Review and thinking colors!!!!

013Okay, so today I’m doing a review on something I bought custom from Allison!!!! I hope you like them, I LOVE them! The pictures are of Aggie and Chubster, she made clay ‘replicas’ of them!!!! Aren’t they AMAZING?!?!?!? I love Chubster’s shine and Aggie’s shine on her eyes and nose! So detailed too! THey look VERY real! I look at them while I go to sleep! They’re perched on my bedside table! I LOVE them so much!!!! I encourage you to buy something from her Etsy shop, HERE! She has some AMAZING stuff! Check it out! At Wee Little Crafts! Here are the pictures!!! 😛 XD 😀 😛 🙂 😉 There’s TONS of pics, so enjoy! XD005001012014011006004010015007009

002003008Here is my coloring page!!!!!! Hope you like it!!!!!!



15 thoughts on “Review and thinking colors!!!!

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