Little Story

Hi everyone!! 😀 *waves happily* I have to go do chores soon… *stops waving* But I can post this first! *Smiles happily* 😛 xD Haha!!! 🙂 Okay, so I just wrote a story, and thought I’d share it with y’all xD 🙂 It’s not the best story ever…but it’s got a wee bit of a cliff hanger to it! XD 😛 here:

“When will it end? Are we almost there?” Blake whined to Brittley.

“You’ll be fine. And … I don’t know.” Brittley muttered, her head still pushed against the pillow in the airplane’s window. She closed her eyes again as Blake sighed. He didn’t like planes. It wasn’t all that noisy in here, but then again, yes it was.

Blake pursed his lips, trying to think of something to do. He pushed his blond wavy hair out of his eyes and rubbed his nose with two fingers. “Uuuuugh…” he muttered. Why did Britt have to be sleeping!? HOW could she be sleeping?! She just-

Blake’s thoughts were interrupted by the pilot talking nervously on the radio. Static, and then some incoherent words were going back and forth. Blake perked up as he thought he heard the word ‘emergency’.  Then the plane seemed to get quiet. The radio talk was clear now.

“I’ve lost engine one! Engine two is very low on gas! I’m over land, but I can’t do an emergency landing here! We’ll try to get over a good landing before Engine two….” Blake gasped, not hearing the rest of what was said. What?! We’re going to CRASH?? Britt was already sitting up and listening, her eyebrows raised with fear and eyes big.

“God please help us.” Britt repeated over and over. Blake was saying the same thing over and over in his mind. Then everything got quiet. Engine two…had quit.

The plane ducked up and down, swaying back and forth. Blake looked over at Britt and saw that she was slumped over in her seat. “Britt!!” he called. She had hit her head on the wall…and was unconscious. “ no no!” Blake cried. “This can’t be happening!” He was sweating, and looked out to see that they were VERY close to the ground. He pulled Britt close and hugged her. “we’ll be okay…We’re gonna be okay.”  He blinked back the tears.

Then everything happened at once. The plane collided with the ground and hit hard. Then it caught on fire as Blake scooped Britt in his arms. His 19 year old sister was older and heavier than him, so it took a lot of effort, but Blake was strong. He walked toward the door of the plane, trying to avoid the fallen planks of wood from the plane ceiling. But right as he neared the door, a large segment of the ceiling fell on him and knocked him to the ground. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to make it out now. But he would try to still save Britt. He wrapped his arms around her and put himself over her. They would probably both die, but he would do his best to see that Britt didn’t. A tear fell from his cheek as he closed his eyes and pulled Britt closer. Then another few boards fell from the ceiling and onto the back of Blake’s head, knocking him unconscious.


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Alliteration Tag! :)

A while back Zielle tagged Megan who tagged me to do this thing! xD 😛

Here are rules:


1.Tag back to Zielle, and to the person who tagged you, and thank the person who tagged you.

2. Write your alliteration poem/story (it doesn’t even have to have a proper ending, or even make sense! But it would be better if it did.😉 )

3. Tag as many people as you want!

There! 🙂 I’m also going to do what Megan did and plunk a random letter! y! 😛 Okay, here goes.

Yellow yana yearned for yucky yelping, yipping yapping yorkshires. Yelling yummy yuckys, YA!

Okay, that was REALLY odd….. here is another! 😛 o!

Odd Orange Olive okapi, Oli, off of oncoming orlando or Oswald. Oswald offered only olives.

Okay, sorry that made NO sense…I would suggest to go to Megan’s here:

To actually see a GOOD one! 😛 xD Haha!!! 🙂

Here are some people I nominate: Bella from Book Sweet. Suzy from craftz n craziness. and anyone else who says this once: Mostly Close to the toasty coast. 😛 🙂 Even if you don’t get it right! xD Yes, I made that up! 😀 😀 🙂 😛