Wordcrafters-My part!!!!!

“What’s the matter, Esme?” Vivi asked, looking over her shoulder.

“It- It’s…g-go-“ Esme started crying. Vivi saw that the dragon was missing from the basket and looked over worriedly at Pippin.

“B-but …how? I thought you were checking on it, Pippin!” Vivi looked accusingly at Pippin. He lowered his head, thinking.

“I saw it in there a couple…days ago.” He said the last part a whisper.

“Pippin!!! How could you! You were in-“ Vivi started, but Pippin interrupted.

“It’s probably not far… maybe it’s even close!” He said, trying to believe his own words.

“Yeah..” Esme joined in, trying to end the fight. Pippin turned around and walked toward the trees and cave again. Vivi helped Esme up and she hobbled over to a tree. “We’ll search, then come right back. Stay here.” Vivi told Esme.

After searching for nearly 2 hours without any luck, the two finally went back to Esme and sat down for a rest. Vivi leaned against a tree and scratched her head.

“Man, it’s HOT out …wait…” Vivi trailed off. “it’s…hot..?” She was more talking to herself now. It wasn’t pouring rain anymore! In fact, it was very sunny and hot, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

“What in the world…?” Pippin asked, realizing also that it wasn’t raining. Esme had pulled off her black cloak and was trying to put her black hair in a bun, to keep it from sticking to her neck. They were all covered in sweat too. “This is strange.” Vivi muttered. “Should we call Katri?” She asked Pippin. He shrugged.

“Katri!” She called loudly. Nothing happened. “KATR-“

“What is it?” She heard someone say. Vivi spun around to see Katri behind her, looking annoyed. That was quick. she thought.

“We…we need your help. We-we lost the dragon…” Vivi lowered her head, afraid of what Katri might say.

“The dragon…but …it should be here soon..you did let it trail behind you like I said..right?” Katri asked, now fully alert to what they were saying.

“Well…” Esme said. Katri’s eyes darted over to Esme and she walked toward her.

“’Well’ what?” Katri seemed angry now, and Pippin stepped forward.

“The dragon seemed so friendly. I just carried it in the basket.” Esme replied, sniffing.

“yeah, you never said not to!” Pippin declared, sticking up for Esme. Vivi glanced from Esme to Pippin. Then she walked over.
“yeah!” Vivi put in. Katri nodded quickly.

“If that’s how you want it! Just look for the dragon. I told you, you are not safe here without the dragon being returned. Now that you have held it and kept it close to you, it will not be able to defend itself. You had better find it quickly, because if it dies, you die. And…” Katri’s eyes filled with fear, and then she quickly disappeared into thin air. Esme lowered herself to the ground and sobbed. Even Pippin looked as if he might cry. Vivi was just mad.

“C’mon guys! We have a dragon to find!” She announced, marching off into the woods. Pippin dragged himself off the ground and took a turn helping Esme up and putting her arm around his neck, then followed after Vivi, looking to the left and right trying to find a little dragon.

Pippin leaned up next to a tree and took a deep breath. There was no sign of the dragon, and none of them had any idea where they were! But every time they tried to call Katri, she just ignored them. All three of them were dripping with sweat, and didn’t want to keep on. For all they knew, the dragon could be 20 miles from them.
“Come on, Pippin, we have to keep going.” Vivi said tiredly. He nodded and took another step, then stopped again. “I…I can’t, Vivi. Just keep going without me…” He said, sitting on the ground. Vivi looked at him hard and saw that he was thoroughly exhausted.

“Okay, I guess I’ll keep-“

“NO! We stick together! If Pippin stays, we stay!” Esme declared loudly. Vivi looked back at her, surprised.
“Okay.”  She gave in. Pippin flipped back his cloak hood and Esme gasped. His usually freckled face, was as red as a tomato.

“Oh, Pippin…” Vivi said, her eyes huge. “You didn’t say…”

“What!?” Pippin asked angrily, “That since I’m a redhead, I get sunburned very, very easily and badly? Well I do…” He sighed, and rubbed his face, leaving it stinging even more. Vivi brought over some of the potion for injuries and sprinkled it onto Pippin.

“Better?” She asked. But Pippin shook his head when nothing happened.

“Oh no…the potions, they..they aren’t working!! Do you think Katri did something…” Vivi trailed off in thought.

“Owww…” Esme groaned in pain. Her ankle was all swollen up and sore. Vivi sighed. “Well..I guess we’re staying here tonight…” She set up camp and Pippin helped her find some wood and kindling. He had a lighter in one of his pants pockets, and they used that to start a fire.

Esme was curled up inside her cloak, sound asleep. Vivi was using her pocket knife to scrape at a stick, and Pippin was deep in thought.

“Vivi? Do you have any siblings?” He asked thoughtfully. She shook her head, then seeing that he wasn’t looking at her she said no.

“well…I do…”

Vivi stopped scraping and looked up.

“Really? I never knew that!” She admitted.

“An older brother…Devin. He looks sorta like me actually…I miss ‘im..”

Vivi didn’t like to see Pippin this sad, it was too weird. Vivi was about to reply when she heard a whistling noise. What was that? Pippin heard it too. Then all of the sudden a blur fell out from the sky, landing about 10 feet from them. Pippin walked over there to see what it was and gasped. Vivi walked over, and was surprised to see that there was a boy, that looked like an older version of Pippin, sitting on the ground. He looked about 18 years old. “Ouch.” He said simply. Pippin smiled hugely. “Devin!” He yelled, helping the 18 year old up.  Just then a huge beast ran up from behind them. Devin turned around. “There it is again!!!” He cried, as if he had seen it before.

Vivi looked  closer to see that the beast was their once small dragon!

“Well, we found our dragon!RUUUN!!!” Pippin yelled, running for the camp as the monster screeched hideously and flared its nostrils.

“We’re dead.” Vivi muttered under her breath.


Is that enough of a cliff hanger?? 😛 XD Hehe!!! 🙂 Cutepolarbear, you are next!!!! 😀 😛 Hehe!!!! 🙂 I’m sorry if I wasn’t suppose to have them find the dragon yet…but it was moving sooo slow I wasn’t sure…

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