5 things I love about Winter!

Okay, for you who haven’t seen it,  I made up thing called the winter challenge! If you want to see more about it click THIS! Here is the first challenge!!!

1. The beautifulness of it! The blanket of frost, Ice, snow, or anything else!

2. Knowing that I’m in what God made and that I’m in his glory! I feel like even though it’s cold, I should be thankful, because, it could be MUCH worse! 🙂

3. Getting to Chop wood! It may sound silly, but I like chopping wood! I even have my own ax! But I haven’t gotten to use it yet 😦 !

4. Playing with dogs in the snow! It’s so funny to watch them, especially in the DEEP snow, because they look more like deer! Leaping and bounding! It’s funny!

5. Being able to Jump out of bed (when it’s really cold) and RUN to the fireplace to get warm! It’s fun! And it brings good memories!



Okay, so, we don’t have any snow, and we haven’t gotten to chop wood yet soooo, really I shouldn’t be thankful for them YET! But….. I AM!!!! I can’t wait until we DO get to chop wood and we DO get snow and we DO have to break ice! (Well, that one I’m not exactly THANKFUL for, but I’m trying!) I’m still excited! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ! Bye for now! and I’ll see you tomorrow with a picture of a pet outside! If you still want to join the challenge, PLEASE DO!!!!


2 thoughts on “5 things I love about Winter!

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