CWWC challenge 3!!!!

Okay, so this is my 3rd challenge!! WHOO!!! I will be using ALL three (to give team keepers more points) prompts! πŸ˜€ YAY!!! I hope you will read it and like it! Tell me what you thought in the comments below! Thanks!

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“Don’t you Remember?”….

….”Hey dad?” said Troy, “Are we there yet?” he asked again, the bumps of the wagon, jarred him, making him bite his tongue.”Ouch!” He said. “No, son, we won’t be there for another hour or two!” his dad replied. “I just-never mind.” “Troy, I’m hungry!” his 3 year old sister complained, “I want to get out!” his little brother said. “We just have a little more, guys, and then we’ll be able to get out!” Troy replied, “Okay?” “Okay.” “Okay, I guess.” “When ARE we gonna get there?” Troy said, half under his breath. Another bump jarred the wagon and sent Troy sliding across the wagon floor.

The wagon jerked to a stop, waking up Troy. “We’re here!” Troy’s dad said. Troy hopped out of the car and leaned back, stretching all his worn muscles. Then he helped his 4 other siblings, Sara, Elizabeth, Timothy and Gary out of the wagon. As they walked into their log house, their dad said, “So this is it, this is home….” Then we all stepped in the door.

They had been in their home about a week, and Troy thought it was about time that he went out to adventure, I mean, how dangerous could it be? So he got a satchel full of fruit and some soup for his lunch. He also had a large sword with him, so that he might be able to get a deer to eat or something. Then he adventured into the rocks. He climbed up onto a very large one and looked about at his house and the pen he had built with his dad. He thought he heard a rumbling noise behind him, so he turned around quickly. Was thatΒ  a puff of smoke and a flame of fire coming from the rocks before him? he wondered. He started to back up, lost his balance and over the edge he tumbled! His limbs flapped uselessly in the air. He landed with a POW on a large rock.Everything went black.

He woke up, with a sore ache to his head. He felt heat on him, and seemed to smell smoke…. Where AM I? he wondered. He sat up, his head still spinning, he saw a spiky dragon staring at him from above! He drew his sword and quickly stood up. His eyes were wide with fright. “I will… kill you!” He said. The funny thing was, the dragon seemed to understand him, and grunted in reply. The boy reached out his hand a little, then jerked it back again…. What am I doing? He wondered. Then he stretched out his hand and surprisingly, the dragon put his head under Troy’s hand, and closed his eyes. The boy put his sword away. “What are you doing here?” Troy asked the dragon, half talking to himself. “I am here to protect you!” “From WHAT?” the boy said. “The others have been watching for you for many years to come back.” the dragon said. “What?” the boy asked, curiously. “I’ve never even been here before!” “Yes, you have, but you wouldn’t remember….” the dragon stated. “Sit on my back.” The boy looked at him, wondering if that was safe. “How ELSE do you think you’re gonna get out of here!?” the Dragon exclaimed. Troy looked around, he didn’t see HOW else he could, but how could this dragon get him out? He hopped on the back of the dragon. “First, what is your name?” Troy asked. “I am Kaeron.” And with that, a mighty pair of wings unfolded and up into the air he went. “Whoa!” Troy exclaimed, trying to get a better grip.

Troy was in bed. He hadn’t told his mom or dad about his adventure in the rocks, he told himself he would do it tomorrow. ………

Troy was walking along a solid rock road, he didn’t know where he was going, but he kept walking. There was a sign farther along, and Troy jogged to get to it, to see it. It said, You’ve actually been here before, but we made sure you forgot. What does that mean? He wondered. Then he heard Roaring and smelled smoke. Huge Dragons, 20 feet tall, came charging out of the woods, from all around him……

……”No!” Troy said, bursting out of his sleep. He was breathing hard, and tried to take a deep breath. What could that mean? He wondered. Just then, he heard glass shatter, his window, and a large horn, burst into his room, his bed started smoking, with the heat that filled the room. A deafening Roar filled the house with terror……..


Did you like it? I hope you did! You can come up with your OWN conclusion for it! I’m on Team Keepers, for you who didn’t know! πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading! See you next time!




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