My CWWC story!

AHHHHH!!!!! The keepers are behind! Okay, so I will be using three prompts!  And for you who have seen the movies Zoro, this is half based off of that! I hope you like it!Writing prompt: Awesome:  :

The Years go By……

…..There was a girl by the name of Devan Lamorn, who was 13 years old. She lived in a house in the city…. there was always supposedly a ghost that lived in the city….Her name was Zara…… She would rescue people when they needed help and was always where help was needed. She always left a Z with her sword, where ever she had been. The people in the city thought she was a ghost, but Devan always thought of her as a hero instead. Devan went riding on her horse one evening and came upon a woman in a horse-drawn buggy, riding down the path. A group of men rode up behind her and pulled a gun on her. Just then A woman in metal armor came riding off the hill on a bay horse, that also had armor on. She galloped toward the buggy and pulled her sword out of her scabbard. Then she smote the men that were threatening to rob the old woman of her money and they ran like scared rats. The woman Jumped off of her horse and ran to the woman to make sure she was okay. Then she jumped on her horse in one leap and put her sword in her scabbard, and rode toward the hills. As the buggy jostled away, Devan saw a Z scratched on the back of the Buggy. They had to move away, because the streets weren’t safe after dawn, no matter how hard Zara may have tried but ever since then…. Devan looked up to Zara.

Five years later…

Devan had returned to her old hometown to search for something to do with her life. She was now 18 and she was on her own. She had gotten into the wrong place though….Devan looked for safety, her foe was on her tail and she knew they would catch up soon enough. Her bay horse, Torrent, was breathing hard as they ran up the hill. The Sea came in sight and Devan was surprised to see a large cabin out in the waves…. lifted up above the water. A canoe lay abandoned on the shore. It was late at night and the sun was quickly setting. Devan ran her horse toward the hills and let it stay there. Then she started walking toward the cabin. She was momentarily shocked  by the beauty in the tall building. She snapped back into her quick moving mode and started running towards the building…..then she had memories flash in her head of this place…. it was supposedly haunted….Is this a safe place for me to go? She asked herself. She heard hoof beats behind her. She ran as fast as she could now, she didn’t think she had any other choice but to find refuge. She got to the large figure and found a ladder on the other side. She quickly climbed to the top and hoisted the ladder up behind her. Then she opened the door to the cabin. It squeaked loudly and as Devan stepped in the large open area, she saw a woman standing in the room. The woman whipped around and drew her sword…. “I am your friend!” Devan cried, “Do not hurt me!” The woman put her sword down and stepped forward. She looked like she was in her late twenties. Devan knew she had seen this woman before, but she couldn’t say where. “You can’t tell any one that you saw me here. NO ONE!” The woman told her. “I’m…… I’m Zara. You’ve seen me before. I saw you watching me from that hill a few years ago. You’re ……umm… Devan… right?” Zara asked, looking up into Devan’s face. Devan’s eyes were wide with fright. “Y-Ya….how did you know?” she asked Zara. “I’ve got my connections.” Zara replied. “Do you know how to use a sword?” She asked “ummm….. I guess, why?” Devan replied. “Here” Zara said. She grabbed a sword off of the wall and tossed over to Devan. Then she pulled her cape over her shoulder and positioned herself. Devan met the blows of Zara with unbalanced but shrill moves. Then she tried an attack. Not only did Zara block it, but she also made a slice over by Devan’s head. Devan ducked out of the way and met the next blow with a cut and found herself being pushed toward the wall. She made a slice to Zara’s neck and kept spinning, then as she tried another attack to Zara, she failed and found the tip of Zara’s sword on her chest. “Very good!” Zara said, apparently impressed. “Thank you!” Devan had been having so much fun that she had nearly forgotten about the men chasing her. She ran to the nearby window and saw Torrent, her horse, standing below. “My horse! He’s standing below me in the water.” Devan said, “Is there somewhere to put him?” She asked Zara. Zara’s smile disappeared and she bit her lip. “Ummm…..No” She replied “Okay, I guess I can jus-” “No, I do…. Follow me” Zara interrupted. Devan followed Zara outside and to the other side of the building. Devan whistled and Torrent trotted around the building. Then they walked to the back. A rock lay over the side of the building. It was covered with weeds. Zara stuck her hand in a hole in the weeds and gripped something, making a door come out of the rock. Then She stepped inside and and Devan heard a nicker come from inside the door. Devan walked inside and Torrent walked in behind her. Another horse came in sight and Torrent was put in the stall beside the other bay horse. Zara then walked further up a long stairway, and into the house. “This place is really cool!” Devan said.

Two weeks later

Zara had taught Devin to sword fight well and Devan really enjoyed it. Devan figured out that Zara’s real name was Jami, but Devan still called her Zara…. “I have family…. in a different state and I….I would really like to visit them again… but I need to….No. I couldn’t ask you to do that…I don’t know!” Said Zara. “What are you talking about?” asked Devan. “I can’t leave… Zara, and go become Jami again! Zara is still needed! Would…… would you want to be Zara for me? You’re good enough for the sword fighting part? I would appreciate it…. A LOT!!!! Would you?” Zara asked Devan. “Are you kidding?!” Devan said, “Of COURSE!!! I would love to!”

And that’s how Devan got the armor of Zara and her and Torrent, became Zara and Torrent!


  There! I hope you liked it! You know why I made Torrent a bay! 😀 😉 He probably looked just like Gadget!


P.S. I’m glad that I can make this a post, because I accidentally made it a page, and thought I just deleted it! Then I made it into a post! Glad I still have it! 😀  😀 😀 😀 😀


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