Animal Stories of the past Part 2!

Okay, HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! If you didn’t read my FIRST ‘animal stories of the past’ then click THIS!

Here are the stories I have done and will do!

  • Guiney The Australian Shepherd-the Miracle Story -done
  • Nifel The Barred Rock-The Chick that tweeted to it’s name-done
  • Mouse The Tabby Cat-the cat that loved goats-done
  • Gadget The Quarter Horse-The horse that I love so much-will do this time
  • Frog The Border Collie-The dog who came back-will do this time
  • Shach The Border Collie-The dog who gives hugs-will do this time
  • Niño The Quarter horse-The 2nd miracle story-will do this time

Okay, so, the story of Gadget! I’ve never told bloggers THIS story! So….here!


I went down to Gadget’s pen to pet on him one evening, but he was limping really bad. I told daddy, and we caught him to check it out. He had a nail stuck in the frog of his hoof. Here’s a picture, so you know where it is:

So…ya…he had a nail stuck in there. We got it out, and soaked his foot in warm water. Then bandaged it up, and left him. I was hoping that he wouldn’t get tetanus, because of the rusty nail. God protected him, and he got to go to pasture and we put some balm on his foot, and I still  have him to this day! God was watching over my man! I’m very thankful for that!!! This might not seem amazing, but to me it is pretty neat!!! Just one of the millions of times that God has watched over our animals!!!


Okay, so Frog is our dog! I know, it’s a weird name, but if you knew him better, you would KNOW that it totally fit him!! Any way, Frog, hates storms, and one day, he got out of his pen and we couldn’t find him for anything. We had a friend over and we were all looking for Froggie. I don’t even remember if it WAS because of a storm that he ran away. He is Aggie’s dad..if you didn’t know that! Any way! Sorry, I keep interrupting myself. He was gone, we were looking for him, you get the point. Okay, this will sound weird, but  lot of times, I ask animals, if they’ve seen something that I’m looking for. I asked Grizz, another one of our dogs, if he knew where Frog was. He turned in a direction and barked, then again. I’m NOT kidding! I know he at least turned a certain direction, so I went further in the barn, and outside to the way that Grizz had barked. I have this story on my dogs page, so you’ve probably already read this. But I went out, and called Frog, and whistled. And can you guess what I saw running up the road toward the barn? Yup! It was our Froggie!!! I ran out of the barn and embraced the red and white boy! And we still have HIM to this day too!!!

Shach, the doggie!

Okay, so Shach is one of Aggie’s ‘kids’! He is black and white. When I go in his pen, I can kneel down, and he’ll come to me. And ‘give me a hug’ He snuggles so close, and loves on you. He is SO sweet!!! This story isn’t great, I know, but I like it! Also, when I’m outside of his pen, I can lean over the gate, and he’ll put his paws around my arm, another one of his ‘hugs’, I’m sure if you like dogs, then you would like him. But he is a little shy! 😀 XD

Niño the horse.

This is the story that is from THISpost, so I’m going to copy and paste, just so you know if you’ve already read it!

I was sitting on the computer chair, ‘talking’ to Megan, a barefoot gal, about their cat that died today. I was saying how it had actually been a long time since an animal had died on our place, when daddy rushed in the room. “Come here! Quick, I need your help.” He said, quickly. I followed him hesitantly to the back porch and put on my hat and coat, (which was actually my sister’s hat and coat,’we have the same kind of hat and coat’) and as we walked briskly into the cold he explained that our horse Niño’s foot, ( Niño means ‘boy’ in Spanish) was caught. nino's foot.pngSo I used a pipe to pry the waterer back while Daddy pulled his foot out! Daddy said that if he had of pulled back even once, it would have broken his leg! 😦 🙂 It’s amazing that he was so calm. The reason he got his foot stuck was because he was trying to brake the ice in his water. I’m so glad we still have our amazing Stud. We are very blessed to still have our wonderful man! 😀 Thank you, God! 😀

He is really sweet, and NOW, we have a baby out of him!!! 😀 XD 

That’s all for now!! Bye! And I’m VERY sorry that I haven’t posted the results for the mystery pictures yet, I’ll try to soon!!!! If you want to guess still, the post it HERE!!! Oops!

I almost forgot my quote!! here!

It says:

When a cowboy comes to the end of his life, if his Bible is half as worn out as his saddle, Then it’s been a good ride.

Isn’t that good?!

Last time I forgot to nominate, so the people that I nominate for this time AND last time, are

Sunny (every thing fun Under the sun)

Genna (a finger full of frosting)

Nicole (from dolls with a passion)

and this time

Allison (a farm girls life)

Misty (creative worlds of writing)

and Geeky girl!!!


Oh, and here is another one, since I was nominated by three people, I’m not sure how this works, but here is another good one I found!

Is says

“You can say any think you want about me. But I’m going to have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way”

It’s not that great, but still good! It’s off of the movie Hidalgo!

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