Thinking colors!!! The COLORING CONTEST!

I’m really sorry for not posting this sooner!!! Who likes our new design on Colorful Ideas?, my collab blog!??Say ‘LOVELOVELOVEIT!!!’!! If you like the new design! Suzy  designed it!! Her blog is right HERE

 Hey, All!!! This is K.A, with the thinking Colors coloring contest!!! TCCC! 😀


Nicole-Life of an Irish dancer

Carmen-A Barefoot Gal

Points: 13

team antelop.jpg

Megan-A Barefoot Gal

Rebekah-American Girl Guide

Points: 12

Megan: Here are my team’s points! 😀 Your name will be red if I did not get your picture.

team warbler

Samantha Red Head With a Book

R The Best of Two Worlds

Allison-A Farm Girl’s Life

Points: 6

team mustang

K.A. Cuddly Critters Blog

Nellye Safe in the potter’s hands

Suzy Craftz ‘n’ craziness

Points: 11

I’m SO sorry we didn’t post this sooner.. hopefully we’ll be able to keep up now! Here are the coloring pages. Remember, the realistic one (#1) is worth three and the not-so-realistic one is worth two. You could get up to 2 extra points if you color it realistically. 😀

Ya, I’m really sorry too!!! 😦 But…we’ll try our best to keep up! I literally had FOUR things that I NEEDED to post…and this was one of them…I am SO SO SO sorry!!

Note: The next post with the results will most likely be at THIS blog, A barefoot Gal! 😀 Just so you know!!! If you have any questions, about anything, you can ask me or Megan!!! Her blog is A barefoot Gal!

If you’re on Team Mustang, or Team Warbler, then ask her, cause those are her teams! Unless you want to ask me something! If you’re on Team Fox or Team Antelope, then ask Me, cause those are my teams!!! Unless you want to ask Megan something!!!

Here are the next coloring pages:

(Just click on them to take you to where you can print them)

Mr. Two Point Fish XD 😛 (From K.A: That’s funny, Megan! XD )

Mr. and Mrs. Four Point Fish:

Okay…I hope these will work!!! Bye now!!!!!

Yup! Bye!!!


20 thoughts on “Thinking colors!!! The COLORING CONTEST!

    • Ooh! Neat!! 😀 Thanks so much! If any OTHER bloggers see this comment, let it be a reminder that you need to send me or Megan (depending on what team you’re on) the link to your post!! Thanks!


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