AAWC last one!

I have a plot twist, and the word Invisible in the story Misty…although I KIND OF doubt you will mist the plot twist!

Wow…this is the last one!! I’ve been putting off this post…because to tell you the truth..I’m not sure I want to do it! Like you know how we’re suppose to have a plot twist in this story? I have a really good one….but I think it’s too much of a plot twist……even for me! It’s gonna be hard, and I’m NOT sure that you’re ..well…going to like it..buuuut…here it goes! :/ 😉 😛

“Ryan..I’m gonna miss you.” Irene told her 19 year old brother at the airport. He was moving away and they wouldn’t see him for another 3 months. Tears gathered into Irene’s eyes as she watched her brother hug his mom and dad.

“I love you guys. I’m going to miss all of you. A lot.” He told them. Then he gave one last hug to Irene and Aisly -his older sister- and walked away. Irene clenched her fists and teeth and walked in front of everyone else, over to the glass that she could see past. Aisly walked over to her. After 10 minutes had gone by, they still couldn’t see him. “Maybe he’s gone invisible.” Aisly muttered.

“He probably had to go through security.” Their dad said. Just then they saw Ryan walk into sight. He saw them and waved, smiling. Then got in line. Irene watched as he handed the man behind the counter his ticket and then walked down the enclosed ramp towards the plane. She saw a tear run down his face as he had one more look and wave before walking away. Then he disappeared, out of sight. Irene walked back trying to stay in front of everyone else with her head down, hiding the tears the lined her face. Quickly they made it to the car and the entire 2 hour drive home, Irene just stared blankly through the window. They had music in the car, but it just made things worse and had Irene nearly sobbing.

By the next day, Irene was feeling better about things, and walked into the living room, then collapsed on the comfy red chair. Aisly sat down beside her and flipped on the TV. There was weather, and news. There was something about a murder, as always, and Irene ignored it until she saw Aisly staring at the TV, paralyzed with fear. She looked quickly at the TV and saw that the murder was on an airplane. It was the number that Ryan had been on. They announced who it was that was murdered, and Aisly and Irene both let out a huge sigh when they realized it wasn’t Ryan.

“We caught the criminal at the scene though thankfully.” It showed a Police man saying. Then it showed footage of them leading the murderer away. Irene gasped as she saw that…

Ryan was the Murderer.


DA DA DA!!! :O I know, it’s awful! Isn’t that just terrible?? :O Well..was that enough of a plot twist? XD I’m GUESSING just GUESSING that you weren’t expecting that…was I right?? 😛 Hehe! I told you it was quite the plot twist!! :O 😮 You were probably ‘scared’ that he was the one that was murdered! But NO, he was the OPPOSITE!! Wow…now I’m wondering if I should even publish this post. 😐 :/ 😦 Hmmm…. I don’t know. If you’re reading it then-OBVIOUSLY- I published it! XD Okay…I’ll publish it. :/ 😉


18 thoughts on “AAWC last one!

  1. WHOAH! HUGE PLOT TWIST! 😮 That was awesome, K.A.! You should continue this…it really leaves the reader with a ton of questions. 😉
    Thank you for participating in this year’s Aspiring Author’s Writing Challenge! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ve loved reading your wonderful stories. 🙂 I hope you participate again next year!

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