WordPress, year in review!

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a LOT of posts with their word press in review blog things and so I thought…….hmmmm, why shouldn’t I do that too! 😀 So, here it is!

WordPress.com presents

Cuddly Critters Blog

2015 in blogging


😀 Oh and please take this survey, if you haven’t already!

😀 Bye! If you haven’t seen my last post, please look at it! 😀













10 thoughts on “WordPress, year in review!

    • Did you get an email from WordPress saying that you had a review thing? If so, click the detail thing and and go to the top corner after the page loads, and it will say ‘make this public’ click that. then copy the URL and ummmm….put it as a link in your post and WALA! If you didn’t get the email, because you may have deleted it, then search word press in your email’s search and go to the bottom where it says ‘there are some emails that match your search in trash ‘ and click that! And look until you see one that says ‘your blog in review’ ! 😀 😀 Then do the things I said to do above this! 😀 I hope this helps! If you have more questions, please ask away! 😀


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