umm…Doritos! CHEESY!!!
What is your opinion on generic brands of peanut butter?

As long as it tastes good, I’m fine! 😀 It would be yummier with an apple! 😉
Would you rather be an agent in the FBI or the CIA?

CIA!! TOTALLY!!! 🙂 Because it has an A AND an I in it!! :O And my NAME DOES TOO!!!!! :O 😀 😀 😀 Plus it sound cool…
Who is your hero?

Uhh..ME! DUUUUUUUH!!!! 😛 😀 I’m my hero! 🙂 I save everyone, and I’m so great that I EVEN SAVE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 😛 I’m good! 🙂


Okay, there! 😀 Yay! 🙂 😀 That was fun! I hope you enjoyed reading it! 😀 🙂 Sorry it’s so late!! 🙂

Aggie is doing very good! 🙂 Her puppies all have names now!! 😀

Vic, Laser, Blade, Sinker, Bobber, Hook, Zig and Zag!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 You like em!!!!????  😀 PLEASE tell me in the comments! 🙂 😀


39 thoughts on “Q&A for Aggie!!!

  1. That was HILARIOUS, K. A.! I loved reading all the answers, and especially the answers to my questions. 😉 #3 and #4 of mine were SO funny! Wait, Aggie, you drink gas? That explains a lot… JUST KIDDING! XD Hee hee, I love the names Zig and Zag. That’s so cute!


  2. These answers were so funny (and fun) to read! Great post! Aggie sounds like a character! 😉 I love all of the names for her puppies, especially Zig and Zag! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

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