The Little Princess.

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The little Princess

Once, there was a little girl. Her name was Lizzie Thomas. She was the oldest of 4 kids. She was 12. Her siblings were Jayden, her 6 year old sister, Tami, her 3 year old sister and Justin, her 4 month old brother. She lived in the country. She lived on a farm with lots of animals. Her dad was tucking her in one night………

“Sweet heart, if you could have ANY animal, which animal would it be?” Her daddy asked her. “Oh, a HORSE daddy! I would want a horse!” Her birthday was in a week and she wanted a horse SO much!!!!  Her dad looked at her and smiled. “Good night, My little princess!” (You see, he ALWAYS called her princess) ” Good night, Daddy!” Lizzy said, with a grin. She lay back, thinking of how much she wanted a horse…. of ANY kind. She pictured herself riding through the woods on her horse, named Chestnut, because she would want a brown horse. She fell asleep with these thoughts that seemed so far away……. she couldn’t have a horse. Her parents didn’t have NEAR enough money for that. But she still dreamed of having one.

   And this dream was in her mind that entire night! And every night after that.

Lizzie woke up and let out a yawn. “What time is it?” She said to herself, sitting up, to look at her clock. 7: 24 AM, September 16th. ‘Wait’ she thought, ‘September 16th! That’s my Birthday! Today’s my birthday!’ And with that she leaped out of bed and ran downstairs to greet the day. Her dad was on the computer, looking on Ebay when Lizzie came down. “Happy birthday, princess!” He said, a crooked smile on his face! “Thanks!” Lizzie replied.

“So Lizzie, do you want to open some presents?” Mrs Thomas said. “Sure!” Lizzie replied! She looked at the presents under the table and went for the biggest one. When she tore the paper off, she gasped with surprise at what lay inside. A faded chestnut brown carousel horse lay in the box. Lizzie gently pulled it out of the box with wide eyes and a giant smile. She hugged it tightly when it reached her chest. “THANK YOU!!!!” She exclaimed, hugging her mom and dad. “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!! I love it!!!” She said again.

           About a month had passed by and things were quickly sliding downhill on the farm. Lizzie’s dad was getting a job about 2 hours away and needed to count on Lizzie to help her mom with all the chores around the farm. She needed to be more responsible than ever right now. Every night when Lizzie’s dad would tuck her in, he would say, “Lift up your head princess, if not, the crown falls.” By saying that, he meant, that she needed to lift up her head and get responsible, if not, things would really go downhill. The crown would fall. Whenever things seemed to be getting out of hand, she would get Chestnut, her horse and run barefoot to the woods, tightly hugging her horse. It always helped her clear her mind. She liked to sing a little tune…..

Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your name, Jesus
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious name

You give and take away
You give and take away
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your name…..

… She always remembered what her daddy told her, “Lift up your head princess, if not, the crown falls.”. The months went by and things were going uphill again. Her dad was able to get a job closer to home and was able to help with chores again. Every night Lizzie would look at her horse and think about all the many adventures they would have in the future, together. She had lifted her head up and managed the crown, and most of all, she knew that whenever she was going through a rough time, she could go to the woods with Chestnut and sing that song and talk to God. …..

“Goodnight, Hon! ” Lizzie’s dad said, “I love you, princess! Sleep good.” then he kissed her forehead, and left the room.


There! Did you like it? I hope you did! Please leave a comment if you are on Team Keepers, if you’re not on Team Keepers, go ahead and comment… but……… Beware! Just kidding! Anyone can comment! Hope you liked it! 😀




35 thoughts on “The Little Princess.

  1. WHOOT WHOOT! TEAM KEEPERS!!:D You did a great job on this challenge!:) I like how you made the quote mean something different than what most would think it means!:D


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