The amazing Pic award

I was nominated by Genna! Thank you so much Genna!



1. Thank the person that nominated you
2. Start a blog post and answer the questions below
3. Add 1-3 of your Favorite\Best blog photos
4. Nominate up to ten people

1. How long have you had a blog?
A little over a year!

2. Why did you start blogging?
I wanted somewhere like an online journal! Where I could write about my animals! 😀

3. Do you like photography?
  Yes, I do. Not as much as some people! I have an Nikon Coolpix AW 120 !

4. Did you start your blog on your own?
Yes, with probably a little bit of help from my mom! 😀

5. Why do you like these photos so much?

I don’t know! I guess because well…I really like the 2nd one, because Aggie (on the left) is like, “really, K.A! Why do you have to take a PICTURE!!!!” and Scout-on the right- is like “What’s your problem Aggie! You’re weird! The reason she’s taking a picture of us is because she likes up and wants to put us on her blog!” and then the 3rd one Aggie is like, “Haha Scout! I GOT YOU!!!!” 😀 XD XD And the first one is JUST PLAIN CUTE!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 XD XD XD XD


I nominate:

Loren at Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes

Hayley at Flourishing by restful falls!

Maddie at The Blog of Toys

Daydreaming Dolls

Everything Fun Under The Sun

Rebekah at american Girl Guide

I guess umm…

Maddy at Maddy’s digtal Diary!

samanthadolls from agdollawesome

that’s it! Oh and I will be reblogging a cool post soon from american Girl Guide! I hope you like it as much as I do, if that’s possible! 😀

I’m still planning to do that story about Guiney soon, so be looking forward to it!


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