CWWC challenge 6!

Okay, here goes! I’m gonna use all three again……MORE POINTS FOR KEEPERS!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :  : writing prompt> Bonus points if you are a kid in the orphanage.:

“No, no-NO no, don’t do it” Jill yelled in her sleep, “No!!! Please, I want the morning… not the moon… Ahhhh!!!!” She burst up out of her bed. She had had a dream that she was standing on a big wheel and a whole bunch of pictures of different times of day surrounded her…then the wheel started spinning so fast, that all of the pictures were jumbled together.Really weird. She hopped out of bed and got dressed..then ran downstairs to start chores… Jill lived in an orphanage with about 58 other kids… after you live there for awhile you come to the realization that the fence around the orphanage is to keep the public safe from the kids – not the other way around. Jill and like 4 other kids were the only ones that were actually safe to go in public… Jill started washing dishes with a boy named Kyle, he was one of her friends. That night the orphanage was going to get pictures for this year, of all of the kids. When they were done washing dishes, the organizer, Ms. Cotek, came in the room. “Time for games… start with monopoly!” Jill never liked playing games, so she sneaked quietly upstairs and hid in the attic to read a book…


It was 5:30 when the orphanage kids went to get their pictures taken. The sign in front of it said ‘Picture House’ all of the letters glowed, but in Jill’s head…she thought about how dirty all of the other kids always made her look. Blaming things on her…etc, then Jill looked at the sign…all of the glow seemed to disappear, except in the letters that spelled ‘Cure us’. She wished someone could cure her of all of the kids around her.


Two weeks later

Jill was sitting on the couch, reading her book. Her mom had gotten her a series of books that Jill LOVED! Two weeks earlier, Jill had been adopted! She loved having a mom and dad.









There! Did you like it!?



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