New Idea! Presenting: Animal of the month!

YAY! I’m going to have an animal of the month!!!! Surprise!!!! Are you ready to-wait! I’ll put the ‘rules’ if you want to call them that; here is how it works:

I will come up with an animal of the month

I will put pics up of that animal

you can comment saying what you think the NEXT animal of the month should be…but I might not choose it…you will NEVER KNOW!!! πŸ˜‰

I will talk about that animal and put up lots of things about it!

Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!………so…………the………………….animal……..of…………..the……………month… (okay, enough of the …..s!) Guiney!!!!!!! Yes, Guiney, my sister’s dog!!!

Okay! SO…here it is, folks!

  • Name: Guiney
  • Age: 7 1/2
  • Breed: Australian Shepherd
  • Color: Blue Merl
  • Description: VERY cute! Fluffy, black, brown, gray, and white!
  • What she loves: Having her tummy scratched (doesn’t every dog?!) Eating snow!!! And most of all…..YOU guessed it, treats! Guinz LOVES treats!
  • Her favorite activities: Eating snow, sledding, sleeping in her kennel, riding in the truck! XD and being pet!
  • Nicknames: Guinz, Guiney bear, Guiney fluffs, Fuzzel Winkie (my sister was tired when she was trying to say Fuzzie Winkel, and failed! It kind of stuck!) Guinzo!

Here is a true story I wrote about Guiney that happened 2012! (I think) Right HERE! It’s the Miracle Story of Guiney…please look at it! It’s AMAZING! God was watching over this girl for sure!

Here are the pictures!!!


Isn’t she adorable!



I LOVE the one of her in the wagon!


I got a picture of her trying to grab this dog treat (the purple blur) out of the air! XD


I hope you liked this!!!! You can be looking forward to the NEXT animal of the month! Goodbye, and have a good rest of your day!!!!β™₯

P.S. We’re going to have another bed put in my room today!!! XD Who here likes secret messages????

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